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If the economy is so bad, why does Lefty want credit for it?

BO just can't stop claiming it's his, and his sycophants can't stop agreeing with him.

As Greg Gutfeld said today, "maybe Obama does get some credit. If it weren't for him, would we have Trump?"

Howd you like to be featured in this montage?

Libs are so gullible and desperate!

Mental retardation caused by TDS is a real thing.

Is it just me, or does this asshole look just like Alex from Taxi?

Record-High Optimism on Personal Finances in U.S.

59% in U.S. say they are now better off financially than last year
74% say they will be better off financially in a year
Strong partisan divide in optimism on personal financial situation

Democrats are screwed. Running on a platform of higher taxes, more regulation, and outrageous spending on handouts simply won't work in this positive economic environment.

Lefty must be so proud

Congressional Dems love them some terrorist, murdering, drug dealing, rapist, illegal aliens.

W T F ! ?

You simply can't make this stuff up.

Its amazing to watch the dems disapproval of

minorities prospering, low unemployment, disabled finding jobs, increased household income , etc.

Fucking America haters.

Why do retarded dems keep screaming for a criminal trial with witnesses and documents

yet when asked what crime Trump committed, claim that impeachment doesn’t require a crime.

So they want a criminal trial without even an accusation of a crime?

Further, in what kind of criminal trial would someone who would gain from a conviction be allowed to serve on the jury?

Stupid Democrats sure are entertaining.

More retarded lefty pieces of shit on CNN.

They're so enlightened they don't care how stupid they look. Just remember, they're smarter than all of us combined.

The shampeachment and Animal House. Hilarious!
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