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Adios, Spain

Russia on penalties 4-3. Go home, cheating Costa!
Posted by Cold Warrior | Sun Jul 1, 2018, 11:44 AM (2 replies)

Summer heat wave in London

31 C today (88 F) with little to no breeze. High 20s low 30s for the next week. Just back from an IPA in the shade. May have to bring the roll around AC into the living room or else watch the matches on my iPad in the bedroom. I also foresee a Tanqueray and tonic with lots of ice in my near future. What a mad, stupid world!

Posted by Cold Warrior | Sun Jul 1, 2018, 08:29 AM (5 replies)

Joe Bob Briggs: Donnie and Jong Un, BFFs

AwesomeHillaryKiller: Oh yeah, she drags me to Broadway. We went to some play about singing French assholes and it was called “The Miserable Singing French Assholes,” they actually labeled it miserable, so yeah, been there, done that, shut the fuck up is what I say, just give me a tee time.

SupremeCommanderDude: I hear ya, man. I gotta do revolutionary opera and shit, my old man got the family into it. The entertainment options SUCK here. We gotta talk later about that NBA expansion team, you haven’t mentioned it lately but I’m gonna bug ya. I know Houston already claimed Rockets for a mascot, so listen to this: the Pyongyang Thermos.

AwesomeHillaryKiller: I don’t get it.

SupremeCommanderDude: THERMONUCLEAR, man. The Thermos. Or we could just go with the Thermonukes. That’s what we’re known for, it’s all marketing.

AwesomeHillaryKiller: Naw, that’s like a canister that poor people sit on the grass and drink out of. You can’t use that. Do you even have a venue for basketball?

Posted by Cold Warrior | Sun Jul 1, 2018, 05:36 AM (0 replies)

Literature Inspired Violence

Interesting compilation that includes not only Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land (no surprise there) but also Asimov’s Foundation books.

Saturn Moon Enceladus Is First Alien 'Water World' with Complex Organics

Complex organic molecules have been discovered for the first time coming from the depths of Saturn's moon Enceladus, a new study reported.

Spacecraft scheduled to launch soon could explore what this new discovery says about the chances of life within icy moons like Enceladus, the study's researchers said.

The sixth largest of Saturn's moons, Enceladus is only about 314 miles (505 kilometers) in diameter. This makes the moon small enough to fit inside the borders of Arizona.

Previously, scientists had detected only simple organic (carbon-based) compounds, each less than about five carbon atoms in size, in the plumes of Enceladus. Now, researchers have detected complex organic molecules from the moon, including some at least 15 carbon atoms in size.

Somehow this seems very appropriate tonight

Here’s to everyone who wants to score political points off the deaths of innocents.


I'll pass on Heaven or Hell, just give me a refrigerator



Joe Bob Briggs: Pope forgets the Lake of FIre

A fun article on differing notions of the afterlife.

"...The Jews have never cared that much about hell. They grudgingly admit that it’s probably there, but it’s just this place that, after you die, you feel intense shame before God for all the times you yelled at your wife or failed to stuff two dollars into the self-parking kiosk. The Hebrew word for hell is “Gehenna,” which is the name of the garbage dump outside Jerusalem that (a) smelled bad, and (b) was always on fire. I can imagine generations of parents using it as a threat to their unruly children: “If you don’t straighten up right this minute, I’m gonna throw you into the smelly garbage dump with the smoke cloud over it!”

So when the Christians come along, they take Gehenna and run with it. They use the name Gehenna to mean hell, and that’s not just trash burning out there, it’s demons and human souls, and it burns forever because it’s mixed with brimstone, which does indeed smell bad when you burn it. Actually brimstone turns red and burns blue, so if you’ve got brimstone out there, you’ve got a blood red gelatinous mass with a blue flame, or what the great preachers call…
The Lake of Fire.
Because Annihilationism—the fancy name for being erased from the universe—is a concept normally endorsed only by fringe groups like Seventh-Day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses and the unsung sect called Christadelphians. (To be fair to the Adventists, they actually believe in both concepts: The all-consuming Lake of Fire burns you up and then everybody forgets you.).

The only thing worse than being an Annihilationist, in Catholic circles, is to be a Universalist. A Universalist believes that God is basically a nice guy and so everybody gets saved after death; nobody gets burned up in the Lake of Fire, we all spend eternity ordering desserts at Applebee’s together. Group hug. Most preachers hate this idea with a passion. It takes away all their best material.

Heterosexual couples are set to be allowed to enter civil partnerships in UK

Heterosexual couples are set to be allowed to enter civil partnerships in move to give unmarried same rights as married people

- Tory MP Tim Loughton's private members bill has put forward the change
- Government expected to back the bill during second reading in February
- Supporters claim the change will bring stability to non-married families

Heterosexual couples may be allowed to enter civil partnerships, in what would be a landmark breakthrough in securing the same legal rights for cohabiting people as those who are married.

Tory MP Tim Loughton's private members bill has outlined changes and is expected to receive support from the government during its second reading in February.

The proposed changes would help stabilise families with unmarried parents. Despite only accounting for a fifth of couples, more than half of family breakdown occur in unmarried families.

The move comes as Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld take their battle to enter a civil partnership goes to the Supreme Court in May.

To all the Internet tough guys, the keyboard warriors, here's the plan

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