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PA Senate President Pro Tempore tells Supreme Court to go pound salt up their ass

The Pennsylvania State Senate President Pro Tempore said Wednesday he will not cooperate with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's request to turn over data after it found that the state's congressional map was unconstitutionally gerrymandered.

Joe Scarnati (R) said he wouldn't turn over the data requested by the court.

"In light of the unconstitutionality of the Court’s Orders and the Court’s plain intent to usurp the General Assembly’s constitutionally delegated role of drafting Pennsylvania’s congressional districting plan, Sen. Scarnati will not be turning over any data identified in the Court’s Orders," his lawyers wrote in a letter to the court.

The state's Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that the congressional map was gerrymandered to the point that it was unconstitutional. As a result, the state must draw a new map ahead of this year's elections.

The decision was hailed as a major victory for Democrats, who argued the old map unfairly favored Republicans.

GOP lawmakers in Pennsylvania earlier this month asked the U.S. Supreme Court to stop the state court’s decision.

Lawyers for Republican state legislative leaders argued in a court filing Thursday that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court violated a clause that allows state legislatures to handle congressional redistricting, The Associated Press reported.
Posted by Currentsitguy | Wed Jan 31, 2018, 04:31 PM (4 replies)

I turned the mute off the response for a second.

The first word I hear is "transgendered". Turned the mute back on. Obviously nothing of importance to hear.
Posted by Currentsitguy | Tue Jan 30, 2018, 10:50 PM (6 replies)

Just saw the coolest thing

I have a Peregrine Falcon in my back yard. They are very rare here in PA. He (or she) is magnificent.

I snapped a photo, but it's lousy. I've slapped the zoom on the camera. If I see it again, I'll take a photo and post it.
Posted by Currentsitguy | Tue Jan 30, 2018, 11:22 AM (12 replies)

Twisted Canadian serial killer used landscape biz to hide bodies in customer's PLANTERS

"A man who describes himself as a shy and helpless romantic at heart, a former mall Santa Claus, is now an accused serial killer who, Toronto police allege, buried the skeletal remains of his victims’ dismembered bodies in the bottom of outdoor planters and flower pots.

Parts of more human bodies may be hidden in planters or gardens at homes throughout Toronto. No one knows exactly which ones.

In an investigation unlike any before seen in the history of the nation’s largest city, police have charged 66-year-old freelance landscaper Bruce McArthur with five-counts of first-degree murder, most of the victims men who had been reported missing from Toronto’s gay village area.

The remains of at least three people were recovered from large planters at a midtown Toronto property linked to McArthur and where he may have previously landscaped.

Police are now working through McArthur’s client list, scouring some 30 properties across the city with every expectation more body parts will be found. Other planters have been seized, while two sites are being excavated where people might be buried. Police wouldn’t divulge the locations."

Posted by Currentsitguy | Tue Jan 30, 2018, 09:37 AM (7 replies)

Non political thread. Les Paul and Billy Gibbons

Posted by Currentsitguy | Mon Jan 29, 2018, 08:58 PM (1 replies)

The vote just took place. The memo is to be released.

Not sure when yet.
Posted by Currentsitguy | Mon Jan 29, 2018, 06:25 PM (23 replies)

Leave it to the Germans. Test car exhaust? Build a GAS CHAMBER!

"German scientists gassed volunteers with toxic diesel fumes in tests funded by car manufacturers including VW, Mercedes and BMW, it has been claimed.

Experiments on the effects of inhaling nitrogen oxides were said to have been carried out on some 25 healthy young people in varying doses over a period of hours at an institute belonging to Aachen University in Germany.

It comes after Volkswagen's supervisory board called for an immediate inquiry into who ordered scientific tests in America in which monkeys were also exposed to toxic diesel fumes.

The studies were commissioned by an organisation known as the European Research Group on Environment and Health in the Transport Sector (EUGT), financed by VW alongside fellow German auto sector stalwarts BMW and Daimler - the Mercedes-Benz parent firm."
Posted by Currentsitguy | Mon Jan 29, 2018, 11:21 AM (4 replies)

This is sick. Poor kitties.

A cat rehoming centre says for the first time ever all its felines are black - because they don’t look good in selfies.

A rescue shelter in Bishopston, Bristol, has 40 cats under its care and not one of them is ginger or tabby.

The Moggery centre founder, Christine Bayka, says it is not because they are traditionally associated with superstition, bad luck or witchcraft.

But instead, the 67-year-old says they are being rejected by prospective owners because darker cats photograph badly and so don’t look good in selfies.

Christine set up cat rehoming centre The Moggery 21 years ago, and says the situation is worse now than it has ever been.

She added: “It’s worse now because black cats don’t show up in selfies.

“Now everybody wants to take selfies and put them on Facebook. It’s a very narcissistic use of social media.

“It happens all the time, I will go through all the questions and say ‘are you flexible about colour?’ Then they will say, ‘yes, as long as it’s not black.’

“It’s an increasing problem, it wasn’t like this 20 years ago.

“Over 20 years of having difficulty rehoming black cats, it’s definitely got harder because of selfies.”

Posted by Currentsitguy | Mon Jan 29, 2018, 10:35 AM (13 replies)

Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad dies in Sweden at 91

I wonder if they have to put the coffin together?

"The Swedish founder of the Ikea furniture chain, Ingvar Kamprad, has died at the age of 91, the company has announced.

Mr Kamprad - who pioneered flat-pack furniture - died at his home in Småland, Ikea confirmed in a statement.

The company said that Mr Kamprad was "one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the 20th century".

The billionaire, who was born in 1926 in Småland, founded Ikea at the age of 17.

He used some money his father had given him as a gift for performing well at school despite his dyslexia.

Mr Kamprad "peacefully passed away at his home", Ikea's statement said."
Posted by Currentsitguy | Sun Jan 28, 2018, 10:27 AM (10 replies)

The Great French Nutella Riot of 2018

A discount on Nutella has led to violent scenes in a chain of French supermarkets, as shoppers jostled to grab a bargain on the sweet spread.

Intermarché supermarkets offered a 70% discount on Nutella, bringing the price down from €4.50 (£3.90) to €1.40.

But police were called when people began fighting and pushing one another.

"They are like animals. A woman had her hair pulled, an elderly lady took a box on her head, another had a bloody hand," one customer told French media.

A member of staff at one Intermarché shop in central France told the regional newspaper Le Progrès: "We were trying to get in between the customers but they were pushing us."
Posted by Currentsitguy | Fri Jan 26, 2018, 10:22 AM (10 replies)
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