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Cold Warrior

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Cannes, France
Member since: Sun Aug 24, 2014, 06:49 AM
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REAL Concern

Where’s Mumbles? I do hope he’s ok. Maybe someone should contact Todd!

Evangelicals Breaking Up with Jesus


One of our more prominent Conservative members has been MIA for almost four weeks (oddly enough another, less posted member has been absent for the exact same time). Our colleague also posts at Tubby’s Clubhouse, but has been absent there as well.

Funny how things come back to one. I remember, many years ago, the fellers celebrating getting some schmuck fired for hiding a remote control. That was funny!

But, back to the topic. Could some of the fellers contact our colleague to make sure he’s ok? I sit up nights worrying.

Just to liven up the Beliefs Forum a bit

What with SS666 on holiday, all we’re left with is platitudes cut and pasted from a 2000+ year old book put together by a bunch of goat herders and a few Greek speaking used car salesmen.

Too much Heaven on their minds

Our friends, the Saudis

For Chuckie: A Separate Peace

Sometimes people are not black or white. And yes, it’s Joan Baez!


Remember! Both Obama and Trump have produced their birth certificates

Obama to prove he was born in the US and Trump to prove he isn’t the son of an orangutan.

The Worst Album Ever Made


It is quite an illuminating experience staying with my cousin. He likes westerns and has two channels completely dedicated to western movies and tv shows. Along with baseball (!!!), westerns comprise his tv viewing, although I am trying to interest him in football (three matches today). One show that’s interesting is Lawman. While they clearly didn’t spend a lot of money on the theme song, the blonde is pretty hot.

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