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Damned deplorable Louisiana rednecks

Imagine the nerve!

"Three members of the Cajun Navy who went to the Houston area Monday morning to rescue stranded residents pulled a lifeless elderly woman from floodwaters and resuscitated her.

Joshua Lincoln of Madisonville, Ricky Berrigan of Lacombe and Donnie Davenport of Pearl River were motoring their flatboat northeast of Houston when they came across 73-year-old Wilma Ellis, floating face down.

"I thought it was a trash bag," Lincoln said. "She was wearing a black shirt.

"The lady must have been crossing in some current. She floated right to the boat. We jumped out and got her and gave her compressions right there in the water. We were holding her from behind."

After about 15 chest compressions, Ellis began to cough and breathe on her own, Lincoln said.

The men pulled her into the boat and used a blanket to help her regain body warmth. She was scared, wet and a little disoriented, Lincoln said.

After unsuccessfully searching for anyone who knew Ellis, the men dropped her with a local businessman at a gas station near the corner of Tidwell Road and Parkway Forest Drive.

Ellis was wearing a hospital bracelet at the time of the rescue.

"We're trying to get an ambulance or helicopter to her," Lincoln said. "I put her medic bracelet out there on social media. I just don't know what else I can do.""

Posted by Currentsitguy | Mon Aug 28, 2017, 06:07 PM (11 replies)

North Korea's 70 year old secret weapon

"North Korean despot Kim Jong-un is preparing his special forces for suicide parachute missions across the border on 70-year-old Stalin era biplanes.

The dictator has a fleet of 300 Antonov An-2 transport aircraft which are capable of flying as slow as 30 miles-per-hour and can even go backwards into a heavy headwind."

"The aircraft, which were designed in 1947, have an incredibly low radar profile - meaning they are difficult to track using conventional radar. They also fly at such a slow speed that modern anti-aircraft systems are programmed to ignore their limited returns."

"Also, the aircraft can hug the earth meaning ground-based missile systems will not pick them up and supersonic attack jets will find difficulty in detecting them from above.

The bottom of the wings and the fuselage of Kim's fleet of aircraft have been painted blue with the top of the wings is green as a form of camouflage to prevent both ground troops and aircraft spotting them."

Posted by Currentsitguy | Mon Aug 28, 2017, 05:53 PM (4 replies)

Explosion rocks building in downtown Houston

"HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- We're following breaking news in downtown Houston, where an explosion has rocked a building on Fannin Street.

Eyewitness video from Eliud Balderas shows a raging fire shooting from the windows of the Lone Star Legal Aid offices.

There is no word yet on how the fire began.

A thick cloud of smoke can be seen rising in downtown at the site of the fire."
Posted by Currentsitguy | Mon Aug 28, 2017, 10:57 AM (18 replies)

Fire Ant Islands: Latest Houston problem

Floating "islands" of fire ants are landing in the few dry spots. Imagine being surrounded by water and all of a sudden a few million of these bastards lands and begins spreading out.
Posted by Currentsitguy | Mon Aug 28, 2017, 09:05 AM (4 replies)

How a potential war in North Korea applies to Houston

Our NK war scenario plans all include dropping humanitarian supplies outside of major cities specifically to create gridlock and prevent the NK military from being able to move. Our war planners know that the evacuation of a city makes movement and logistics utterly impossible. You simply cannot evacuate a city without creating a gigantic CF where nothing happens and no one gets anywhere.
Posted by Currentsitguy | Mon Aug 28, 2017, 08:13 AM (9 replies)

BCG vaccine could restore proper immune response in type 1 diabetes

This is incredibly exciting news for me.

"vaccine have been presented at the 75th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association.

The genetic vaccine bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) has been shown to reverse advanced type 1 diabetes in mice, and could help to restore proper immune response to insulin-producing beta cells.

The findings of this FDA-approved clinical trial were presented by principal investigator Dr Denise Faustman, PhD, director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Immunobiology Laboratory.

The BCG vaccine is based on a harmless strain of bacteria related to one that causes tuberculosis. It is also approved by the FDA for treatment of bladder cancer.

Faustman explained the BCG could induce a permanent gene expression that restores regulatory T cells (Tregs), helping to prevent the immune system attack which characterises type 1 diabetes.

"BCG is interesting because it brings into play so many areas of immunology that we as a community have been looking at for decades, including Tregs and the hygiene hypothesis," said Faustman.

"Repeat BCG vaccination appears to permanently turn on signature Treg genes, and the vaccine's beneficial effect on host immune response recapitulates decades of human co-evolution with myocbacteria, a relationship that has been lost with modern eating and living habits."

Researchers worldwide have been examining the benefits of Tregs, but Faustman said that existing therapies have struggled to achieve long-term results. However, with BCG able to restore Tregs, this provides a clearer picture as to how vaccination works to reset the immune system within type 1 diabetes.

Faustman's team was the first to document type 1 diabetes reversal in mice and in a subsequent phase I trial demonstrated successful human clinical results who had received the BCG vaccination. Long-term data from the study is expected to be published later this year.

Now a five-year, 150-person, phase II trial is enrolling to assess whether repeat BCG vaccination can improve or even reverse advanced type 1 diabetes in adults.

Earlier this year Belgian biotech company, Imcyse, announced they will begin human trials across Europe of a separate type 1 diabetes vaccine, with results expected in 2018."
Posted by Currentsitguy | Fri Aug 25, 2017, 10:11 AM (2 replies)

Everything you were ever taught about trigonometry is wrong

"A 3,700-year-old clay tablet has proven that the Babylonians developed trigonometry 1,500 years before the Greeks and were using a sophisticated method of mathematics which could change how we calculate today.

The tablet, known as Plimpton 332, was discovered in the early 1900s in Southern Iraq by the American archaeologist and diplomat Edgar Banks, who was the inspiration for Indiana Jones.

The true meaning of the tablet has eluded experts until now but new research by the University of New South Wales, Australia, has shown it is the world’s oldest and most accurate trigonometric table, which was probably used by ancient architects to construct temples, palaces and canals.

However unlike today’s trigonometry, Babylonian mathematics used a base 60, or sexagesimal system, rather than the 10 which is used today. Because 60 is far easier to divide by three, experts studying the tablet, found that the calculations are far more accurate.

“Our research reveals that Plimpton 322 describes the shapes of right-angle triangles using a novel kind of trigonometry based on ratios, not angles and circles,” said Dr Daniel Mansfield of the School of Mathematics and Statistics in the UNSW Faculty of Science.

“It is a fascinating mathematical work that demonstrates undoubted genius. The tablet not only contains the world’s oldest trigonometric table; it is also the only completely accurate trigonometric table, because of the very different Babylonian approach to arithmetic and geometry.

“This means it has great relevance for our modern world. Babylonian mathematics may have been out of fashion for more than 3000 years, but it has possible practical applications in surveying, computer graphics and education.

“This is a rare example of the ancient world teaching us something new.”

The Greek astronomer Hipparchus, who lived around 120BC, has long been regarded as the father of trigonometry, with his ‘table of chords’ on a circle considered the oldest trigonometric table.

A trigonometric table allows a user to determine two unknown ratios of a right-angled triangle using just one known ratio. But the tablet is far older than Hipparchus, demonstrating that the Babylonians were already well advanced in complex mathematics far earlier."

BTW: Here is the actual paper:
Posted by Currentsitguy | Fri Aug 25, 2017, 09:28 AM (14 replies)

The insanity has spread to the UK and Australia

Afua Hirsch is a 36-year-old half-British, half- Ghanaian journalist brought up in London who, until this week, scarcely anybody had heard of.

She has now, however, achieved her five minutes of notoriety, space in the Guardian and a television debate, by proposing that Nelson’s statue in Trafalgar Square should be torn from its plinth among the pigeons because he was a ‘white supremacist’.

She is pursuing the trail blazed by the Oxford protesters who seek to depose Cecil Rhodes, the Bristol campaigners who have secured the rebranding of the Colston Hall concert venue, and the Americans who are everywhere overthrowing images of Confederate Civil War heroes.

Aboriginals have called for the removal of a statue of Captain Cook which claims he 'discovered Australia'.

It follows violent protests in the US over a statue of Confederate leader Robert E Lee which many argued celebrates America's slave-owning past.

And only yesterday, a British broadcaster led calls to tear down Nelson's Column in London, arguing the 18th Century naval hero was a 'white supremacist'.

Indigenous Australian broadcaster Stan Grant said his country should follow the example set by the US and consider changing statues which leave a 'legacy of pain'.

He said the statue of Captain James cook which stands in Sydney's Hyde Park makes indigenous people feel 'invisible'.

Posted by Currentsitguy | Thu Aug 24, 2017, 08:46 AM (7 replies)

Stay safe, Texas UPDATE: Now expected to strengthen to MAJOR STATUS

"The storm has the potential to drop colossal amounts of rain from Corpus Christi, Texas to Lafayette, Louisiana, with the flood-prone city of Houston in the middle of the threat zone.

Rainfall totals could exceed 20 or even 30 inches in some places, since the storm is expected to meander along the Texas coast once it makes landfall, moving less than 500 miles from Friday through Monday morning. Some computer models even loop the storm back out over the Gulf of Mexico, only to make a second landfall in northeastern Texas or western Louisiana early next week.

Such a scenario, with a juiced up hurricane making landfall and stalling out, is the stuff of nightmares for flood forecasters, since the number one killer from tropical cyclones is inland flooding."
WTNT44 KNHC 241455

Tropical Storm Harvey Discussion Number 16
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL092017
1000 AM CDT Thu Aug 24 2017

Data from an Air Force Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate that
Harvey is quickly strengthening, and the cyclone's structure has
improved markedly with the plane reporting a closed 15-20 n mi wide
eye. The flight-level and SFMR winds support an intensity of 55 kt,
but one of the more notable measurements is the central pressure,
which has fallen to 982 mb. With a pressure this low, it is likely
that the winds will respond and increase further, and Harvey
probably isn't too far from becoming a hurricane.

With Harvey now strengthening at a faster rate than indicated in
previous advisories, the intensity forecast has become quite
concerning. Water vapor images indicate that the cyclone's outflow
is expanding--indicative of low shear--and Harvey will be moving
over a warm eddy of high oceanic heat content in the western Gulf of
Mexico in about 24 hours. As a result of these conditions, several
intensity models, including the ICON intensity consensus, are now
explicit showing Harvey reaching major hurricane intensity. What's
more astounding is that some of the SHIPS Rapid Intensification
indices are incredibly high. As an example, the guidance is
indicating a 70 percent chance of Harvey's winds increasing by 45 kt
over the next 36 hours. Based on this guidance, the NHC official
intensity forecast now calls for Harvey to reach major hurricane
strength by 36 hours, before it reaches the middle Texas coast.

Aircraft fixes indicate that Harvey has turned toward the north-
northwest, and the initial motion estimate is 340/9 kt. A mid-
level high centered near Florida and the eastern Gulf of Mexico
should force Harvey toward the northwest later today, with that
trajectory continuing for the next couple of days. By 48 hours,
the cyclone appears to get sandwiched between the same mid-level
high over the Gulf of Mexico and a larger high over the
Intermountain West, which will cause Harvey to slow down
considerably during its approach toward the Texas coast and then
potentially stall just inland on days 3 through 5. Mainly based on
an adjustment of the initial position, the NHC forecast track has
been nudged northeastward on this cycle, but it still lies
relatively close to the TVCN multi-model consensus and the HFIP
Corrected Consensus Approach (HCCA).

It is critical that users not focus on the exact forecast track
of Harvey, since cycle-to-cycle adjustment are likely. All
locations within the hurricane and storm surge warning areas should
be preparing for the possibility of major hurricane-force winds and
life-threatening storm surge.

Key Messages:

1. Harvey has intensified quickly this morning, and is now forecast
to be a major hurricane at landfall, bringing life-threatening storm
surge, rainfall, and wind hazards to portions of the Texas coast.
Preparations to protect life and property should be completed by
tonight, as tropical-storm-force winds will first arrive in the
hurricane and storm surge warning areas on Friday.

2. A Storm Surge Warning is in effect for much of the Texas coast.
Life-threatening storm surge flooding could reach heights of 6 to 10
feet above ground level at the coast between the north entrance of
the Padre Island National Seashore and Sargent. For a depiction of
areas at risk, see the Storm Surge Watch/Warning Graphic at

3. Life-threatening flooding is expected across much of the Texas
coast from heavy rainfall of 12 to 20 inches, with isolated amounts
as high as 30 inches, from Friday through early next week. Please
refer to products from your local National Weather Service office
and the NOAA Weather Prediction Center for more information on the
flooding hazard.

4. The Potential Storm Surge Flooding Map is available on the NHC
website. This product depicts a reasonable worst-case scenario -
the amount of inundation that has a 10 percent chance of being
exceeded at each individual location. This map best represents
the flooding potential in those locations within the watch and
warning areas.


INIT 24/1500Z 24.0N 93.3W 55 KT 65 MPH
12H 25/0000Z 24.9N 94.2W 70 KT 80 MPH
24H 25/1200Z 26.0N 95.3W 90 KT 105 MPH
36H 26/0000Z 27.3N 96.3W 100 KT 115 MPH
48H 26/1200Z 28.3N 97.0W 95 KT 110 MPH...INLAND
72H 27/1200Z 29.0N 97.7W 40 KT 45 MPH...INLAND
96H 28/1200Z 28.5N 97.5W 35 KT 40 MPH...INLAND
120H 29/1200Z 28.5N 96.5W 30 KT 35 MPH...INLAND

Forecaster Berg

Posted by Currentsitguy | Thu Aug 24, 2017, 08:20 AM (11 replies)

This is sure to stir some controversy and recrimination

"Australian biologist Jennifer Marohasy and computer scientist John Abbot have published a paper in the journal GeoResJ outlining their study of climate change using neural network technology—their results show that the climate changes the world is now experiencing are almost completely natural. Marohasy offers an additional explanation and outline of their work on her blog. Also, alt-right news site Breitbart offers a take on the work.

Most scientists around the world have reached a consensus on global warming—it is happening, and it is happening because humans have ejected so much CO2 into the atmosphere. But Marohasy and Abbot claim that this consensus is built on a faulty base, one decided upon almost a century ago, when work was done to learn about the heat absorption potential of carbon dioxide. They suggest further that so little work has been done since that time applying the principles globally that it is impossible to prove that carbon dioxide has the ability to impact world temperatures. For that reason, they began collecting data from prior studies that offered a means of temperature reading over the past 2000 years—tree rings, coral cores etc. They fed that data into a neural network that Abbot has been using to predict rainfall patterns in Australia for the past several years. The network functions by looking at patterns and learning about given situations—in this case, global temperature patterns over the course of 2000 years, and then offers predictions.

The researchers report that the computer predicted temperatures rising in roughly the same way as they have based on real-world measures—in the absence of added carbon dioxide—which suggests that carbon dioxide is not the cause. They also note that there was a time known as the Medieval Warm Period that ran from approximately 986 to 1234, when temperatures were roughly equal to those today. This, the two researchers suggest, offers evidence that the planet would have heated to the degree it has regardless of whether humans pumped carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for a hundred years or not. They note that their results also showed global temperature averages declining after 1980, which coincides with the slowdown noted by other mainstream scientists, but not fully explained. They suggest the warming we are now experiencing is mostly naturally occurring and that it will likely abate just as it has done in the past."
Posted by Currentsitguy | Wed Aug 23, 2017, 04:30 PM (3 replies)
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