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Retired 3x, living comfortably on the Gulf Coast, biking, beachwalking, lifting free weights, eating mostly properly, keeping my mind active, in my seventh decade, intending to give Methuselah a run for the record...

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American Horror Story, six memorable seasons, destroyed the franchise with season seven...

... as they couldn't stay away from dragging politics in. Sad, sad...

Merkel to Quit as Party Chief as Her Chancellorship Wobbles

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will quit as head of her Christian Democratic party after almost two decades, a person familiar with the matter said, a dramatic sign of her waning authority that will raise questions about her staying power as chancellor.

The unexpected reversal by Merkel, 64, signals the beginning of the end of an era during which her command of Germany put its stamp on Europe and beyond for more than a decade. Even so, Merkel’s term as chancellor runs until 2021 and Merkel has said she intends to serve it out. She is scheduled to speak to the media at 1 p.m. local time in Berlin.

The chancellor told a leadership meeting of her Christian Democratic Union on Monday that she won’t run again as party chairwoman at a convention in December, according to the person, who asked not to be identified because the meeting was closed.

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Just viewed a movie I hadn't seen for twenty years or more, "Lean On Me" from 1989. It's...

... especially apt today, in a wider sense. A brief synopsis from IMDB:

In 1987, Eastside High School in Paterson, New Jersey, is plagued with numerous problems, especially drugs and gang violence. Furthermore, the students scored poorly on the state's test of minimum basic skills.

After a teacher is brutally beaten in the cafeteria for trying to break up a fight and the state legislature has recently passed a law proclaiming that schools that cannot meet minimum test requirements will be put in receivership, Mayor Bottman (Alan North) consults school superintendent Dr. Frank Napier (Robert Guillaume), who suggests the school hire elementary school principal Joe Louis Clark, aka "Crazy Joe" (Morgan Freeman), who was a teacher at Eastside High 20 years before, as the new principal. The mayor is reluctant at first as he knows about the trouble the radical Clark has caused in the past with his tyrannical methods, but Clark is hired. Tension arises immediately when Clark dismisses from the school hundreds of students identified as drug dealers or abusers and troublemakers. A meeting between the parents of those students and the academic board only fans the flames as the parents side with their trouble-making kids, either refusing to believe that their kids are bad seeds or not caring about their kids actions (mostly because the parents were themselves troublemakers and bad seeds when they were in school). Clark refuses to re-admit the expelled students despite lawsuits and pressure from the parents.

The film is not especially high-ranked on any of the reviewing sites. Here is a rather negative review by the famous movie critic Roger Ebert (excerpted):

Joe Clark is a real man who really did whip a New Jersey high school into shape. I know this because I have been told it a dozen times in the past week by people who think that explains the behavior of "Joe Clark," the hero of "Lean on Me." But "Lean on Me" is not a documentary about the real Joe Clark. It is a fiction film about a character who is so troubled, obsessed and angry that the film is never able to say quite what it thinks of him. After the movie, neither are we.

Clark is played by 1988 Oscar nominee Morgan Freeman in a performance that is powerful and consistent and thus all the more troubling. Although he has taught in schools for more than 20 years, he never has really fit in anywhere. He has an unshakable belief in his own opinions, a disinterest in anyone else's, and a personality so abrasive it's no wonder his wife left him and he has only one friend.

We get an updated look at Eastside High, which has become the town's deeply troubled, mostly minority high school, where violence, drug-dealing and intimidation are facts of life, and little or no learning takes place. John Avildsen, the director, is so concerned with showing us the hell of Eastside High that he goes overboard; the corridors look like a cross between a prison riot and a Hells' Angel rally.

There obviously is only one man capable of turning this situation around, and so "Crazy" Joe Clark is brought back to Eastside.

His first act is to call an all-school assembly, gather all the druggies and troublemakers onstage, and expel them en masse. Then he begins to stalk the school corridors, enforcing his own reign of terror. He orders all of the graffiti painted over. Fine. He orders everyone to learn the school song, on pain of expulsion. Sort of fine.

He suspends a teacher for daring to stoop over and pick up a piece of scrap paper while Clark was talking. Not fine. He insults teachers in front of students, behaves in an erratic and irrational way, and conducts himself like an autocratic dictator. Bad.

This is a seriously troubled man. As the movie progresses, we wait for Clark to undergo a personality change, to soften, to grow, to start learning to respect the right of other people to have an opinion. But with the exception of one halfhearted apology, Clark never does change.

He is an arrogant bully, a martinet who demands instant, unquestioning obedience.

Yes, he does clean up Eastside High. And, yes, the students are able to pass a state proficiency exam, so the school can remain under local control and not be taken over by the state. But we never see how this is done.

Basically, this is a movie that I suspect that a regrettable number of the Left really dislikes, because the feelings of the troublemakers, law breakers and the inept teachers were hurt. The portrayed teacher, facing a disintegrated school and demoralized student body AND a complacent politically -minded staff tore into it and remade it.

"Yes, he does clean up Eastside High. And, yes, the students are able to pass a state proficiency exam..."

As I watched "Joe Clark" in action again after so many years, I thought "Now, who am I reminded of today, who faces a not-disimilar task and receives similar epithets from today's Left, as the movie has received from a generation of lefties?

So, "Politics"...

DI down for a while, DU stayed up?...


17 People Pooped On at Disneyland

The happiest place on earth didn't exactly live up to its name for 17 guests Friday night. The 11 adults and six juveniles were hit with fecal matter at Disneyland, and initial reports came in that someone might have thrown it at them, causing a hazmat team to respond, an Anaheim police sergeant tells CBS LA.

However, it was soon determined that the poor unfortunate souls had actually been hit with goose poop from geese that were flying over the California theme park at the time, the Orange County Register reports. The guests were allowed to clean up in a private bathroom, were given new clothes, and returned to the amusement park "healthy and happy," per a tweet from Anaheim PD.

It's possible they were street geese visiting from San Francisco...

Large Ballots Could Lead To Long Lines At Voting Locations (Florida)

Depending on where you live there are more than a dozen amendments on the ballot. It is complicated issues, especially if you have never seen it before getting in the voting booth.

It’s not the candidates that’s complicated but more than a dozen constitutional amendments regarding felon voting rights, victims’ rights, vaping, gambling, and off-shore drilling to name a few.

Paul Sugrue said he too was surprised by the complex ballot: “I read the sheet before as preparation but I still had to re-read everything because the wording is real complicated.”

Zena Rodriguez, a teacher said that if someone does not do their homework prior to voting it could be an issue. So, it’s taking folks about 13 minutes on the ballot. So, it pretty much was on par with our mock election testing,” Deputy Supervisor of elections Suzy Trutie said.

In Sarasota County I contended with a paper ballot the size of a sheet of legal paper, both sides filled. It took me close to ten minutes and I'd brought my sample ballot cheat sheet...

So, assuming they fail to get an official accusation of a Trump family member having mailed out the

... fake bombs, what will the Left do for the NEXT October surprise? Time's a wasting...

Another thought: Was it a Right Wing attempt, using several obvious clues that the devices were...

... mind-numbingly bogus, to cause the Left Wing media to crap all over themselves as they fought with ever-increasing drama for the fainting couches with the best camera angle?...

Every Democrat alive blames President Trump for everything. Several thousand dead Democrats...

... in Chicago echo that view. News at eleven...
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