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Tesla in Autopilot mode crashes into parked Laguna Beach police cruiser

A Tesla sedan in Autopilot mode crashed into a parked Laguna Beach Police Department vehicle Tuesday morning, authorities said…snip

"Why do these vehicles keep doing that?" Cota said. "We're just lucky that people aren't getting injured."

Tesla’s Autopilot driver-assist feature has come under scrutiny following other collisions. A Tesla driver in Utah crashed while using Autopilot and looking at her phone earlier this month. Two fatal crashes while the system was being used also have occurred: one in California in March and a 2016 crash in Florida…more:

How many more before it's a problem?

Elon Musk, the Donald of Silicon Valley

NY Times 5/25/18: He is prone to unhinged Twitter eruptions. He can’t handle criticism. He scolds the news media for its purported dishonesty and threatens to create a Soviet-like apparatus to keep tabs on it. He suckers people to fork over cash in exchange for promises he hasn’t kept. He’s a billionaire whose business flirts with bankruptcy. He’s sold himself as an establishment-crushing iconoclast when he’s really little more than an unusually accomplished B.S. artist. His legions of devotees are fanatics and, let’s face it, a bit stupid.

I speak of Tesla chief executive Elon Musk, the Donald Trump of Silicon Valley.

Not long ago, a wise friend with an enviable Wall Street reputation wrote me to describe his astonishment with Tesla, calling it “a situation unlike anything I have ever seen.” “The stock market valuation of a well-known company is stratospheric,” he said, “while at the same its bonds are viewed as junk.”

“Meanwhile,” he added, Musk “plays to his audience with constant tweets of claims that go largely, repeatedly and visibly unfulfilled. And the S.E.C., which is supposed to prevent companies like this that raise money from the public on false pretenses, sits idly by.”...more:

Related: Tesla Model 3 unofficial road trip ends in crash, driver blames Autopilot

The Tesla Model 3 unofficial road trip in Europe has ended with a crash in Macedonia Greece.

The driver, who was unharmed during the crash, is blaming Autopilot for veering into the median by itself.

You You Xue, an early Tesla Model 3 owner, created the project to tour North America and Europe and show the new electric vehicle to the many reservation holders...more:

More Fun with Elon Musk:

First Ride-Along in the Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Zero-Emission Semi-Truck-Pipe Dream or Future?


Toyota moves to expand mass-production of fuel cell stacks and hydrogen tanks towards ten-fold increase post-2020

Toyota City, Japan, May 24, 2018―Toyota sees global sales of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) increasing significantly after 2020, to at least 30,000 per year from today's 3,000. To prepare for this growth, the company unveiled plans for two major new facilities today: a brand-new building near its original automobile factory for expanding fuel cell stack mass production, and a new line in an existing plant to manufacture high-pressure hydrogen tanks. The FC stack is what generates the on-board electricity from hydrogen and oxygen which propel FCEVs with zero emissions, and the tanks store the hydrogen fuel. Manufacturing both components at scale is critical to achieving lower system costs and wider availability for further growth and sales of FCEVs...more:

Artist rendering of the FC stack production building within the Honsha Plant premises

Guardian Quiz: Who said it - Donald Trump or Elon Musk?

Can you match these quotes to the man who said them – the president of the US, or the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla?

One is an isolated cartoon supervillain-style billionaire figure making increasingly grand and outlandish pronouncements on everything from space, climate change, and fake media, to the future of mankind itself. And the other is Elon Musk.

But can you tell what the increasingly quirky Musk has been saying from what Donald Trump has been saying. Take our quiz and find out ...

Who said it - Donald Trump or Elon Musk?

#1: "We're getting very big in space and we are seriously thinking of the Space Force"

#2: "My family fears that the Russians will assassinate me"

Take the quiz:

LA Times: Elon Musk wants to rate journalists' credibility. But how's his credibility?
MAY 24, 2018: Stung by a series of news articles delving into safety issues at Tesla Motors' Fremont factory, Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk has tweeted that he's thinking of starting a website that would score journalists for "credibility."

If he's looking for a model, he might start with the numerous articles that have scored him for credibility. But he should be warned: He's not receiving A's.

Tesla, in fact, is becoming known for its inability to deliver on its promises. Its production history is a string of missed deadlines, sometimes by years. That's the reality, but it's been obscured by a hype, much of it generated by that preeminent hype machine, Elon Musk.

Let's take a look:

As my colleague Russ Mitchell reported last month, "Musk originally planned to be building 500,000 cars a year in 2018 at its Fremont, Calif., assembly plant, the vast majority of them Model 3s. Even if Tesla hits all its current targets, no more than 150,000 Model 3s will be produced this year."...snip more:

Anyone wanna buy a flamethrower?

LA Times: Stalls, stops and breakdowns: Problems plague push for electric buses (BYD busted)

LA Times 5/20/18: When Chinese battery maker BYD Ltd. approached Southern California officials in 2008 touting ambitious plans to build electric cars, local politicians jumped at the promise of thousands of jobs and cleaner air.

In the nine years since, agencies have awarded BYD grants, subsidies and public contracts worth more than $330 million for its battery-powered buses, forklifts and trucks. The company is positioned to be a prime supplier of electric buses to the nation's second-largest system, as Los Angeles' Metro sets a 12-year deadline to abandon fossil fuels.

But largely unbeknownst to the public, BYD's electric buses are contending with a record of poor performance and mechanical problems.

A Times investigation found its buses stalled on hills, required service calls much more frequently than older buses and had unpredictable driving ranges below advertised distances, which were impaired by the heat, the cold or the way drivers braked...more:

Just another scam brought to you by liars and cheats

Costa Rica: Government Issues Guideline To Promote Hydrogen As Fuel

5/11/18: As part of the strategy to decarbonize the Costa Rica economy, in one of the first acts as President on Tuesday, Carlos Alvarado, and Environment and Energy Minister Carlos Manuel Rodríguez issued a directive to promote the use of hydrogen as fuel.

“The institutions that comprise the environment and energy sector are instructed so that, within the framework of their competences, they develop an action plan to promote research, production and commercialization of hydrogen as a fuel”, says the guideline.

He adds that the action plan must be presented within the next 6 months...more:

Tesla battery reignites days after deadly crash: 2 Investigates

MAY 09 2018 04:02PM PDT

2 Investigates has uncovered new information about the deadly Tesla crash in Mountain View earlier this year along with a serious warning for all firefighters responding to electric vehicle crashes.

KTVU has obtained a 13-page safety alert written by Mountain View Fire Chief Juan Diaz, in which he highlights the dangers firefighters faced while responding to that wreck, including a high-voltage battery they had no way to stop...

...Firefighters say they put the fire out in two minutes but soon discovered the battery fire in the electric vehicle would smolder for hours and reignite multiple times, even days later...

If a battery is severely damaged and catches fire, that fire can burn hot and long at more than 900 degrees until the battery is exhausted, according to the memo penned by Diaz... more:

Anheuser-Busch orders 800 Hydrogen Delivery Trucks, US National Hydrogen Network Rollout begins
Nikola, a Tesla competitor, scores big electric truck order from Anheuser-Busch

5/3/18: Anheuser-Busch, which ordered 40 electric semi trucks from Tesla last December, on Thursday upped its bet on a green fleet by placing a substantially larger order with a competitor.

The beer company said it plans to buy as many as 800 trucks from Nikola Motor Co. Where Tesla uses batteries in its powertrain technology, Phoenix-based Nikola uses hydrogen fuel cells. In both cases, the vehicles generate no tailpipe pollutants...

...But hardly any hydrogen refueling stations exist. Working with Anheuser-Busch, and using its own capital, Nikola plans to build 28 fueling stations along the beer company's heaviest routes. The stations will be usable by fuel-cell vehicles made by other companies. Nikola plans to process its own hydrogen fuel at each station with on-site solar power, wind power or by buying electricity created through renewable sources such as hydropower..

Milton faces some of the same challenges as Elon Musk at Tesla. Where Tesla is putting solar panels on houses to fill storage batteries with energy that are then used to recharge cars, Milton is building a truck-based energy ecosystem...more:

Nikola Motor:

Fuel Cell vs. Diesel

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