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Name: Get real.
Gender: Male
Hometown: Nonion
Home country: Trumpistan
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Member since: Tue Aug 26, 2014, 01:55 PM
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Good job stormtroopers! Lulz!

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Too soon?

Trump is acting like Don Corleone and Hillary is an unhappy camper lost in the forest.

Comey can now file for unemployment benefits. D.C. is a hell of a drug. Like chasing the purple dragon.

Okay I am lost, since when is giving the 'Okay' sign with your hand

racist? Can't keep up with all the current bullshit or did I miss the memo for 45 years? Anything is possible.

So in 2016 people for the very first time noticed countries are adversarial to each other?

Even our 'good friends' are not our friends? I don't buy it, people know other nations commit espionage, sabotage and spy on each other. Have proxy wars since forever.

If they don't they need to get their heads out of their asses. I didn't think anyone was that stupid.

I love how a Democratic Socialist is driving the Democratic Party elites crazy!

Carry on Bernie! Drive them off a cliff as far as I am concerned!

Ivanka Trump Is Already Ruining Her Chances of Turning Her Brand Around

"Yet this public failure, while obviously hurting Ivanka the business, might actually help Ivanka the brand. If she plays her cards right, last week’s series of public announcements might actually help to humanize her."

Trey Gowdy could face jail time for this.

'Rep. Gowdy admitted his actions, but only did so after the CIA outed his egregious lapse in judgement and procedure to both sides of the House, and only after Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Mar.) called Rep. Gowdy out in a letter.'

Another day another million wasted by the GOP. They sure do like committing fraud!

I see the tiny crowd of Cons here have not developed any new material.

Just the same old moving of the goalposts when you bring up facts. I guess they don't know how to evolve very to be them.

I asked 5 fascism experts whether Donald Trump is a fascist. Here's what they said.

"Is Donald Trump a fascist?

It's becoming a common question, especially following Trump's announcement that he supports banning Muslims from entering the United States, with commentators and politicians from across the political spectrum answering in the affirmative:

To be blunt: Donald Trump is not a fascist. "Fascism" has been an all-purpose insult for many years now, but it has a real definition, and according to scholars of historical fascism, Trump doesn't qualify. Rather, he's a right-wing populist, or perhaps an "apartheid liberal" in the words of Roger Griffin, author of The Nature of Fascism. He doesn't want to overthrow the existing democratic system. He doesn't want to scrap the Constitution. He doesn't romanticize violence itself as a vital cleansing agent of society. He's simply a racist who wants to keep the current system but deny its benefits to groups he's interested in oppressing."

So he is just your typical RW racist...I am sure that shocks a lot of people.

RWing nutjob says he did it 'for the babies.'

Why do people like Ted Cruz create people like Dear? Don't they have any shame?

Robert Dear is a terrorist — and he basically admitted it.

The accused Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter yelled, “I am a warrior for the babies” during an outburst as charges against him were read in court.

Dear, 57, will face 179 charges related to last month’s shooting at the Colorado Springs clinic that left three dead and nine wounded.

You on the Right really need to look in the mirror and ask why you have to solve everything with violence.
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