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What? No Paducah ??

How sloths went from the seas to the trees

Billie Jean

B/W of the Cave: franksolich has a sad

After castigating some posters at DU, Frank tells us his own story. He didn’t want to take any government money. The “others” made him take it. MADE him, do you hear!!!

“Although it seriously injures my pride being on the dole, I'm not shy about telling my own story.

In mid-2016, as I got sicker and weaker, others encouraged me to apply for social security disability; not the one what's welfare (I forget which is which) but the one where one's paid into the system all his working life.

I balked. Being born deaf, I think I'm more aware than most, of games people play, especially bureaucrats. In my younger life, I unwittingly allowed myself to be used by them in instances that made them look good but did nothing for me. So.....about twenty-five years ago, I said "**** you" to bureaucrats.

But these "others" kept pressuring, and so I reluctantly applied.

Because it was just a game, I fooled around, I didn't keep appointments, I didn't answer most questions, I didn't return letters and telephone calls.

It was just a game, and I resented playing it.

(By the way, mental problems being pretty much nonexistent, were not created or alleged.)

I guess it usually takes six months, but it couldn't have been more than four or five months before one morning, while checking my bank balance on the internet--well, it was a good thing I was wearing brown pants. Then a couple, three, days later, a letter came in the mail, explaining this rather, uh, massive infusion of funds.

Without any manipulation of "the system" on my part, in less than six months, with little or no cooperation on my part, without an attorney.....approved the first and only time I ever applied.

Maybe the primitives are doing all the wrong things, trying to manipulate "the system."

Maybe they should just sit back, put up their feet, relax, and get mellow, and let "the system" do its own thing without any help from them.

I don't enjoy it, but I did pay into the system ever since I was fourteen years old.”;topicseen#msg1442134

BREAKING NEWS: Thanks to Carl, its now 7 posts in 6 hours 10 mins

Carl started a thread especially for me. He’s now increased the lagging traffic to that stated in the OP header. Congrats Carl.

7 Posts in 5 1/2 hours

No wonder they come here!

Remy: The Legend of Stan Lee

Officer allegedly punches naked, hallucinating Harvard student and is now under investigation

Video showing a police officer allegedly punching a naked Harvard University student who was reportedly hallucinating on drugs has led to a use-of-force investigation, WBZ-TV reported.

Police arrested 21-year-old student Selorm Ohene in response to 911 calls that Ohene was naked in the street throwing clothes at bystanders. He was charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, assault, resisting arrest, and assault and battery.


Man spends night naked in train station locker in Japan

TOKYO (Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network): When Japanese commuters miss the last train for the night, some find accommodations in internet cafes or cheap hotels, or just sleep on the gutter in a drunken stupor then catch the first train the next day to get home, freshen up and get back to work.

One man found an alternative in one of the lockers at the Sendai train station in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, as reported by Kohaku Shinpo via SoraNews24.

On the morning of Nov 19, a station employee found a number of clothing articles littered on the ground in front of the station’s line of storage lockers near the taxi stand.

Upon investigation, the employee discovered a naked man, still alive, stuffed in one of the lockers. The man had been curled up inside with its back to the door.

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