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Were you there? Where's the videotape?

Again, half science, half beliefs so into Culture.

Good Morning! Wow!!

WTF happened here last night?


I read on the internets that "95% of science can be done independent of evolution or the BBT"

While this may or may not be true, where did that come from? Who said that? And what data is available to support that number? What is the scope of that number -- science since the beginning of time, science since Darwin, science since the BBT?

Does the number derive from the same sort of source as Little Stevie's 71% Muslim prison? We know the data supporting that. Little Stevie walked in and said "Oh shit. 70% of these people are Muslims!" And then the three habitual internet liars -- Zombie, Fruitcake, and Cutie -- decided that 70% sounded like a made up figure so they changed it to 71% to sound more scientific. Of course, no prisons in the UK are even close to 50% Muslim.

Is this similar to where the 95% figure came from? Wouldn't it be better to change it to 94%?

Is it TRUE that Trump sold secrets to his Russian masters regarding Afghanistan? Many died?

Read something to this effect... can't confirm it...

Doom and Gloom by Third Eagle


Help me out with dates here, Creationists

Did Egyptians live before Adam and Eve?

What is one to think of an individual so obsessed with political ideology that

1. He celebrates the death of a politician with whom he disagrees
2. He actively and publicly wishes for the death of another politician with whom he disagrees
3. He celebrates the death of a celebrity who made political comments with which he disagrees

And, we’re not talking about politians of the ilk of Mao or Stalin. Hell, we’re not even talking of politicians of the ilk of Teddy Kennedy. Nor are we talking about celebrities of even the ilk of Meryl Streep.

Anyone so consumed by hatred should really, IMO, seek professional help ASAP. Your thoughts?

“He is a barbarian, and thinks that the customs of his tribe and island are the laws of nature.”
― George Bernard Shaw, Caesar and Cleopatra

What do you think Jesus looked like (if he really existed)?

Last evening a member posted a picture of Jesus with unmistakenly Indo-European features. When I posted a more Jewish looking figure, the poster put me on ignore which I found quite funny.

We know who all of Jesus’ ancestors were (in fact we have multiple lists) and they were all Jewish. Therefore, Jesus, despite some European and American renditions, would have looked ethnically Jewish, a Semite with quite differing features than an Indo-European. So, which rendition do you think would have been closer the historical Jesus’ looks. Note that A was not the picture posted in the referenced thread.



When Fish First Breathed Air

For all our DU monitors. Where are the DU threads celebrating McCain's death?

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