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Gender: Male
Hometown: Nokomis, FL
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Retired 3x, living comfortably on the Gulf Coast, biking, beachwalking, lifting free weights, eating mostly properly, keeping my mind active, in my seventh decade, intending to give Methuselah a run for the record...

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Just had a call on my landline.. from my own landline number! Second time in a year or so...

And the award for best political commentary by an Oscar nominee goes to...'

The who's who of Hollywood gather tonight for a civilized battle of talent, style and who can give the most social-media-worthy acceptance speech before being led offstage.

In this politically turbulent time, with its constant barrage of depressing news from Washington, Hollywood’s sympathies are well known, and often on very public display. What kind of fighting words might be uttered on national TV tonight? And what kind of retaliatory tweets will we see afterward? (There’s little doubt that most of the speeches won’t be complimentary of President Trump.)

I will maintain my thirty-some year record of non-viewership...

In case you missed seeing this before it was self-deleted...


Righty, whom do you hate more than Sanders, Warren, RBG, Gabbard, Cortez, minorities...

scientists, doctors, federal judges, commies, socialists, marxists, people against regime change, the "liberal" media, Al Gore, the deep state, Pelosi, etc...

You know what, your righty list sounds EXACTLY like the Coast Guard domestic terrorist's list. What a cowinky dink huh? LOL


I won't mention the author (hint: Cat sofa king re: Todd dead) but I had a post to add before the delete, dammit!

''Not a matter of ''hate,'' that seems to be the go-to response of many on the Left. Rather dismay... at the serial stupidity of the Social Justice Warriors who are determined to reduce America to just another non-exceptional nation, filled with increasing numbers of illegal aliens determined to never assimilate, but to mold America into what they want it to be...''

Just a snippet: The ''Black Key Etude'' by Chopin, where the right hand plays the black keys only...

Gallup: Liberals outnumber conservatives in only 6 states, down from 9

The number of states where liberals outnumber conservatives has dropped more than 30 percent, with just six now in that category: Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington, New York, and New Hampshire.

According to the latest Gallup survey, in every other state but California, where conservatives and liberals split 29 percent to 29 percent, conservatives lead.

Nationally, those who identify themselves conservative hold a nine-point lead.

Just a snippet. J.S. Bach, the Badinerie from his Orchestral Suite #2...

Justice Clarence Thomas calls for reconsideration of landmark libel case

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on Tuesday called for reconsideration of a landmark First Amendment precedent, criticizing the 1964 decision that the Constitution creates a higher barrier for public figures to claim libel.

Thomas wrote alongside a court decision not to take up the case of a woman who accused Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct in 2014. He suggested that the seminal case New York Times v. Sullivan, holding that public figures have a higher burden to prove libel, was wrongly decided.

"New York Times and the Court's decisions extending it were policy-driven decisions masquerading as constitutional law," Thomas wrote.

"If the Constitution does not require public figures to satisfy an actual-malice standard in state-law defamation suits, then neither should we," the opinion states.

He continued, saying "We did not begin meddling in this area until 1964, nearly 175 years after the First Amendment was ratified. The States are perfectly capable of striking an acceptable balance between encouraging robust public discourse and providing a meaningful remedy for reputational harm. We should reconsider our jurisprudence in this area."

Interesting point, why should someone who becomes a "public figure" have to jump through greater/higher hoops if they've been defamed?...

Most See Crime in Justice, FBI Coup Against Trump, Want Special Prosecutor

Most voters say top Justice Department and FBI officials are likely to have acted criminally when they secretly discussed removing President Trump from office and think a special prosecutor is needed to investigate.

Fifty-six percent (56%) of Likely U.S. Voters believe senior federal law enforcement officials are likely to have broken the law in their discussions in May 2017 to oust Trump, with 37% who say it is Very Likely. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 36% consider that unlikely, with 19% who say it’s Not At All Likely that they broke the law.

Fifty-one percent (51%) think a special prosecutor should be named to investigate the discussions among senior Justice Department and FBI officials in May 2017 to remove the president from office. Thirty-eight percent (38%) disagree, but 11% are undecided.

Fifty-four percent (54%) of voters said in April of last year that a special prosecutor should be named to investigate whether senior FBI officials handled the investigations of Trump and Hillary Clinton in a legal and unbiased fashion.

Grand Canyon tourists exposed for years to radiation in museum building, safety manager says

For nearly two decades at the Grand Canyon, tourists, employees, and children on tours passed by three paint buckets stored in the National Park's museum collection building, unaware that they were being exposed to radiation.

Although federal officials learned last year that the 5-gallon containers were brimming with uranium ore, then removed the radioactive specimens, the park's safety director alleges nothing was done to warn park workers or the public that they might have been exposed to unsafe levels of radiation.

In a rogue email sent to all Park Service employees on Feb. 4, Elston "Swede" Stephenson — the safety, health and wellness manager — described the alleged cover-up as "a top management failure" and warned of possible health consequences.

Stephenson said the containers were stored next to a taxidermy exhibit, where children on tours sometimes stopped for presentations, sitting next to uranium for 30 minutes or more. By his calculation, those children could have received radiation dosages in excess of federal safety standards within three seconds, and adults could have suffered dangerous exposure in less than a half-minute.

We interrupt this post with a commercial announcement...

... I've noted for a week or so that some lengthier posts, as well as threads, now have commercials embedded!...

Hey, it's all good...
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