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Congressional Dems love them some terrorist, murdering, drug dealing, rapist, illegal aliens.

W T F ! ?

You simply can't make this stuff up.

Its amazing to watch the dems disapproval of

minorities prospering, low unemployment, disabled finding jobs, increased household income , etc.

Fucking America haters.

Why do retarded dems keep screaming for a criminal trial with witnesses and documents

yet when asked what crime Trump committed, claim that impeachment doesn’t require a crime.

So they want a criminal trial without even an accusation of a crime?

Further, in what kind of criminal trial would someone who would gain from a conviction be allowed to serve on the jury?

Stupid Democrats sure are entertaining.

More retarded lefty pieces of shit on CNN.

They're so enlightened they don't care how stupid they look. Just remember, they're smarter than all of us combined.

The shampeachment and Animal House. Hilarious!

Nadler the fat retard calls Trump a dictator

as he sits there trying to disenfranchise millions of voters.

Fredo is the dumbest person on the planet

Question for Lefty: Why do you want Trump removed?

Seriously. No one can deny that he's been successful and brave enough to tackle issues that previous presidents have let slide.

And tell me it's because he "abused his power" or "he obstructed congress" since you've wanted him remove long before those lies ever surfaced.

I'm guessing it's because he's a threat to the power and influence the dems desire in American politics. But come on, man, why is it so hard to accept the work of an effective president who obviously puts Americans before everything else. especially minorities?

So sad. So somber

And everyone got party favors.

Why are the dems silent on the Iran protests?

Is it because they support the Mullahs and the theocracy and the continuation of oppression of Iranian citizens?

Or is it that they hate Donald Trump so much that they can't see past their own hatred to support something that he also supports? Many here, including myself, have exaggerated that if Trump were to cure cancer tomorrow dems would complain that he's putting morticians out of business. Perhaps that's not and exaggeration?

What a great opportunity for dems to show that they are not completely retarded and actually rally behind a common cause for good. They must hate the thought of their constituents seeing that they are willing to work in a bi-partisan manner.

If that is the case, I think many self-thinking voters will see no need for the DNC next November. They will side with those who are not guided by hate and deliver a GOP controlled HoR and Senate.

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