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Ex-Fox News reporter Carl Cameron and a climate change activist take on Drudge

A climate change activist and a former Fox News reporter are teaming up on a website designed to combat “disinformation” spread by right-leaning media, focusing especially on climate change.

The author and blogger Joe Romm and ex-Fox News politics reporter Carl Cameron launched last week, a news aggregation website that the duo call “the go-to liberal antidote” to the conservative aggregation site, the Drudge Report.

Romm and Cameron’s project does not specifically focus on climate change. But the issue dominates the website, with a special section marked by the hashtag #ClimateCrisis dedicated to links to stories focused on it.
Posted by Cold Warrior | Mon Jul 1, 2019, 11:52 AM (6 replies)

A band on a large cruise ship

He is missed

Acolytes place their God-Emperor above their Country

The US Women’s Soccer Team has a legitimate chance at winning the World Cup, but because some of their players have said mean things about the Orange God-Emperor our patriotic Tie Rone posters are throwing them under the bus. MAGA! #WINNING!!

Grand Solar Minimum: Popular Myth v Real Science

A few days back one of our colleagues mentioned that we no longer have to worry about CO2-driven Global Warming due to the impending ice age caused by the current period of extremely low sunspot activity and resultant decreased radiance of the sun. This is somewhat akin to current deniers citing “scientific” predictions from the ‘70s as to the earth entering a new ice age. In both cases, such predictions were driven by the popular press and not by actual, peer-reviewed science.

What does the science say?

“The current exceptionally long minimum of solar activity has led to the suggestion that the Sun might experience a new grand minimum in the next decades, a prolonged period of low activity similar to the Maunder minimum in the late 17th century. The Maunder minimum is connected to the Little Ice Age, a time of markedly lower temperatures, in particular in the Northern hemisphere. Here we use a coupled climate model to explore the effect of a 21st‐century grand minimum on future global temperatures, finding a moderate temperature offset of no more than −0.3°C in the year 2100 relative to a scenario with solar activity similar to recent decades. This temperature decrease is much smaller than the warming expected from anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the century.”
On the effect of a new grand minimum of solar activity on the future climate on Earth

I can see the lightning approaching this week, DDA

Keep your little dogs safe and monitor those stop signs.

Liberals are haters!!!!

In regards to Megan Rapinoe

Solesurvivor (11,802 posts)
1. Lol
Hate that bitch

Watched Vice on a plane yesterday evening

Interesting movie. Makes the case for Cheney’s crimes against humanity and the US democratic system pushing the Unitary Executive theory). But also shows him as intensely loyal to family so much so that he forsook politics to protect his daughter.

Watching Christian Bale’s weight gain is also fascinating. Good movie.

After the Rapture


Brilliant, capable woman!!!!

Megan Rapinoe Scores two as USA advances by beating France

The U.S. women's team has defeated France in the quarterfinal round of the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup. With the 2-1 victory on Friday, the U.S. will advance to the semi-finals where they will face England.

Women's World Cup Fast Facts

- The U.S. won their 10th consecutive match at a Women's World Cup, tying a record set by Norway between 1995 and 1999.
- The U.S. has advanced to the semi-finals in all of the Women's World Cups.
- Two U.S. Women -- Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan -- are tied for the Golden Boot Award along with Australia's Sam Kerr.
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