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The Democrat and the Republican parties should be banned and the so called "Leaders" of these criminal gangs put on trial for treason and jailed.

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Jaguar's new Electric I-Pace- The Tesla Challenge

Jaguar I-PACE | Features & Benefits

2018 Jaguar I-Pace revealed: 395bhp and 298-mile range for pivotal EV

The I-Pace’s 90kWh lithium ion battery delivers a range of up to 298 miles, according to the new WLTP cycle. That equates to 336 miles on the old NEDC test and 240 miles on the American EPA cycle...

...Public charging to 80% capacity on a 50kW charger will take 1hr 25min, says Jaguar, and a 30min charge will give 80 miles of range. The model is also compatible with 100kW public chargers, which will give an 80% charge in 45min...more:

Porsche Takes Swipe At Tesla And Also Plans Fast Chargers At Every U.S. Dealer

Jalopnik, Feb 28, 2018 2:31pm

Porsche has been teasing plans for its all-electric Mission E, expected to pack as much as 670 hp, with hyperfast charging times to boot. On Wednesday, the automaker ramped things up a notch, announcing plans to install fast chargers at every single Porsche dealership in the U.S. Porsche’s EV chief also reportedly took a moment to take a swipe at Tesla.

The sleek four-door sedan is expected to carry a 95 kWh battery pack good for 310 miles on a single charge. If Porsche succeeds in rolling out the Mission E before the end of the decade, it’ll arguably be the most admirable competitor to Tesla’s all-electric Model S.

Perhaps in knowing this, the company’s head of battery electric vehicles, Stefan Weckbach, reportedly cut loose to a group of journalists that the Mission E’s performance can maintain top speed and reproduce acceleration reliably—specifically mentioning Tesla vehicles only being able to hit 0-60 in under 3 seconds on two occassions.

“The third attempt will fail,” Weckbach said. “The system is throttled.”... full:

Michael Moore talks about school shootings (not what you think, righty)

Fox news talks about guns and drugs

The Zapata Flyboard Air - a jet powered personal aerial vehicle

capable of VTOL and unprecedented individual mobility. The Zapata© technology platform is the safest, easiest, lightest, most maneuverable personal aviation system ever created.

Inventors have been chasing the dream of personal flight for decades, but no one else has achieved it in the way that Zapata has. Zapata’s unique and innovative approach comes from its experience in hydroflight, its use of turbine engines over conventional electric propellers and the use of intuitive flight controls designed around the human body..

Hyundai's Olympic experience is dark. Extremely dark

Hyundai Motors is taking Olympic visitors to very dark place to show them a path to a brighter future. Its jet-black pavilion, now widely-described as 'the darkest building on earth’, set in contrast to the bright ice and snow of the Winter Games, is impossible not to notice. Sitting in an otherwise drab Olympic Plaza, it easily steals attention away from the uninspiring Olympic stadium next door in what some have described as a black hole, pulling bystanders in towards deepest space.

That’s no coincidence. Sprayed with Vantablack VBx 2, derived from the darkest pigment on earth, the nanotechnology-developed exterior absorbs 99% of the light that hits it (normal black paint absorbs 97%) as photons are channeled into microscopic cavities in the material until they dissipate. The structure’s massive concave walls, adorned with thousands of LED lights on multi-length rods give the impression of stars sitting deep in infinite space, especially at night time.

The effect, as described by its designer, superstar architect Asif Khan, is not merely a "window looking into the depths of outer space" from afar, but makes you feel on moving closer and entering the building "as though you are being absorbed into a cloud of blackness".

Once inside, that feeling completely reverses as visitors enter the ‘water room’, a stark white chamber encapsulating an enormous marble water maze carved with hundreds of little channels that carry 25,000 water droplets sliding each minute toward a pool at the bottom... more:

Black is the New Black: Hyundai Hints at Hydrogen Future

310 hydrogen refuelling stations in korea by 2022

China eyes hydrogen-powered cars. The China Daily reports that China's government is planning policies to promote the development of hydrogen fuel-cell cars and detail plans on the construction of hydrogen fuel stations.

Hyundai Nexo Hydrogen Electric car completes 190 Km autonomous drive at SAE Level 4

Rob "Meathead" Reiner (fake liberal) defends James "The Liar" Clapper

Another sign the end is near. What a jackass this Reiner is. He's become Archie, only he's too dumb to notice.

For those who have forgotten who James "The Liar" Clapface is:

Why isn't he in jail? If you lied to Congress, that's where you would be.

Hat Tip: Caitlin Johnstone - Modern “Liberals” Are 1950s Authoritarians

Korea: Hyundai Fuel Cell Cars Complete Self-Driven 190 kilometer trip at SAE Level 4

Introducing The World’s first Self-Driven Fuel Cell Electric Car

Feb 4, 2018: Automotive giant Hyundai is making significant strides in the world of EVs. It recently completed a successful test with its self-driven fuel cell electric cars which drove from Seoul, South Korea to Pyeongchang.

It is a big deal in the world of autonomy when it comes to cars, as Hyundai used five of its vehicles to complete this journey at level 4 automation.

At this level, a driver doesn’t need to operate the vehicle providing certain conditions are set, such as the geographical area, and road conditions. Just hit “Cruse” and “SET” to enter into self-driving mode.

While level 4 isn’t quite fully autonomous, this represents a major milestone for the Korean automotive giant who is pushing towards Level 5 which is full autonomy.

Three of the cars that were involved with this test are the company’s next-generation fuel cell electric SUV NEXO, which will be launched in South Korea in March, and the other two are Hyundai’s flagship luxury sedans, the Genesis G80...more:

Tesla self"Autopilot"... is struggling with SAE Level 2. Stormy weather coming to Longville.

Nikola Motor Co. Plans $1 Billion Arizona Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Factory

Hydrogen-electric semi-truck startup Nikola Motor Co. plans to build a $1 billion factory in a Phoenix suburb.

The company detailed its plans Tuesday in a joint announcement with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

The fuel cell truck developer said it will build a 500-acre, 1 million square foot facility west of Phoenix in Buckeye.

Trevor Milton, Nikola’s chief executive, and Ducey said the plant will create 2,000 jobs and bring more than $1 billion in capital investment to the region by 2024...

...Nikola said its Nikola One sleeper and Nikola Two day cab trucks will be able to run up to 1,200 miles between refueling stops. The company plans to lease the trucks to users. It will supply fuel as part of the lease cost through a nationwide network of 376 hydrogen fueling stations. It still has to build the network...more:

Nikola Motor Co.

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