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Retired 3x, living comfortably on the Gulf Coast, biking, beachwalking, lifting free weights, eating mostly properly, keeping my mind active, in my seventh decade, intending to give Methuselah a run for the record...

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Michael Avenatti, Mark Geragos accusations spark trouble for onetime CNN fixtures

The arrest Monday of Michael Avenatti in an extortion case reportedly linked to fellow celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos sparked trouble for two men who recently had been fixtures on cable news, especially CNN.

The suspected co-conspirator was identified by The Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal as Geragos, a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer also known for his work with celebrities. CNN, which had hired him as a contributor, cut ties with him Monday.

A CNN representative told the AP that Geragos no longer was a contributor to the network but didn't specify why. His name was no longer listed on CNN's website as a legal analyst.

The virus of greed, mendacity and complicity has festered deeply within Leftist media, and it took a great man like President Trump to drag it out into the cleansing sunlight...

Ex-CIA chief offers mea culpa on Trump: 'I don't know if I received bad information'

Former CIA chief John O. Brennan now says his months of attacks on President Trump may have been based on “bad information.”

One of the president’s harshest critics had a muted tone on Monday as he discussed special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” No evidence was found to support the claim that Mr. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign “conspired or coordinated” with Russia.

“Well, I don’t know if I received bad information but I think I suspected there was more than there actually was,” Mr. Brennan told host Joe Scarborough. “I am relieved that it’s been determined there was not a criminal conspiracy with the Russian government over our election.”

The former CIA head said he still maintained that some conversations between Mr. Trump’s campaign and Russians were “inappropriate.'' “I’m not all that surprised that the high bar of criminal conspiracy was not met,” he said.

That HAD to be a painful admission from this Dark State functionary...

We should all be celebrating the collapse of Hillarys big lie

Stick a fork in impeachment. It’s dead. Victory doesn’t get any sweeter for the winners. Or more important for our country.

The results of the probe by special counsel Robert Mueller are a tremendous vindication for President Trump and the many millions of Americans who never doubted his innocence. The findings prove, once and for all time, that he won the 2016 election fair and square.

Let me repeat the point: It is now a fact beyond any doubt whatsoever that Donald Trump is the legitimate 45th president of the United States.

Still, it is a free country and the Dems are welcome to pursue the pipe dreams that RussiaGate isn’t over. Their denial recalls those Japanese soldiers who hid out in island caves for 30 and 40 years after World War II, determined never to surrender.

A collection of media embarrassments.. ENJOY!...

CNN can't quit Mueller...

Reporters — namely the so-called CNN stakeout team — have spent months loitering around Mueller's office, hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious man and his even more mysterious investigation into the Trump campaign's conduct surrounding Russian election interference. Yet even though the whole world knows Mueller's job is pretty much wrapped, the CNN stakeout team seemingly hasn't gotten the message.

All this behavior paid off on Tuesday, when CNN's Evan Pérez said Mueller was spotted dressing down at the office. On Thursday, CNN's Shimon Prokupecz noted that Mueller didn't leave for lunch as he usually does. And on Friday, it seemed Mueller didn't even show up — the biggest special counsel news of the day until the Department of Justice confirmed Mueller had wrapped his report completely.

Is the site sloooowwwww this morning?...

Elsewhere, sites are fast but DI is taking an unusual period of time to perform. Too many ''Congratulations President Trump on your great victory'' posts or too many alerts from the disheartened Dem component?...

The New York Times does the best that they can do in reporting the Mueller investigation closure...

For President Trump, it may have been the best day of his tenure so far. The darkest, most ominous cloud hanging over his presidency was all but lifted on Sunday with the release of the special counsel’s conclusions, which undercut the threat of impeachment and provided him with a powerful boost for the final 22 months of his term.

There are still other clouds overhead and no one outside the Justice Department has actually read the report by Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, which may yet disclose damning information if made public. But the end of the investigation without findings of collusion with Russia fortified the president for the battles to come, including his campaign for re-election.

While critics will still argue about whether Mr. Trump tried to obstruct justice, the president quickly claimed vindication and Republican allies pounced on their Democratic colleagues for what they called an unrelenting partisan campaign against him. Even as his own party’s congressional leaders called on the country to move on, however, the president indicated that he may not be ready to, denouncing the very existence of Mr. Mueller’s investigation as “an illegal takedown that failed” and calling for a counterinvestigation into how it got started.

Emboldened and angry, the president can now proceed with his administration without the distraction of new search warrants and indictments by Mr. Mueller’s team or the worry that the special counsel might charge Mr. Trump’s family members or even uncover a smoking gun that would prove that his campaign collaborated with the Russian government to elect him in 2016. The questions about the Kremlin’s election interference that dogged the president almost everywhere he went may soon fade, even as other investigators continue to look into other allegations.

This has to hurt the NYT, bitterly, to ALMOST be straightforward in reporting on President Trump...

Fun with Polonium! I had some Polonium back in 1947 when I was a precocious six-year-old...

''Polonium has few applications, and those are related to its radioactivity: heaters in space probes, antistatic devices, and sources of neutrons and alpha particles. Besides being radioactive, polonium is extremely toxic.

Due to the short half-life of all its isotopes, its natural occurrence is limited to tiny traces of the fleeting polonium-210 (with a half-life of 138 days).''

1947 Lone Ranger Atomic Bomb Ring Premium

Mueller was clear in finding no collusion, but punted on the matter of obstruction

On coordination with the Russians, special counsel Robert Mueller was clear, according to the attorney general's letter to Congress Sunday: He did not find "that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election."

Mueller didn't draw a conclusion one way or the other on obstruction, Barr wrote, but instead set out evidence on both sides of the question. Barr said that was because Mueller considered those facts and legal questions difficult to answer.

Based on that, Barr, along with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, decided that the evidence collected by Mueller did not establish that Trump committed the crime of obstruction of justice.

Barr, Trump's appointee, suggested the call was not a difficult one.

For one thing, he said in the letter, there was no evidence of the underlying crime of conspiracy, and "the absence of such evidence bears upon the president's intent with respect to obstruction."

He said Mueller didn't identify actions that in Barr's judgment were done with corrupt intent. That corrupt intent, Barr said, is required "under the Department’s principles of federal prosecution guiding charging decisions, would need to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to establish an obstruction-of-justice offense."

''... no evidence of the underlying crime of conspiracy, and 'the absence of such evidence bears upon the president's intent with respect to obstruction.'"

Case closed, save in the minds of scurrilous Democratic politicians...

It's official: Russiagate is this generation's WMD

The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it.

Nobody wants to hear this, but news that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is headed home without issuing new charges is a death-blow for the reputation of the American news media.

As has long been rumored, the former FBI chief’s independent probe will result in multiple indictments and convictions, but no “presidency-wrecking” conspiracy charges, or anything that would meet the layman’s definition of “collusion” with Russia.

The Times tried to soften the emotional blow for the millions of Americans trained in these years to place hopes for the overturn of the Trump presidency in Mueller. Nobody even pretended it was supposed to be a fact-finding mission, instead of an act of faith.

The Special Prosecutor literally became a religious figure during the last few years, with votive candles sold in his image and Saturday Night Live cast members singing “All I Want for Christmas is You” to him featuring the rhymey line: “Mueller please come through, because the only option is a coup.”

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