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My avatar is a mashup of an art piece done by, I think, Giannelli. He release the image in response to the hanging of Saddam, a war crime.

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When is it legal for a police officer to physically grab you?

I'm curious about what people think is acceptable conduct for a police officer.

My understanding is that a police officer can detain a person, without taking the full measure of placing that person under arrest, if the officer has a reasonable suspicion that some criminal conduct may be taking place.

Once a person is detained, the officer can pat down the citizen in order to look for weapons. But when does it become ok for the officer to use physical control over a citizen?

I believe that citizens have a duty to obey commands or directions of law enforcement and when they refuse to obey a verbal command then that is the point at which the use of force can escalate to physical control.

Do I have this all wrong? Can the police just use physical force on a person whenever they feel like it?

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