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My avatar is a mashup of an art piece done by, I think, Giannelli. He release the image in response to the hanging of Saddam, a war crime.

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Sanders' campaign will be in Federal Court this afternoon if DNC data is not returned.

They just announced that it is THEIR data, belonging to the Sanders campaign, to which the DNC is denying them access.

More to come, I'm sure.

This can only help Bernie.

In solidarity!

Ted Cruz Raises the Ante on Buffoonery!

In order to attempt to out-buffoon the guy with the comb-over, Cruz came up with this campaign video.

This ad is very likely the thing which has given him the bump in the polls over the past few days, since its release. I have no doubts that its childish stupidity was focus group tested before it was sent out to the tea bagger crowd who were currently, at that time, supporting the front-runner.

This is the kind of powerful message that a certain demographic responds to very strongly.


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