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Eugene O'Neill's Dive-Bar Fascination Went Far Beyond 'The Iceman Cometh'

Like, say, at a place along the lines of Harry Hope’s, the bar conjured up by James O’Neill’s son Eugene for his 1939 masterwork, The Iceman Cometh, recently revived to great effect on Broadway with Denzel Washington. Harry Hope’s is not a happy place, and the lost crew of alcoholic losers who populate it in the summer of 1912, when the play is set, are as lacking in eloquence and accomplishment as they are in money or prospects of getting any.

O’Neill’s portrayal of Harry Hope’s as the “No Chance Saloon…The End of the Line Café,” to cite one character’s description of it, might be laden with DHM, as we used to call it in Doc Williams’ eleventh-grade English class—“Deep Hidden Meaning.” But it is not impressionistic: his description of the bar is precise and detailed. When he identifies the bar as a “Raines-Law hotel,” he explains exactly what that is. (The 1896 New York law of that name that stipulated that the only establishments allowed to serve alcohol on Sundays and after hours were hotel restaurants, to which the more clever and unscrupulous of the city’s saloonkeepers responded by renting out hastily-appointed rooms upstairs and turning their back rooms into restaurants by, as O’Neill puts it in his introduction, “putting a property sandwich in the middle of each table, an old desiccated ruin of dust-laden bread and mummified ham or cheese which only the drunkest yokel from the sticks ever regarded as anything but a noisome table decoration.”)

Everything about Harry Hope’s is correct for a bar of its type, from the fly netting over the mirror; to the “turrible bug juice” kept in casks behind the bar and passed off as whiskey at five cents a “ball,” or shot; to the way that bug-juice is served, where the customer is handed the bottle, a shot glass and a glass of water as chaser and expected to pour the whiskey (or, more accurately, “whiskey”) himself; to the small cigar Rocky Pioggia, the night bartender, takes instead when a patron offers to buy him a ball of his own. Joe Mott, the bar’s “porter,” or combination janitor-barback, is black, as was common at the time (in most Northern cities it was in fact the only job in a bar with a white clientele open to a black man). There are three hookers working out of the bar—the Raines Law was notorious for increasing prostitution in the city, what with all the cheap rooms suddenly available in the cheap “hotels.” The D.T.s resultant from constantly drinking the bar’s booze are identified as having “the Brooklyn boys” coming after one, a piece of sporting-life slang that did not survive Prohibition and has yet to be adequately explained.

But I have this book

Gag order on Little Stevie lifted

From the Sun, probably the most pro-Robinson tabloid on the stands.

"ENGLISH Defence League founder Tommy Robinson has been caged for 13 months for contempt of court, it can be revealed today.

The 35-year-old far right-wing activist had been arrested last week after streaming an hour-long rant outside Leeds Crown Court.

Robinson, whose real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon was listed on court documents, admitted committing contempt of court by publishing information that could prejudice a sensitive ongoing trial.

He had named defendants in the case, the charges they face and details of the allegations, as well as filming defendants and confronting them outside court."

Uh, oh. Please all of you who were saying he was not violating the terms of his suspended sentence, he was just acting as a polite, normal journalist ( ), please tell me why he's confessed to doing exactly the opposite, violating his suspended sentence, naming names, filming defendants and witnesses. Oh wait, I know. It's those evil Anglican torturers. He's a scum bag thug and this clearly demonstrates it.

I'll await the next news flash from Brian of London to his 3.9K followers.

ETA: “But in the most recent one, he did not REPEAT any of the previous errors that got him in trouble. This was clearly stated by Brian of London and you can find these facts in numerous online reports.”

Sergio Ramos sued for 1 billion by Egyptian lawyer after Mohamed Salah injury

An Egyptian lawyer has filed a €1 billion lawsuit against Sergio Ramos for the challenge which injured Mohamed Salah in the Champions League final.

Salah was forced off in tears with a suspected ligament damage of his shoulder, which ended Liverpool's early dominance in Kiev as Real Madrid went on to win 3-1.

Initial fears had Salah ruled out of the World Cup - Jurgen Klopp said post-match that is was likely he will miss the tournament - but the player is now "confident" of taking part.

Lawyer Bassem Wahba is keen to press ahead with the lawsuit, confirming his intention on Egyptian television. "Ramos intentionally injured Mo Salah and should be punished about his actions," he claimed on the Sada El-Balad channel.

Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon: The Rights New Hero

Much ado has been made here and elsewhere regarding Little Stevie’s imprisonment for violating the terms of his suspended sentence. He’s become a hero of the Right with one rather pathetic YouTuber invoking the aid of the Donald to free Little Stevie. But what has “Jounalist” Stevie accomplished other than running a tanning salon in Luton? Well, he’s certainly spent a good deal of his life in jail.

2003: Served 12 months for drunken assault on an off duty police officer
2004: Joined the British National Party until he was shocked, shocked do you hear, to find out it was an all whites club
2009: Founded and became Leader of the English Defence League
2010: Led a group of Luton football hooligans in a brawl a similar group supporting Newport County. Was sentenced to a12-month community rehabilitation order with 150 hours' unpaid work and a three-year ban from attending football matches
2011: Headbutted a fellow EDL member and given 12 week suspended sentence
2011: Led an EDL demonstration in Tower Hamlets and arrested on bail violation. Spends a couple of weeks in jail during which he went on a hunger strike that lasted 24 hours
2012: Entered the US illegally using false documents. Banned from US. Convicted in UK of using false travel documents and sentenced to 10 months. Released shortly thereafter and required to wear an ankle bracelet
2012: Pleads guilty to two counts of mortgage fraud and is sentenced to 18 months in prison
2017: Becomes a “journalist” for the first time when hired by Rebel Media
2917: Is found in contempt when live streaming outside of the trial of Muslims in Canterbury: sentenced to three month suspended on the condition that he refrain from such activities
2017/2018: Leaves Rebel Media and sets up his own “journalistic” website
2018: Livestreams outside of Leeds Courthouse and is arrested for contemp. Is found guilty of violating the terms of his suspended sentence in Canterbury and is sentenced to 13 months

There you go. A drunk, a hooligan, a founder of a highly racist organisation by his own admission, a swindler, an illegal immigrant, a fake journalist who has been in trouble with the law all his adult life. A perfect hero for the partisan Right.

Richest match in English football today

Aston Villa v Fulham with the winner gaining the last promotion slot from the Championship to the Premier League! Intend to find a pub here in Cardiff to watch. Go Fulham. We need as many London teams as we can get and Fulham has one of the great little stadiums in England, Craven Cottage.

Off to Cardiff

Taking a break for the long weekend and travelling to Cardiff with a colleague. Haven't been there in 18 years shortly after the Millennium Stadium opened. It's only about a 2 1/2 hour train from Paddington and there's a Marriott.

Have never been up to Cardiff Castle so planning that for tomorrow..

However, planning on a bit of relaxation by first finding a good pub on Cardiff Bay.

Richard Pipes has died at age 94

From the end of Word War II until 1991 a Cold War was fought by Cold Warriors. The West, led by the United States, won that conflict, and one of the individuals responsible was Richard Pipes, who died Thursday at age 94.

Check the index for any history of the U.S. during the Cold War period, and you will find these words: Team B, detente, Ronald Reagan, Committee on the Present Danger, Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson and Richard Pipes.

Pipes spent his academic career as a professor of Russian history at Harvard University. He entered Harvard as a graduate student in 1946 having fled Poland and taught until 1996. Not content to spend those years handing down theories on the Soviet Union from the ivory tower, Pipes was an active participant—some would say combatant—in the debates of those years.

He advised Scoop Jackson, the pro-defense and anti-Soviet Democratic Senator whose like has disappeared from that party today. During the Ford Presidency, Pipes led an exercise known as Team B, a small collection of Cold War specialists tasked with challenging the CIA’s dominant views about the Soviet threat.

10 Most Important Cities in the World

I doubt that everyone will agree with the choice for number 1.

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