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The Democrat and the Republican parties should be banned and the so called "Leaders" of these criminal gangs put on trial for treason and jailed.

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'I dont believe anything Elon Musk says anymore' Steve Wozniak goes on an epic rant against Tesla

Steve Wozniak's legacy as a tech pioneer may forever be cemented, but Elon Musk still has a long way to go.

That much could be concluded from Wozniak's talk at the Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm recently, which the Apple cofounder dedicated in part to his newfound love for Tesla bashing, accusing the electric carmaker of “overhype” and "cheap shots" while shoveling praise over its competitors.

Wozniak – passionate about electric cars – was an early Tesla fan and currently owns two Model S. But his relationship with the carmaker and its CEO has been fraught from the start...snip

...Another nugget from Wozniak's impassioned “rant” was the story of his first Tesla order: Wozniak and his wife had waited for six months to get on top of the waiting list for a Tesla in 2004, but opted out and got a Mercedes instead.

“When I got on top of the list" Wozniak said, "I received an email from Elon Musk that said 'you’re not a real Silicon Valley boy'.” full:


musk trivia: In 2000, musk was fired from paypal after he wanted to toss out Unix and put everything on a Microsoft platform.

British teen gained access to intelligence ops by pretending to be head of CIA

15 year old Kane Gamble arrives at The Old Bailey in London

UK Telegraph 19 January 2018: A 15-year-old gained access to plans for intelligence operations in Afghanistan and Iran by pretending to be the head of the CIA to gain access to his computers, a court has heard.

From the bedroom of the Leicestershire home he shared with his mother, Kane Gamble used “social engineering” – where a person builds up a picture of information and uses it manipulate others into handing over more – to access the personal and work accounts of some of America's most powerful spy chiefs .

The teenager persuaded call handlers at an internet giant that he was John Brennan, the then director of the CIA, to gain access to his computers and an FBI helpdesk that he was Mark Giuliano, then the agency’s Deputy Director, to re-gain access to an intelligence database.

He also targeted the US Secretary of Homeland Security and Barack Obama's Director of National Intelligence from his semi-detached council house in Coalville.

Gamble taunted his victims online, released personal information, bombarded them with calls and messages, downloaded pornography onto their computers and took control of their iPads and TV screens, a court heard..more

“It all started by me getting more and more annoyed about how corrupt and cold blooded the US Government are so I decided to do something about it.” -- Kane Gamble

Jimmy Dore: When Liberals Turned On MLK

More RealPolitik from the one and only Jimmy Dore

Cheap Clean Energy Revolution Comes To The Middle East, Epicentre Of The Oil Industry

The Masdar-backed Gemasolar concentrated solar power plant in Spain. A similar plant will be open in the UAE in the next few years.

FORBES by Mike Scott 1/15/18: Even in the Middle East, home to some of the world’s largest oil and gas producers, the clean energy revolution is coming.

Thanks to its fast-growing population and rapid economic growth, its demand for energy is set to grow by 3.5 % a year over the next two decades, according to a new report from Siemens, the German conglomerate, and Masdar, the UAE clean energy developer.

Its energy demand is set to grow by 277GW by 2035, to 483GW. A fifth of that will be renewable, up from just over 5% now. An extra 61GW of solar power is expected to be installed over that period, with a conservative estimate of 27GW of wind, says the report, Middle East Power Outlook 2035, which was released at the start of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.

This is driven by some impressive targets – Egypt plans to have 20% of its power supply from renewable sources by 2022; Saudi Arabia intends to install 9.5GW of renewable capacity by 2023 and by 2050, the UAE has a clean energy target of 44%....more:

Even FORBES gets it.

The Hill: Energy Department is seriously underestimating solar power abroad

The Hill: Daniel Cohan

If trends in solar power around the world deserve a theme song, it’s “Here Comes the Sun.” But as foreign solar rises, the Department of Energy seems to be “Blinded by the Light.” And those blind spots could leave us unprepared for solar’s brightening future.

Later this month, the department’s Energy Information Administration will be issuing its Annual Energy Outlook. That report is the most influential crystal ball for future energy trends within the United States.

Its sister report, the International Energy Outlook, receives less scrutiny, but covers the entire world. Delving into the latest outlook, I found that its projections for solar power in other countries were so weak that they couldn’t withstand the scrutiny of simple Google searches.

How can EIA’s projections for solar abroad be so implausibly low? The International Energy Outlook document says little about its methods for projecting renewable energy. So I followed up with EIA staff to learn more. Their answers stunned me.

EIA discounts the targets issued by foreign governments for wind and solar power, assuming they won’t be fully met. For Brazil, EIA cut the country’s solar target for 2024 by 97 percent, pulling it below the level that was reached last June. For Mexico and Chile, it cut the 2030 target by 45 percent.…snip more:

Daniel Cohan is associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Rice University.

To those who would post contrary opinions as if they actually had spent any time studying this field- kindly post your credentials (or shut up). Thanks in advance.

Tesla faces fresh Norway lawsuit over false advertising

Nearly 80 Tesla owners in Norway have sued the US automaker over misleading advertising, saying their electric car did not deliver the promised performance, Norwegian daily Dagens Naeringsliv (DN) reported on Thursday.

The plaintiffs complained that the real power of their Tesla S P85D, a sedan with one of the fastest accelerations in the world, was 469 horsepower and not 700 horsepower as promised by the manufacturer.

They want the same compensation as another group of 133 Norwegian Tesla owners who previously sued the company and reached a deal in December 2016.

Tesla agreed to compensate the 133 car owners by paying them 65,000 kroner (7,260 euros, $8,600) or by providing them with new equipment, according to the financial daily...more:

Fun with Tesla on Reddit:

How Hydrogen Could Help Clean Up the Global Shipping Industry

...The second is that hydrogen can be generated locally, either onboard or from wind and solar farms onshore deploying an electrolyzer, obviating the complex and fraught geopolitics around fossil fuel production. That method has an ancillary benefit of putting renewable energy power plants to use when the weather is favorable but utilities’ electricity demand is low...more:

Hydrogen = Jobs

Energy networks in England prepare to blend hydrogen into the gas grid for the first time

UK Telegraph: Energy networks are preparing to dilute Britain’s natural gas grid with low-carbon hydrogen for the first time in a radical bid to cut emissions from the country’s heating system.

Within weeks, a consortium of grid operators and experts will begin safety work in 130 homes and businesses before blending hydrogen into the methane-rich gas which has been used to heat British households and companies for over 50 years.

For over a year National Grid’s gas network spin-off Cadent Gas and Northern Gas Networks have studied plans to pipe hydrogen directly into the natural gas grid in partnership with Keele University. The Hydeploy consortium plans to inject enough hydrogen to fill 20pc of the gas grid, before rolling out the project across larger ­areas.

Blending hydrogen across the whole of the UK could save 6m tons of carbon every year, or the equivalent of removing 2.5m cars from the roads.

A report from KPMG found that converting the UK to hydrogen gas could be £150bn to £200bn cheaper than rewiring British homes to use electric heating powered by lower-carbon sources...more:

The H21 Leeds City Gate project - Converting gas grids to hydrogen

Hydrogen = Jobs

Hydrail comes of age

Hydrail, the term coined for hydrogen-powered trains, started to become well known when the first annual international hydrail conference was held in North Carolina in 2005. While the first conference was largely an academic affair, by the time the 2017 hydrail conference was held in Graz, Austria, most of the speakers were from hydrail related businesses, a sure sign that the technology has come of age.

Visitors to InnoTrans in 2016 were provided with definitive evidence that hydrail is now a viable technology as Alstom launched its hydrogen powered Coradia iLint train. With the creation of the Hydrogen Council in January 2017, hydrogen is becoming big business as the Council’s founding members, 13 transport and energy companies (including Alstom), plan to invest 10 billion euros in hydrogen technologies over the next five years.

Alstom’s iLint is the latest and most promising of a number of hydrail vehicles produced since the first Hydrail conference. In 2006, the East Japan Railway Company unveiled the world’s first fuel-cell hybrid railcar powered by two 95kW fuel cells. Other pioneering light-rail hydrail vehicles were a tram powered by two 12kW fuel cells unveiled by Spanish metre-gauge operator FEVE in 2011 for use in Asturias, and 200kW hydrogen-powered trams which started operation in Qingdao, China, in 2015.

The first hydrogen powered locomotive ran in 2010. This was a 130-ton diesel shunter which was developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, BNSF rail freight company and Vehicle Projects Inc which used a 240kW fuel cell provided by Ballard. Vehicle Projects and Ballard also collaborated in the production of five 17kW hydrail mine locomotives for the Republic of South Africa in 2012. A year later, China’s South West Jaitong University successfully ran a 45-tonne fuel-cell locomotive with a 150-kW fuel cell...more:

Alstom Hydrogen Train
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