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Party games at Yales Delta Kappa Episilon

I like beer!


Posted by Cold Warrior | Mon Oct 1, 2018, 12:01 PM (5 replies)

Hearing of Judge Jason Kavanaugh

A keg's half full kinda guy...

High Holy Day for Young Earth Creationists

Today we celebrate the day modern Young Earth Creationism was born. No, it’s not the publication of The Genesis Flood by DR ( ) Henry Morris, that was later. No, it’s not the day a fundamentalist nut rejected Darwin. That’s happened pretty frequently since Darwin’s publications. No, today is the holiest of holies for YECers, the day that all of the INTELLECTUAL FOUNDATIONS of YEC were put forward in a carefully crafted whole.

Today, September 30, in 1960, as with Athena emerging sui generis from Zeus’ forehead, Morris’ and all later Creationists’ inspiration debuted fully formed (poof, poof - Genesis 1:21-26) from an unanticipated source:


Let’s all go out and BBQ some burnt offerings to Yahweh.

to Alexa (“Alexa, Good Morning”)

Mitochondrial Eve

If you’re not familiar with Tony Reed’s excellent series “How Creationism Taught Me Real Science,” you should really check it out. Here he discusses Mitochondrial Eve, commonly misunderstood by the general population as being the “first woman.” His explanation is straightforward and easily understood.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Jephthah



Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds: Adam Reach Wonder Goal



The Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings


What's in a name?

Yesterday, I engaged another poster in a conversation after he had asserted that one could tell that a person was bad based on her name. The person in question was Ford’s attorney, Debra Katz. When I innocently queried as to what aspect of her name revealed her personality, the poster told me to “look up,” by which I assumed he meant “look it up.” So being the congenial fellow I am, I did and here’s what I found:

“Where it is a Jewish surname, Katz is an abbreviation (Hebrew: כּ״ץ‎) formed from the initials of the term Kohen Tzedeq ("priest of justice"/"authentic priest") or Kohen Tzadok (meaning the name-bearer is of patrilineal descent of the Kohanim sons of Zadok). It has been used since the seventeenth century, or perhaps somewhat earlier, as an epithet of the descendants of Aaron. The collocation is most likely derived from Melchizedek ("king of righteousness"), who is called "the priest (kohen) of the most high God" (Genesis xiv. 18), or perhaps from Psalm cxxxii. 9: "Let thy priests be clothed with righteousness (tzedeq)". The use of the abbreviated and Germanicized Katz likely coincided with the imposition of German names on Jews in Germany in the 18th or 19th centuries.”
- Wiki

So again I queried as to what about the name “Katz” indicated that the person was a bad person. After reprimanding me for looking it up and posting my findings, the poster informed me that there were lots of Russian emigres with that name. Again, being the simple person I am but knowing a number of very nice Russians I asked the poster (1) was he certain of that fact and (2) so?

His response became more specific and a bit sarcastic by saying sure, there were many lawyers named Katz with wonderful reputations. Given that the poster is making a general assertion not just to Debra Katz, I would discern that we can tell people are bad by their ancestry, their profession, but most generally their name (in this case Katz) which typifies ancestry and profession.

However, to me this is counter-intuitive so I must be missing something in the poster’s reasoning. What, oh what could it be? But, maybe I’m wrong and one can tell a person’s character from their name! Erikson? Lombardi? Smith? Stein? So the question:

Can one discern a person’s character from their name?

Did Blasey show? If so, what happened? Most people here said she would not show

because of (a) her fear of a perjury trap, (b) fear of a woman prosecutor specialising in sexual assault, and/or (c) fear of public shaming. If she did show. How could our knowledgeable posters be so wrong. Or I may be mistaken and everyone here said she would show all along.
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