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we should just rename this web site "Guns and Ammo"

but who would visit. Guns are boring , the toys of under developed adults.

what a bunch of babies you people are

wha even wish we could eliminate guns in this country you rush to get my posts hidden.. what part of' you are going to die some day' is uncivil or off topic. we are all going to die some day and with our death society will evolve. that's how we got gay marriage, that's how we got a greater percentage of atheists, that's how we got civil rights and that's the only way we are ever going to get rid of the guns. the young people are wising up to what is the only solution. get rid of the guns.

long term care insurance

what do we all think of long term care insurance.

I have the impression that it just doesn't pay..a good policy will give you what 80 bucks a day after you've paid thousands per year for decades in premiums.

any one know differently?
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