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Dreams of Access, Dangers of Domination.

SpaceX ( Elon Musk ) plans to introduce floating cities in the Earth's Stratosphere away from the Regulatory Over-reach of Human Institutions. Apple CEO Larry Page also dreams of a place where Cutting-Edge Research can be carried out without the undertow of Ethical Considerations to bog down and dampen Human Ingenuity and Scientific Imagination. Eg. Stem-cell Research, Artificial Intelligence, Human Cloning, Autonomous Robot-soldiers, etc.
Is Aldous Huxley's Brave New World now firmly within the Realm of the Possible? Is the stated purpose of Facebook, Google and Apple to bring Universal Access to the Internet by way Balloons, Drones and thousands of Orbiting Satellites a Humanitarian Gesture, or are they putting in place a Digital Architecture that will ultimately control how we view the world, access Knowledge and exercise our Fundamental Choices as a Free People?
Are these people at last seeing Eternity in a Grain of Sand, so to speak? Or are we missing something here? Is a ' Certain Kind of Knowledge ' being denied to the general run of Mankind? In long run, will we have only a select few to decide on what knowledge, which affects us all, should be in the Public Domain and what should not?

Shiver my timbers!

By broadcasting his preference for a corporate takeover of THE MOST DEMOCRATIC MEDIUM EVER DEVISED BY MANKIND, and couching it in a Business Logic of " No Profit, so No Investment " , Mr. Chalmers will, I Fervently Hope, only serve to strenghten the resolve of Goverments worldwide to retain control of the WorldWideWeb as a Public Good, and hold it In Trust on behalf of Future Generations.
The Constitutional Lawyer that Mr. Obama is, is only testing the waters. He will eventually come round to Mr. Chalmers' viewpoint at the end of his term.

A Global Village?

The Intifada of The Pell-Mell of Public Protests worldwide, The Occupy Movements, A Thousand Arab Springs in a Thousand Capitals, would have us all believe that we inhabit A Global Village, an Interconnected World, where, you pluck a blade of grass and disturb a distant star. But, would you call that world, half of whose inhabitants are plunged in Turmoil, Unending War and the worst kinds of Social Upheaval and Human Suffering, with the other half blissfully unaware and unconcerned about its plight ( except when an Ice Bucket is dunked over their heads ), A Global Village, an Interconnected World? Are our International Obligations and Humanitarian Sensibilities geared solely to emphatise and bankroll with our quality time, almost as a Fashion Statement, Big- Ticket issues endorsed by Celebrities at the grievous expense of bankrupting our Self-Extolled Social Consciences when Nations Weep, Societies Crumble and mere Anarchy is loosed upon this world?
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