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Retired 3x, living comfortably on the Gulf Coast, biking, beachwalking, lifting free weights, eating mostly properly, keeping my mind active, in my seventh decade, intending to give Methuselah a run for the record...

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Americans Are Not Remotely Financially Ready For Retirement...

The median American heading into retirement has just enough wealth to live on for a little more than three years, according to a new paper by the Center for Economic and Policy Research’s David Rosnick and Dean Baker.

These Americans are the first 401(k) generation: Their prime working years coincided with the 3 1/2 decades since the introduction of tax-deferred retirement accounts. And yet most of them have accumulated a relatively small amount of wealth, if any, outside of owning their home.

For Americans ages 55 to 64, net worth, the equity they own in their homes, and the value of other assets they own are each falling at precisely the time in their lives when they should be rising.

I think we need to eliminate descriptives that might offend, as the "White Christmas" kerfuffle...

... would suggest. It doesn't matter whether the word as used is intended to offend, if a single person takes offense, it's offensive! Let's all clean up our acts.

Some possible candidates for revision:

"White Christmas"

"In the black"

"White out"

"Black comedy"

"White flag"

"Brown sugar"

"White sugar"

"Black belt"

"White lie"

"Brown out"

... and there must be many others. How might we alter and re-express these phrases without offending anyone?...

I'm dreaming of a (censored) Christmas...

Critics Rip Rucker for Performing 'White Christmas' After Garner Decision

Social media lit up Wednesday evening with complaints about former Hootie & the Blowfish lead singer Darius Rucker performing "White Christmas" at the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at New York City's Rockefeller Square. Some activists had threatened to attack the ceremony after a grand jury declined to indict a New York police officer in the death of unarmed Eric Garner during a confrontation over cigarette sales in July.

The ceremony went ahead under police protection, and Rucker performed "White Christmas," a classic written by a Jewish immigrant, Irving Berlin. The song refers to snow, not to race, in recalling a traditional Christmas scene. Critics, however, believed that the mere reference to the color "white" by a black singer in the throes of a racially-charged controversy was offensive and suggested a contempt for the feelings of other black people.

It's a Black thing...

Missouri white students told not to take part in Ferguson ‘die-in’ demonstration

Columbia, MO. — Organizers of a recent Ferguson protest at the University of Missouri requested “only people of color” take part in the event’s “die-in,” one element of a larger demonstration that prompted at least two classes to be shelved so students could participate.

“During the demonstration we will hold a ‘die-in’ in the student center. We are asking that only people of color be the ones to do so,” event organizers stated in an email obtained by The College Fix. “We are asking non-people of color to stand holding hands in solidarity.”

“The ‘die-in’ is meant to represent black bodies that are killed unjustly. It was requested that others stand in a circle holding hands,” student Ebony Francis told The College Fix in a telephone interview.
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