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Retired 3x, living comfortably on the Gulf Coast, biking, beachwalking, lifting free weights, eating mostly properly, keeping my mind active, in my seventh decade, intending to give Methuselah a run for the record...

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It's FUN but it's politics..

Democrats desperate to win SOMETHING throw record millions into GA race...

Democrats are pumping millions into the Georgia congressional election set for Tuesday, hoping a 30-year-old political upstart who's attracting star power can deliver a rebuke to President Trump and help the party reclaim lost momentum. 

Hollywood has even come out for the off-cycle vote, with actor Samuel L. Jackson cutting a radio ad urging voters to flip the seat once held by Republican Tom Price, who is now Trump's health secretary. 

Democrats tried a similar tactic last week in their failed bid for the open seat of Kansas' Mike Pompeo, arguing a win in that conservative district would prove just how eager Americans are to end Trump and fellow Republicans’ control of Washington. 

Washington Democrats, however, put essentially no resources into the race. By contrast, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee staffers are on the ground in Georgia, and supporters have given top Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff  $8 million-plus, with 80 percent of the money coming from outside the state.

80% of the Democratic money from out-of-staters trying to tell GA residents who to vote for, mm, mm, mmm!...

Rahm Emanuel Gets Really Uncomfortable About Clinton Potentially Running for President

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had a hard time answering Sunday if Hillary Clinton should run for president again in 2020. Appearing on CNN's "State Of The Union", Emanuel waffled over the question, ultimately insisting that Clinton "has to decide whether that's in her heart."

"If Hillary Clinton is up for another presidential run, would that be a good thing for your party?" CNN anchor Dana Bash asked. Emanuel was not quick with an answer.

"You know, look, you're asking something that—we're not even first through the midterm election. She hasn't even declared, for me to say that—" he started.

Bash pressed him, but Emanuel insisted that the question was "not a good question."

"You know, I love you," said an increasingly flustered Emanuel. "It's not a good question. OK? So the question is, it's not a good question."

Not even an "I'm glad you asked that question!" Quite the opposite...

Liberals Wanted a Fight in Montana. Democratic Leaders Saw a Lost Cause.

The Democratic defeat in a hard-fought special House election in Montana on Thursday highlighted the practical limitations on liberal opposition to President Trump and exposed a deepening rift between cautious party leaders, who want to pick their shots in battling for control of Congress in 2018, and more militant grass-roots activists who want to fight the Republicans everywhere.

Quist, the Democratic nominee in Montana, staked his campaign on the Republican health care bill, but he still lost by six percentage points, even after his Republican opponent for the state’s lone House seat, Greg Gianforte, was charged with assaulting a reporter on the eve of the election.

The margin in this race was relatively small in a state that Mr. Trump carried by more than 20 percentage points last year. But Mr. Quist’s defeat disappointed grass-roots Democrats who financed nearly his entire campaign while the national party declined to spend heavily on what it considered, from the outset, an all-but-lost cause in daunting political territory.

This tension — between party leaders who will not compete for seats they think they cannot win and an energized base loath to concede any contests to Republicans — risks demoralizing activists who keep getting their hopes up. It also points to a painful reality for Democrats: Despite the boiling fury on the left, the resistance toward Mr. Trump has yet to translate into a major electoral victory.

"Painful reality for Democrats." Their candidates truly suck...

A fun political thread from the past. So many names gone, but not forgotten...

If you found out next week that Trump has been on Team Clinton all along, how would you react?

OK, this happens a lot now. On my Android tablet, I hit the "Reply" icon on a thread, the icon...

... blinks to indicate I hit it.. and in place of a reply page I get an advertisement! Now, I make a point of occasionally clicking on an ad to help support the site, I don't use the apps to make ads vanish, but this happens two or three times a day. There are no ads within an inch or more of where I click and I don't have Parkinson's so that's not the issue. Also, it's not just the reply, sometimes it's when calling up a profile or something else.

The icon I DO want blinks, showing that the system knows I tapped it, but sometimes I get a page "Do you realize the value of having YOUR OWN SET of encyclopedia?!"

Just kidding about that particular ad...

Bob Schieffer on CNN greatly praised President Trump's speech, CNN talking head tries to...

... repair the damage done to CNN's standard script...


Yale dean placed on leave after calling people 'white trash' on Yelp

Yale University dean has been placed on leave after writing controversial remarks on her Yelp reviews of local businesses, including calling people who dined at one restaurant "white trash."

Screenshots obtained by Yale Daily News on Saturday afternoon reveal several controversial reviews posted using the Yelp account of June Chu, dean of Pierson College.

In an email to the Pierson community obtained by ABC News, Head of College Stephen Davis said Chu has been placed on leave and will not be participating in commencement activities or working with students through the end of the academic year.

American shale oil comes roaring back...

OPEC may get its members to agree to continue to tamp down oil production, but it will be a Pyrrhic victory. The biggest threat to the 13-member group’s dominance has been U.S. shale.

In November 2014, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries decided to keep production levels high in the hope it could maintain market share. But that was a difficult task to begin with, and since then, U.S. shale producers have become even more efficient. By the time OPEC reversed course in November 2016, sending oil prices up as much as 10 percent, shale had already gained ground.

There are areas in the enormous Permian and Eagle Ford shale fields in Texas where producers can break even at prices as low as $34 a barrel, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

And analysts now say U.S. shale production will grow even faster than expected. Macquarie Group now thinks production will increase 1.4 million barrels a day through December, up from a previous growth estimate of 0.9 million barrels a day. JPMorgan Chase & Co. doubled its forecast to an increase of 800,000 barrels a day for the same period.

Funny how quickly you miss little details like PARAGRAPHS!...

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