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This is an interesting service: Mobile hangover cure

Having a hangover could be a thing of the past for people who are willing to pay the money for a mobile hangover cure.

“Whether you had one beer and felt badly or you accidentally had eight, it’s for the everyday person who wakes and says, ‘I just don’t want to feel badly,’” Allison Weed, co-founder of Elite Recovery, said.

Elite Recovery is making its rounds throughout the city of Pittsburgh, delivering and administering IV treatments of all kinds to those who need it.

The company is made up of registered nurses who are trained to bring fast IV hydration therapy straight to someone’s door.

Elite Recovery, owned by a physician and a nurse practitioner, offers a variety of IV treatments, but the one in high demand cures hangovers.

“Through our medical licenses, we're able to contact pharmacies to obtain medications and vitamins and fluids, and we use the same medical supply stores that hospitals do to get IV tubing and needles and syringes and everything that we need,” Weed said.
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The debate in one minute

Posted by Currentsitguy | Thu Feb 20, 2020, 01:17 PM (3 replies)

8 dead in hookah bar mass shooting in Germany, Perps at large.

Several people are dead following two shootings in the western German city of Hanau, local media report.

Eight people were killed and five others injured after an unknown attacker opened fire on a shisha bar in the city, according to the reports.

There are also reports of a second shooting at another shisha bar, in Hanau's Kesselstadt neighbourhood.

Officials say the suspects fled the scene and are currently at large, Bild newspaper says.

Hanau, in the state of Hessen, is about 25km (15 miles) east of Frankfurt.

The motive for the attack is unclear.
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This is hilarious: if Bernie had an Anime series

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I don't care who you are, this is funny

Justice Department Condemns Trump For Pardoning The Hamburglar

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Standing on the White House lawn with the black and white striped mascot next to him, President Donald Trump made it official: the Hamburglar has been pardoned of his crimes. "It's long past time a great injustice was corrected," Trump told the gathered press. "The only thing the Hamburglar is guilty of is loving hamburgers. And occasionally taking them."

The Hamburglar had been sentenced to nine years for the theft of thousands of hamburgers. He was arrested as part of a "tough on hamburger theft" movement, and many felt the Hamburglar got an overly harsh sentence due to profiling since he wore a black and white prisoners outfit, a mask, and his name is a portmanteau of "hamburger" and "burglar." There has long since been a movement to see him freed, of which Donald Trump was a member.

"Free the Hamburglar!" Trump used to chant at campaign rallies, "And put Hillary in his place!" (Trump later found out he could not "reverse-pardon" Hillary, though).

The move to pardon the Hamburglar was not supported by everyone. Thousands of Justice Department officials have decried the move, calling for Trump's resignation. Also, Mayor McCheese wrote a long letter against the pardon, though most of it seemed to be an ad for McDonald's new Bacon Smokehouse Burger.

"Me and the Hamburglar are kindred spirits," Trump said at the press conference. "And yeah, just like him, I might occasionally swipe a hamburger if no one is looking. That's not my fault, though. That's yours for not keeping an eye on your burger."

The Hamburglar himself had little to say on his newfound freedom, his only statement being, "Robble robble."
Posted by Currentsitguy | Tue Feb 18, 2020, 03:41 PM (2 replies)

Unknown assholes vandalized Plymouth Rock

PLYMOUTH (CBS) — Vandals hit Plymouth Rock and other landmarks in town overnight. The vandalism comes as Plymouth prepares to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims arriving on the Mayflower.

Crews had the famous rock cleaned up late Monday morning. Photos shared on social media showed red spray paint covering the rock and the “1620” inscription.

Vandals also targeted a seashell-shaped sign celebrating the upcoming 400th anniversary, the Pilgrim Maiden statue and the National Monument To The Forefathers.

Plymouth town manager Melissa Arrighi tweeted “We are saddened and sickened by the recent vandalism in our historic town.” She added that police are investigating.

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When prosthesis fail, or did they?

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Valentine's Day is special to me for a different reason.

My grandfather was born in San Valentino (Saint Valentine), Tuscany in 1910. He was sent over in 1922, when he was 12, to try to find work and to possibly earn enough to retrieve the rest of the family. This was, of course, at a time when we could use all the people we could get. He had the life savings of the family in his pocket which added up to about $20. After Ellis Island he got on the 1st Pennsylvania Railroad train leaving town. He ran out of fare money in the town I grew up in, which is a small town about 25 miles downstream from Pittsburgh, on the Ohio where there happened to be, and still is, a huge rail yard.

Being out of money, the conductor threw him off of the train. It just so happened there was a large crowd gathered looking for work. Those days, much of the workforce was day work. You gathered at the gate and the foreman picked a number of men to work that day. There were two ways you could guarantee getting picked. One was to let the foreman sleep with your wife, not really an option, particularly for a 12 year old kid. The other was to be willing to do the dirty work. It just so happened that as he was standing in the crowd a brakeman fell off of a car and was run over, cutting off his legs. A "safety team" was dragging away the man. My grandfather told me when I was much younger he was letting out bloodcurdling screams. The foreman yelled to the crowd "The first man to retrieve the legs gets a permanent job". 30 minutes into his new town my grandfather ran out and carried the legs back. That is why I grew up where I did.

5 years later, he quit to go retrieve his family, with the promise if he came back they would find work for him. He did, and they did. Eventually after 60 years of service, what was by then Conrail forced him to retire as a track geometry foreman. His home, which is still in the family, overlooked the railroad he loved. He spent his remaining years sitting on the front porch with a phone on a long cord. He call and complain if he saw shoddy work being done. Eventually he got called back on a consulting basis and ended up working until the week before he passed away.

He tried to enlist after Pearl Harbor, at age 31, but was told by the Draft Board that the work we was doing on the railroad was more important than any rifle he could ever carry.
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There are some foods that are so wrong that they just have to be good

Case in point:

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