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The Democrat and the Republican parties should be banned and the so called "Leaders" of these criminal gangs put on trial for treason and jailed.

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Who has given the Americans the right to be in Syria? China asks

Thursday, 19 December 2019

China’s special envoy for Syria says the United States’ pretext for extending its military presence in the Arab country, namely to protect Syrian oil fields, is untenable.

“Who have given the Americans the right to do this? And, at whose invitation is the US protecting Syria’s oil fields?” Xie Xiaoyan said at a press conference in Moscow on Wednesday.

“Let’s think the other way around: will the US allow Syria to send troops to US territory to protect oil fields there?” he said.

In late October, Washington reversed an earlier decision to pull out all of its troops from northeastern Syria, announcing the deployment of about 500 soldiers to the oil fields controlled by Kurdish forces in the Arab country.

The US claimed that the move was aimed at protecting the fields and facilities from possible attacks by the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group. That claim came even as US President Donald Trump had earlier suggested that Washington sought economic interests in controlling the oilfields... more:

The District of Criminals and Draft Dodgers better hope China and Russia don't unite to put an end to these illegal, immoral and unconstitutional occupations.

Jimmy Dore Live: BREAKING! Trump Not Actually Impeached

Jimmy's show for today is over and he makes the video private.

Enjoy Jimmy's Tulsi interview 12/19/19


Amid transport mayhem, France rolls out world-first hydrogen bus fleet


While crippling transport strikes keep parts of France in a state of gridlock, residents of the charming town of Pau, on the northern edge of the Pyrénées Mountains, are being treated to a free ride on the world’s first hydrogen-powered transit buses.

Hailed as a technological revolution, the sophisticated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system Fébus, named after the French Count of Foix, had been due to receive full presidential honours on Tuesday when six of its fleet of eight buses set off on their maiden voyages.

“Scheduling reasons”, however, meant Emmanuel Macron was unable to make it to the south of France to inaugurate the sophisticated 18-metre buses, designed by Belgian engineering company Van Hool.

French media reported it would indeed be difficult for Macron, in the midst of a social movement, to promote a new mode of collective transport when much of the country has been deprived of any means of transport at all.

The Fébus buses, which cost a cool 1.8 million euros each to make, are a mix between a bus and tram. They operate along a 6km express line, serving 14 stations between Pau’s train station and hospital... more

Hot Mic Moment Exposes Insane Sleaziness Of British Political/Media Class.

There’s a wildly under-appreciated clip of news footage from Thursday’s general election in the UK that, now that everyone’s had some time to emotionally process the emotional fallout from that depressing night, needs more attention.

Labour MP and chronic left-puncher Jess Phillips appeared on Channel 4 to talk about how devastated she was about the news of exit polls showing her party’s crushing defeat, except the cameras switched on before she was prepared and caught her in the middle of a joyful chuckle. It took several seconds and the overt reminders from the show’s hosts to put on a “straight face” and act emotional before she could conceal her cheery mood as Corbyn’s Labour leadership was trampled underfoot by odious empire lackey Boris Johnson.

“Good evening Jess,” said the program’s host Krishnan Guru-Murthy. “How are you feeling as these results unfold?”

Watching the stumbling improvisation that came next feels like walking into a room full of awkward silence when your supposed friends had just been saying mean things about you, or seeing your spouse conspicuously jump away from an attractive coworker when you drop by the office.

...For months the imperial media have been loudly anointing Phillips as the establishment choice to replace the unabashedly socialism-minded Corbyn, as Kit Knightly described for Off-Guardian back in March. This coronation-by-media continues today with outlets ranging from The Guardian to Daily Mail to Telegraph placing her on the short list to assume leadership of the Labour Party over the last couple of days.... MORE

Arirang News: Hydrogen economy bringing a paradigm shift

Published: DEC 13, 2019

Hydrogen economy bringing a paradigm shift 한국 연료의 패러다임을 바꾼 ‘수소경제’

Development of a variety of technologies as well as economy have taken place in 2019. And hydrogen has garnered a lot of attention as a future growth engine. The government has laid out new energy roadmap for the vitalization of hydrogen economy. By escaping from oil and coal, which used to be major energy sources in the past, new infrastructure for the production, storage, delivery and usage of hydrogen has been built. And the roadmap aims to boost economic development by collaborating with automobile, shipbuilding and petrochemical industries.

The automobile industry has played a significant role for the domestic economy. So hydrogen-powered vehicle has emerged as a significant element for the vitalization of hydrogen economy. This year, the government has popularized hydrogen charging stations and more than 70 hydrogen vehicles can be charged a day at the charging station. And the government plans to increase the number of hydrogen taxis to 20 by the end of 2022. A lot of companies have made utmost efforts to make better use of hydrogen energy in daily lives. A hydrogen fuel cell power plant was established. And unlike the existing thermal power plants which emit smoke or exhaust gas, it doesn’t emit harmful pollutants. Moreover, facilities for the extraction of hydrogen from LNG, or Liquefied Natural Gas, have been localized for the first time in the domestic market.

Hydrogen energy is a resource with high growth potential. And we explore hydrogen economy, which has brought about a significant paradigm shift to the fuel industry.

다양한 기술과 경제의 발전이 이뤄졌던 2019년! 그중에서도 수소는 미래 성장 동력으로 많은 주목을 받았다. 올해 초, 한국 정부는 ‘수소경제 활성화 로드맵’을 발표하며 기존의 주 에너지원이었던 석유나 석탄에서 벗어나 수소 생산 및 저장, 운반, 사용에 이르는 인프라를 구축! 자동차, 조선, 석유화학과 연계하여 경제 성장을 끌어내고자 하는 뜻을 밝혔다. 한국은 자동차 산업이 국가 경제에 큰 비중을 차지하고 있는데, 그 때문에 한국의 수소경제 활성화에 빠질 수 없는 것이 바로 ‘수소차’다. 정부는 수소충전소를 보급해 하루에 70대 이상의 수소차를 충전할 수 있도록 했고, 2022년까지 총 20대의 수소 택시를 일반 택시와 같이 운행할 계획이라고 밝혔다. 수소에너지를 일상생활에서 사용할 수 있도록 하기 위해 각 기업에서도 많은 노력이 이루어졌다. 연기나 매연과 같은 오염물질 배출이 없는 수소 연료전지 발전소가 건립되었고, 액화천연가스 LNG에서 수소를 추출하는 설비를 국내 최초로 국산화에 성공하기도 했다. 무한한 잠재력을 가진 수소에너지! 한국 연료의 패러다임을 바꾼 ‘수소경제’를 만나본다.

RELATED: The new oil: green hydrogen from the Arabian Gulf

Afghanistan: Gravy Train for the Warmongers

Tulsi: American, War Vet, Patriot


THIS BUFFOON (Liar, Cheat, Plagiarizer, Drug Warrior, Criminal)

That Biden leads the D's should be an embarrassment to every single citizen in the nation. But it's not.


A Reddit AMA Claiming To Be A Uiyghur Quickly Exposes A CIA Asset Slandering China

Fake Uyghur Rushan Abbas | Dec 12

Last night an AMA started on Reddit claiming: “Hi, I’m Rushan Abbas. I’m one of the Uyghur People of central Asia, and the Chinese Government has locked up many of my friends and relatives in concentration camps.”

For those not sure what any of the above words mean Reddit is a social media site. And an “AMA” stands for Ask Me Anything. Many celebrities have done AMA’s as well as regular folk (if you wanted to ask a doctor/farmer etc. what their daily life entails). The format (unsurprisingly) is one of people asking them questions and the celebrity/person responding.

This AMA was, quite predictably, a long list of propaganda aimed at China and Rushan Abbas advising further trade war against China could be “something Western Countries can do”

However using the website which holds archives of other websites someone discovered a page with a Rushan Abbas on. And what we learn there is she’s essentially a US intelligence asset...more at MEDIUM

the NED ( a regime change arm of the United States) proudly displays the fact they pour 22 million US dollars into the Xinjiang region to fuel separatism.

A few million here and a few million there and pretty soon there's no money for the USA

Apparently Yanks simply cannot mind their own business. And why worry? Nothing happens to the perps when this kind of malarkey happens. USA USA USA

Tweeter in Chief: 109 tweets today (so far)

"I voted for a president, not a tweeter" - Disgruntled Righty

Trump just went on the biggest tweet storm of his presidency

It's not a good day to have push notifications for President Trump's Twitter feed turned on.

The president's Twitter account has exploded with an absurd amount of activity throughout the day on Thursday, as the House Judiciary Committee debated articles of impeachment against him. As of the mid-afternoon, he had overwhelmed followers with more than 100 tweets or retweets.
The day's not even over yet, and The Washington Post reports Trump has already sent more tweets and retweets than he has on any day since he announced his candidacy for president in 2015. The previous record came on Sunday, when he hit 105. The Post notes that Trump sent more tweets or retweets today alone than former President Obama sent on the @POTUS account from May 2016 through January 2017...

tRump Twitter Hall of Shame

MSNBC Incredulously Defends FBI & Discredited Dossier

What a shame that US media has been completely and totally co-opted.

And Americans used to laugh at Pravda!

Obama/Bush/Trump Lied Repeatedly About Afghan War-- Documents Reveal


Everyone in the District of Criminals and Draft Dodgers is a LIAR

Righty's ok with that.

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