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Jury Results ...

... in the New World Order.

I've served on a few juries so far, I no longer receive emails telling me the results of the jury. Is that part of the 'new way'?

Russia Hacks the Superbowl ...

... what other explanation could there be?!

Why I'm enjoying this election ...

... more than any in recent memory.

It's the hatred ... stupid.

I don't mean hatred against any religion, race, or creed (although we're seeing that too). I mean the sheer hatred against both candidates ... some even coming from within their own parties.

I never expected a Trump win ... Trump was a middle finger candidate from a nation who had already conceded having Hillary shoved down our collective throats. No one expected him to make it a horse race.

But, with each passing day, his numbers get better, hers get worse, it's a real contest. Not only is it close, he may actually win it.

The other side, who truly believed back in June that they had it in the bag (5,000 EVs for Hillary had apparently already been purchased), are now either in complete denial or utter panic.

A dozen OPs a day about Trump taking someone's milk money when they were nine or how Trump's wife is a misogynist because she doesn't wear pants suits ... with nary a word about why I might find Hillary a better alternative than Trump.

Even if Trump doesn't win, it was worth it to see the look in the other side's eyes as they contemplate the possibility of an old, white male back in the White House -- it's precious.

Pilates is body shaming .... for men

I blame Hillary.

Just finished a three-day...

... active shooter training course. Three days of running, shooting, kicking in doors and fighting. I have to say it was a total waste of taxpayer money.

Because I would have paid my own money just to take it.

What I will do if Trump wins...

... and, 'no', this isn't one of those 'I'm moving to Canada' rants. Just want to hear what some folks will do if Trump wins the election.

1. Join DU ... to get a front row seat for the meltdown

2. Sell off some ammo

3. Hire a legal gardener

4. Pay much more attention to the first family.

5. Enjoy the show.

They got what they wanted in Dallas today ...

Be careful for what you wish.

Land of Confusion


This is the best election EVAH ...

... a full-on cage match.

Alienated bases on both sides (much more on the Democrats side). Both sides convinced of Armageddon if they lose. Name-calling and threats of violence at a all-time high. It's gonna be a bloody axe fight ... followed by four years of more of the same, on steroids. I hope the Democratic Convention won't disappoint.

For a politics junkie ... this is heaven.

Movies that REALLY need a remake ...

A movie with a great premise and decent story that, for some reason, didn't get made right the first time.

I'll start it out with 'When World's Collide' -- Despite the great work of George Pal and Chesley Bonestell, the movie just didn't have the budget to get made properly

Movies that don't deserve a remake -- any movie that was perfect the first time around including 'The Day the Earth Stood Still', 'Ghostbusters', and 'Arthur'.
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