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Retired 3x, living comfortably on the Gulf Coast, biking, beachwalking, lifting free weights, eating mostly properly, keeping my mind active, in my seventh decade, intending to give Methuselah a run for the record...

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Florence's winds are remarkably unpredictable...

WATCH yer ass Isaac, three days ago you were heading for Honduras, don't be messsin' up there in...

... the Gulf of Mexico!...

Judge Orders Army to Reconsider Granting Purple Heart to Sgt. Joshua Berry

Judicial Watch announced today that U.S. District Court Judge Christopher R. Cooper issued an order stating that the Army must reconsider its decision denying a Purple Heart to Sgt. Joshua Berry for injuries sustained in the 2009 international terrorist attack at Fort Hood, Texas.

The August 22 order calls for the Army to reconsider its decision and to act appropriately. If the Army wishes to stick with the denial, it must sufficiently explain why Sgt. Berry is not entitled to the Purple Heart. On remand, the Army, assuming it wishes to stick with its determination, must explain why Berry is not entitled to a Purple Heart and do so with sufficient clarity that “a court can measure” the denial “against the ‘arbitrary or capricious’ standard of the .”

Following the Fort Hood attack, the Secretary of Defense declined to recognize the mass shooting as an international terrorist attack against the United States. Instead, the attack was characterized as “workplace violence.” As a result, active duty servicemembers injured in the attack were ineligible for the Purple Heart, among other awards and benefits.

In response, Congress enacted legislation in 2014 mandating that servicemembers killed or wounded in an attack targeting members of the armed forces and carried out by an individual in communication with and inspired or motivated by a foreign terrorist organization be eligible for the Purple Heart.

As a result, in 2015, the Secretary of the Army announced that servicemembers injured or killed in the Fort Hood attack were eligible for the Purple Heart if they met the regulatory criteria.

Florence taking a predicted turn more to the north, landfall prediction NC rather than SC...

While the storm is currently on the latitude of Key West, late tomorrow it should be the latitude of Miami, with an increasing shift NNW. Forward movement is still only 6 mph but it should pick-up speed quickly to reach predicted landfall late Thursday...

Tesla shares reel as executives quit and CEO smokes pot on webcast

Chief Executive Elon Musk was filmed smoking marijuana and wielding a sword on a webcast, just hours before the automaker said its recently-appointed accounting chief would leave, the latest in a string of unusual behaviour and executive departures that have stunned investors.

Shares of the electric carmaker tumbled more than 6 percent on Friday to $263.24, with investors on edge after a tumultuous August during which Musk proposed and then abruptly pulled the plug on a go-private deal.

Chief Accounting Officer Dave Morton resigned after just one month in the job because of discomfort with the attention on the company and pace of work during that time, Tesla said in a filing on Friday. It later said that Chief People Officer Gaby Toledano would not return from a leave of absence, just over a year after joining.

Later on Friday, Tesla named a new president of automotive operations, promoting eight-year Tesla employee and former Daimler truck exec Jerome Guillen into the role overseeing all automotive operations and reporting to Musk.

That move, described in a company blog with several other promotions as a result of board and management discussions, gives Musk a seasoned auto industry veteran to lean on at a time when some investors have called for a new chief operating officer. Shares barely moved after hours, when the promotions were announced.

Morton and Toledano, whose departures come shortly after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission opened an inquiry into Musk's aborted privatisation plan, join dozens of senior executives who have left Tesla.

Some "confidential" Kavanaugh documents were cleared before Booker's release

Bill Burck, former George W. Bush attorney who has been in charge of vetting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's documents, tells Axios that the documents Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) claimed were confidential and released today had already been cleared for the public last night.

The big picture: Sen. Booker claimed he broke committee rules in deciding to release those documents this morning. "We were surprised to learn about Senator Booker’s histrionics this morning because we had already told him he could use the documents publicly," Burck told Axios. But Booker's team argues that "Senate Democrats were able to shame the committee into agreeing to make last night’s documents publicly available," and that "other committee confidential documents" were also released today.

"'We were surprised to learn about Senator Booker’s histrionics this morning because we had already told him he could use the documents publicly,' Burck told Axios."

Democrats have themselves a Clown Prince to lead their 2020 circus...

A strong suspicion of what may be the largest example of fake news in decades...

Here's what I find bothersome about the continual cacophony of accusations supposedly emanating from a super-secret source in President trump's White House. Among the (HOW many anonymous sources supposed to be working in the White House inner sanctum?) super-secret revealers of over-the-top gossip, why is there not ONE of these supposed folks willing, for "the sake of the nation" to reveal his/her identity!

Here's a thought: With the Dem media so UTTERLY opposed to President Trump, the "usurper" of what SHOULD, in their view, have been a Hillary presidency, with a media collaborating as they did a couple of weeks back to simultaneously print/screech out the same attacks on the President, all resulting in a proper "Ho-hum" from the now-cynical, aware of fake news American populace, IS this flood of unnamed sources working at the White House merely a media construction?

Without even ONE anonymous source willing, for the sake of the nation, to fall on his sword (or his pen tip) and say, "I'M THE ONE and I'm GLAD to reveal myself!" and offer clear proof that he/she at least is POSSIBLY in a place to spill beans, this entire business is a charade, a well-orchestrated major fake news event, unseen in its breathtaking expanse of media characters for decades...

So no, I did NOT try to make a $450 and a $900 and another $450 charge at a ladieswear store in...

... Washington. A new CITI Visa with a new number is on its way to me. This is maybe the fourth time since I had my first credit card that this has happened, and in each time but one the card company notified ME that they had their doubts...

Why you can smell rain

When those first fat drops of summer rain fall to the hot, dry ground, have you ever noticed a distinctive odor? I have childhood memories of family members who were farmers describing how they could always “smell rain” right before a storm.

Of course rain itself has no scent. But moments before a rain event, an “earthy” smell known as petrichor does permeate the air. People call it musky, fresh – generally pleasant.

This smell actually comes from the moistening of the ground. Australian scientists first documented the process of petrichor formation in 1964 and scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology further studied the mechanics of the process in the 2010s.

Petrichor is a combination of fragrant chemical compounds. Some are from oils made by plants. The main contributor to petrichor are actinobacteria. These tiny microorganisms can be found in rural and urban areas as well as in marine environments. They decompose dead or decaying organic matter into simple chemical compounds which can then become nutrients for developing plants and other organisms.

Today's Democratic circus behavior was meant to do what? It's clear that a vote will be taken...

... on seating judge Kavanaugh and it WILL be taken before the mid-term elections. Democrats very much wanted to delay that vote, so as to not have Democratic senatorial incumbents in "red-states" lose their electorates' support if said Dem Senators voted not to seat the judge, possibly losing their Senate seat(s) to Republicans in the mid-terms.

What the hooting and hollering was meant to accomplish was three-fold:

They put on a show, hoping to energize their national base voters, voters who have seen little to be happy about from their Democratic elected officials for more than two years.

They hope to generate Democratic voter movement, especially in red-states with Democratic incumbents whose seats are at risk, movement to vociferously support those Senators AND to threaten them if they vote to seat judge Kavanaugh.

They hope to stiffen the spines of the red-state Democrats up for election so that they obey the party leadership and vote not to seat Judge Kavanaugh, REGARDLESS of the threat to their own political fortunes.

In all, seeing Democratic legislators make absolute fools of themselves as they did today, it's comforting to see that degree of desperation on display as the mid-terms approach...

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