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I really would not want to smell the inside of this dude's vehicle

‘Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives’: Snowbound man survives for 5 days by eating sauce packets

BEND, Ore. — At 2:16pm on Friday, a snowmobile rider contacted Deschutes County 911 to report Jeremy Taylor had been located on Forest Service Road 40 near Wake Butte, west of Sunriver.

An Oregon Water Resource SnowCat with one deputy member responded to the location and made contact with Jeremy and his dog Ally. Jeremy and Ally were found to be in good condition, but hungry after being stuck in the snow for five days. Jeremy and Ally were then transported to the intersection of FS Road 40 and FS Road 45 where he was reunited with family and friends.

Jeremy told investigators he had gone up FS Road 40 on Sunday, but became stuck in the snow. He awoke Monday to even more snow and was unable to get his vehicle unstuck. Jeremy had attempted to walk out on Monday, but the deep snow made it very difficult and he and Ally returned to his vehicle. Jeremy stayed warm over the next four days by periodically starting his vehicle and used a few Taco Bell sauce packets he had as food.

“Thank you everyone, I’m safe my Ally dog is safe,” he said. “I really appreciate all the help. Got lucky, lets never do that again.”

“Taco bell fire sauce saves lives!”

Jeremy and his dog Ally are doing well.
Posted by Currentsitguy | Sun Mar 3, 2019, 01:58 PM (3 replies)

Looks like the situation in Kashmir is deteriorating
Posted by Currentsitguy | Fri Mar 1, 2019, 03:59 PM (24 replies)

And you thought the whole trans thing was weird...

A 33-year-old, who was born as a woman before transitioning into a man, has revealed that they think they belong to any gender, and is an alien.

Jareth Nebula, from Edmonds, Washington, transitioned from female to male and changed their name at the age of 29.

The barber's shop receptionist, who also works as a model, has even gone as far as having their nipples removed in order to 'feel less human'.

According to the Mirror, Jareth, who identifies as agender - which translates to 'without gender' - and prefers to be referred to with the pronoun they, named himself after the character played by David Bowie in the 1986 musical fantasy Labyrinth.

Unlike the term gender-fluid - which refers to a person's whose gender identity is not fixed, or a person who feel they are a mix of both genders - agender typically refers to being gender-less, without a gender, or gender neutral.

Posted by Currentsitguy | Fri Mar 1, 2019, 02:31 PM (8 replies)

That time when Pepsi became the 6th largest military navy in the world

Posted by Currentsitguy | Fri Mar 1, 2019, 11:57 AM (0 replies)

Gender derangement hits British Royal Family

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry will reportedly raise their baby 'gender fluid' and 'won't impose stereotypes' on it.

A source close to the couple told Vanity Fair that Meghan Markle, 37, was telling guests at her recent New York baby shower that she would raise their baby in a "fluid" way.

“She was talking openly about it,” said the source to the magazine.

“Meghan has been talking to some of her friends about the birth and how she and Harry plan to raise their baby. Her exact word was 'fluid'.

"She said they plan to raise their child with a fluid approach to gender and they won’t be imposing any stereotypes."

Meghan, now seven months pregnant, flew from London to the US last week for five nights of shopping and pampering.
Posted by Currentsitguy | Fri Mar 1, 2019, 11:29 AM (8 replies)

A REAL hate crime

Posted by Currentsitguy | Thu Feb 28, 2019, 02:04 PM (2 replies)

Toilet paper tablets? Who'da thunk it?

Posted by Currentsitguy | Thu Feb 28, 2019, 11:10 AM (5 replies)

HOA threatens woman with fine for car that left dick shaped impression in the snow.

You can't make this stuff up.

A homeowner’s association (HOA) in Tennessee threatened to fine a resident $100 after her car left a phallic-shaped image in the condo’s parking lot following a light dusting of snow, a report said Tuesday.

The resident, identified as Kathryn, told The Drive that in January she received a surprising email from her HOA accusing her of violating the rules by “displaying offensive images or slogans.” The board didn’t specify what was “offensive,” so a confused Kathryn inquired further.

The board claimed to have photographic evidence sent in by a resident who was concerned about the wellbeing of children, the outlet reported. The photo it sent left Kathryn in stitches: a snowy parking space with a blob of cleared asphalt that could be construed as male genitalia.

The absence of tire tracks was because it was still snowing when she and her husband left for work that morning in their Honda Insight, Kathryn told The Drive.

Posted by Currentsitguy | Thu Feb 28, 2019, 10:33 AM (12 replies)

Wow, hell of a DX catch tonight

Trans World Radio, 800AM, out of the island of Bonaire, former Dutch West Indies on their new 450kw transmitter. That's close to 2700 miles!

Posted by Currentsitguy | Tue Feb 26, 2019, 08:23 PM (5 replies)

Pakistan responds in Kashmir in escalation
Posted by Currentsitguy | Tue Feb 26, 2019, 02:31 PM (8 replies)
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