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The Lib's will get their wish. The Republican Party will die

The question that remains is 'what will the Dem elite need with it's supporters any longer'?

One-party rule never ends well for the populous

'Wealthy Lib/Democrat' should be an oxymoron.

But it's not.

Why are Lib's sitting on their money when they could be helping the poor with it? Why do the Lib's continually press a bankrupt government to increase social spending but are not will to bankrupt themselves to help those who need help? Do Lib's not mean what they say about caring for the great unwashed?

I know why the right/Republicans/Tea Party doesn't do it. We're selfish and greedy. Why does the Left not give all they have, and more, to help the poor?

How does 'rapidly changing demographics ' help the Dem's?

And what demographic is changing so rapidly? Are not all citizens that are entitled to vote reaching voting age at the same time? Thus, the voting demographic should remain fairly constant.

Where are these new voters coming from?

Illegal aliens have the right to bear arms.

The Dem's insist illegals have Constitutional protections. One of those protections is the right to bear arms. Thus, illegals have 2nd Amendment rights according to Dem's. I can't wait for the verbal gymnastics to worm your way out of this one.

Or do illegals only have Constitutional protections you Lib's want them to have?

Throwing away voter registration cards is a Federal offense.

If the GOP has done this, why haven't one of you here or the Lib's pressed charges?

Inferring blacks are so incapable of functioning in society that they can't even

..manage to acquire something as simple as an ID sounds pretty racist to me.

It's not the Republicans saying that.

Now, once you've added your inevitable 'but Republicans....', tell me how what the Dem's say isn't insulting of blacks.

If you think truly the Democrat party cares about you, you are what Stalin called a 'useful idiot'

Ahem...yes, I feel the same way about Republicans.

When will people wake up?

We have...

Thousands of murders, armed robberies, rapes and assaults in this country yearly, but we have 'little or no' voter fraud?

Also, If you agree that we have 'little or no voter fraud ', you also agree that Republicans* don't engage in it.

*I'm not a Republican. Both parties can kiss my backside
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