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When your chickens come home to roost , it better not be in a house of cards you built.

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Congressional Democrats

The insane clown posse rides again!

What a freak show!

If Democrats are so worried about interference for the 2020

Election they should support voter ID now. Failure to support common sense election security is admitting they need illegals votes to win.

Amazing how the left wants to impeach judge Kevanaugh

Based on hearsay yet these same people support Bill Clinton. I guess abusing your power using a young intern as a humidor is accepted.

Do they not realize they have zero credibility on sexual issues?

The Times all the gossip unfit to print!

Obviously a liberal , a one man riot.

This is the result of excusing liberal riots because they are upset at some bull shit.

TDS is strong in this one.

Florida man says he smashed car windows because ‘Trump owes me 1 trillion dollars’

Why are they allowed to focus on the gun?

Rush pointed out years ago the tactics used by the left to demonize objects. In that case it was the dreaded SUV . If there was something to report about an accident the wording was always done so you would think there was no drivers.

“An SUV crossed lanes and ran into a van full of children “ apparently the driver was helpless against this demonic SUV.

They cannot point out mental illness is the driving force behind these shootings they need something tangible to blame that aides their cause. Besides if mental illness was cured their would be no liberals to speak of.

Bernies racism is trickling out.

Imagine if Trump suggested Americans pay for abortions for the “poorer” nations of the world. You know the “poor minority’s “

Bernie’s answer to climate change is less people , you know the less “poor” in the world using his white privileged resources.

I always said the climate crowds goal is less people as the only solution. You know “man made climate change “ I guess it’s a racist dog whistle for them based on this evidence.

Interesting week.

I never thought I would agree with Whoopi Goldberg on anything yet her stock went up a fraction with me standing up to the racist actors.

Next a couple Uber Liberals stand up to the lefts attempt at destroying the first amendment in San Fran from the liberal drama queen board.

Maybe, just maybe there is hope for this Country.

Does Someone need a hug today?

Just a list of States where liberal ideas are successful.

Besides Lincoln, has there ever been

Such an unprecedented level of lies and accusations against a sitting president?

DNCNBC is just the latest example of leading with a lie against Trump. Most of the democrats propaganda machine the MSM can’t be trusted and they don’t understand why.

The same group felt any oversight on our first affirmative action president was based on race alone never any substance.

I think there needs to be a review on the use of public airwaves at this point. Democrats own the 3 big stations and dictate what is aired. This is not good use of our airwaves.
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