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The Democrat and the Republican parties should be banned and the so called "Leaders" of these criminal gangs put on trial for treason and jailed.

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Tulsi Gabbard Fights Back Against Clintons Remarks on The View 11-6-19

Tulsi Gabbard Fights Back Against Clinton’s Remarks | The View

Tulsi Gabbard Shares Day 1 Plan in Oval Office

Bitch Behar gets uglier and uglier - on the inside

Drain the Fu&king Swamp Now

Obama Shames Voters For Criticizing Corrupt Politicians

My Journey Into Communist China Part 1.2 - CHENGDU NIGHTMARE

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朋友们,不要生气啊! 这视频是个讽刺,笑西方媒体的观点。
Watch as I enter into the spiciest communist city in China. Welcome to the CHENGDU NIGHTMARE.
With my secret camera I show you how scary it feels to cycle around a city that pretends to be happy and peaceful.

South Korea bets big on hydrogen - with huge openings for western firms

Jonathan Cleave, Head of Energy & Environment Group on 22 October 2019

South Korea recently announced its hydrogen economy roadmap. It underlines a great determination to shift large swathes of its economy to hydrogen energy by 2040 — from power and heat generation to passenger and freight transport.

The roadmap doesn’t lack ambition – and certainly isn’t merely a demand-creation programme for Hyundai’s fuel cell vehicles. The country aims fundamentally to reorder its economy and, if it’s successful, will be at the forefront of a greener global economy.

This, in turn, is bringing huge opportunities for western firms, particularly in the upstream hydrogen technologies Korean companies need to complement their strength in fuel cells.

Why hydrogen?

Korea hopes that, by becoming a leader in hydrogen energy, it can improve its terrible air quality, meet its bold emission reduction targets, strengthen its energy security and create the jobs and export industries of the future...

Fracking halted in England in major government U-turn

Guardian | Jillian Ambrose Fri 1 Nov 2019

The government has halted fracking in England with immediate effect in a watershed moment for environmentalists and community activists.

Ministers also warned shale gas companies it would not support future fracking projects, in a crushing blow to companies that had been hoping to capitalise on one of the new frontiers of growth in the fossil fuel industry.

The decision draws a line under years of bitter opposition to the controversial extraction process in a major victory for green groups and local communities.

The decision was taken after a new scientific study warned it was not possible to rule out “unacceptable” consequences for those living near fracking sites.

The report, undertaken by the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), also warned it was not possible to predict the magnitude of earthquakes fracking might trigger.

Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, involves pumping water, chemicals and sand underground at high pressure to fracture shale rock and release trapped oil and gas... more:

“The Tories owe the public an apology, and an explanation of how much public money they wasted while ignoring the science.”

Way past time to BAN Fracking in the USA

Why drill holes into the earth? H2 = no more fracking - ever

Alternative to controversial fracking touted

If Blighty was smart, they would listen to Germany

Tulsi Gabbard: Release 9/11 docs related to Saudis (Full Press Conference)

Tulsi Kicks Ass and Takes Names. Don't F&ck with Tulsi- ask Kamala Harris


Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell semi concept makes the Tesla semi look boring

Called the HDC-6 Neptune, it's a pretty great-looking thing.

C-Net | Sean Szymkowski | October 28, 2019

Design in the early- to mid-20th century was full of optimism. Art deco and the "rocket age" look became staples. Hyundai is tapping into those feelings for an area that often isn't full of creativity: semi trucks.

Hyundai revealed the Hyundai HDC-6 Neptune on Monday, a hydrogen fuel cell-powered semi truck that looks like something from a cross between Tron and I, Robot. Its striking looks graced the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta, and the we received a few more details about the unique semi concept.

Foremost, the name Neptune honors the Roman god of the seas. The sea, after all, could be the world's largest source of potential hydrogen fuel. The automaker also mentioned it's learned a lot from its fuel cell passenger-vehicle program, most recently with the Nexo crossover, and it sounds like those lessons helped shape the HDC-6 Neptune.

With a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain, the company said designers looked at the semi with a clean-sheet reinterpretation. One thing is very prominent, however. Since the powertrain needs a lot of cooling, the grille stretches across the entire lower portion of the HDC-6 Neptune.

Hyundai said it believes zero-emission trucks will play a major part in taking carbon out of the environment. Honestly, this truck will probably look good while doing it, too. Hyundai specifically mentions art deco as an influence for the fuel cell truck concept: Designers looked closely at 1930s streamliner railway trains. It's not only neat-looking, this design marries form and function. As one example, the grille integrates retractable steps. Additionally, by morphing traditional cab-over engine and conventional designs, Hyundai said it's achieved pretty incredible ergonomics while maintaining efficiency.... more:

Tesla Semi


Hyundai Motor Group reveals 'FCEV Vision 2030' (11 December 2018)

FCEV Vision 2030’ highlights Hyundai Motor Group (HMG)’s commitment to accelerate the development of a hydrogen society

HMG to expand its leadership in hydrogen technology beyond transportation sector

HMG to explore new businesses to supply fuel-cell systems to manufacturers of automobiles, drones, vessels, rolling stocks, forklifts and power generators

HMG aims to produce 700,000 fuel-cell systems annually by 2030 including 500,000 units for FCEVs

Under ‘FCEV Vision 2030’, HMG along with suppliers will invest KRW 7.6 trillion won by 2030, creating 51,000 jobs in the process


South Korea to turn three cities primarily fueled by hydrogen by 2022 where hydrogen fuel is used to power main functions such as heating and cooling, electricity, and transportation

Korea- Building the Future while 'Murika bombs a rapper named bag-daddy (except no pictures, like the Bin-Ladin hoax)

A Roomful of Lefty Progressives Cheer Reagan Budget Director David Stockman


Bangladeshi scientists plan to turn waste into eco-friendly hydrogen fuel

28 Oct 2019 Joyanta Saha,

Scientists say it is possible to produce 18.22 million tonnes of hydrogen which can significantly reduce the country's energy import bill, which currently stands at Tk 614.77 billion.

The plan emerges when the Local Government Division and Department of Environment face difficulty in waste management. It will decrease the import cost of fuel, which is Tk 614.77 billion at present, the scientists believe.

The world faces a financial loss worth $2.42 billion due to air pollution every year, according to a World Bank report.

Use of hydrogen as an alternative to fuel such as petrol, diesel, and octane will reduce the loss, the scientists say. Hydrogen will fulfil 30 percent of fuel demand around the world in 2050, according to World Hydrogen Council...

...“We’re now talking of green energy; and hydrogen is portable too. I see the future in hydrogen energy,” he said.... more:

2012: The Donald tweets when Bin Laden was supposedly murdered "Stop congratulating Obama"

Elect a clown, expect a circus

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