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Cold Warrior

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What do you think of someone who talks about his Lamborghini incessantly, but

one day when offhandly talking about his cars says:

“I have four cards, two Toyotas, one Audi, and, oh yeah, a piece of crap Ford.”

So you quite naturally ask him about the Lamborghini:

“You don’t have a Lamborghini?”

And his response is:

“Oh yeah. I just didn’t talk about that. I have two Toyotas, one Audi, and one Lamborghini. I have four cars.”

Or is it five????

Those darned old conservatives are having too much fun! Female DIers, what do you think?

Yep. Not my words btw. The words of one of Tubby’s Clubhouse “fellers.”

Conservatives are having “too much fun” calling Harris a “whore” and a ‘cunt.” Why should anyone object to that? Please put that into the RNC platform for 2020.

Did Hillary get indicted today?

I read right here that Whittaker was holding a press conference regarding Chinese spying and surely it was going to involve Hillary’s emails. There were twits and everything. What happened?

Lydia, the Tattooed Lady

The New Apologists - Last defenders of the historical Jesus

Pardon Me? NSFW

NSFW Warning: Loud, mild profanity

Ain't no doubt about it...we were doubly blessed

For all the white picket fence, two car garage, Pleasant Valley Sunday residents of Paducah...

Now I’m praying for the end of time.

The 750,000 Bunkers of Albania

When I lived up on the border between Maida Vale and Kilburn, my local was a pub by the name of The Queen’s Arms. It was managed by a group of supposed Kosovars. Everyone knew they were Albanians travelling under Kosovo papers.

Hard man Pilate made a softie

The Coulter Veto

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