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Thursday Night Football

Europa Cup

Bate Borisov 2 - Arsenal 4

Hasidic Jews attempt to censor an in-flight movie

Just as bad in their primitive social beliefs as fundamentalist Muslims

Battle of Kosovo

Excellent video on an important event in the history of Europe. The Serbs still mark the day (28th June under current calendar). Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated on 28 June and Tito chose to withdraw from the Comintern on that day.

Monday Night Football

Arsenal 2 - West Brom 0. No one took a knee.

With all the concern about NFL players and Confederate Statues

Elephant meet room...


Music Third Poll

So Called 'Golden Age of Islam'

Happy Sunday from the UK. The world is still here although it's still Saturday in Hawaii. Hopefully it will last through the Arsenal game on Monday night.

Mortality, Art, Samsara

We all like to imagine those artists -- their books, their music, their art -- who are important to us, who are our (rough) contemporaries, will sustain the passing of time and be remembered. Whether it's the works of Tolkien, the music of Dylan or Simon, etc. we think that they will be important to future generations.

Hell, Shakespeare has been around for only four centuries. But look at his contemporaries. Christopher Marlowe, his dramatic equal and his lyrical superior, is just barely remembered. And remembered only for his "Doctor Faustus," because of the recurring theme in the West originating from Prometheus and not for the beautiful "Jew of Malta" nor for the powerful "Tamburlaine." And the remainder of Shakespeare's contemporaries are not remembered at all by the general populace.

All of this preamble results from watching a Mark Dice video on YouTube. He's reading some tweet (or Facebook comment) on some political topic in which the poster uses the term "grok." Dice, who appears to be fairly well read, goes into a diatribe about the term. "What the hell does 'grok' mean?" "Is this another incomprehensible millennial term?" He clearly doesn't know the term, even though it's been a part of my life since I was 16.

Therefore, I'm curious as to how many people here know the term, without googling. This is a poll for information only and NOT meant as a 'gotcha.'

How many of the cable political talking heads do you watch each week?

To include the 8:00-11:00 (Eastern) bozos on Fox, MSNBC, and CNN and expressed as total shows per week. For example, if you watch just Hannity every weeknight that would score a five.

We Read Hillary's Book So You Don't Have To


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