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The conservative GOP has given me one gift for which I am sincerely thankful.....

the opportunity to celebrate three consecutive presidential inaugurations.

I'm going to buy a new suit for Hillary's.

Dems. Do yourself a favor. Book your room early!!!!

Only pray that his tragic shooting doesn't result in taking away the right and American tradition of

workplace shootings, school shootings, clinic shootings, mall shootings, family shootings, children finding unattended guns and killings friends or self, and random drive-by shootings.

Just because a Muslim has shot some people doesn't mean that laws should be passed that make it harder for blue blooded Americans to be conservative.

Question for my right-wing, Donald Trump supporting, anti-birthright citizenship friends?

In your new, anti-immigrant baby paradigm, if an immigrant woman overstays her visa, or permit, is raped by an American citizen, is the child conceived as a result, an American citizen?

Confederate Flag issue demonstrates the power of perseverance.

On MLK Day, 2000, I joined 50,000 other progressives, all races, religions and orientations to demonstrate our support from removing the Confederate Battle Flag from the Statehouse Dome, in Columbia, SC. We pressured the conservative state government to get it off the dome, and it was moved to a pole near a monument on the grounds. It remained, not as any nod to heritage, but as a means of demonstrating to minorities in the state that they were still viewed as second class citizens in SC. We continued to apply pressure and work for equal status in the state.

Today, after several days of impassioned debate, the progressive goals were reached.

View this as a tribute to hard work, and a righteous cause. Recently we saw similar results with marriage equality. Gun safety legislation, equal rights for women, immigration reform....remember progressives, keep your eye on the prize, head in the game and heart in the effort. We shall overcome!!! We always do!!!!

"Muslim Lives Matter" Hatred of Muslims is going the way of past intolerances.

500 students show up at UNC-Charlotte vigil to mourn our dead brother and sisters. UNC family shows the love when thousands show up for candlelight vigil.

If prayers are answered this tragedy will turn the tide and these deaths will be like the death of Matthew Shepherd, and remind people that we are all human beings, children of one God, and deserve respect and caring.

The tributes paid these fine people should be remembered whenever anyone hears another slur members of the Islamic faith.

The murders in North Carolina and the conservative reaction on this forum provide an opportunity.

Now can we agree that Islam is a religion of men, women and children who love God, their families and communities, who are as prone and susceptible to violence as anyone. Everyone who has been touched by this tragedy has described these women as decent, loving people. They were neighbors, friends, wives and faithful Muslims.

We shouldn't dwell on the hate that has been cast on Muslims in the past, we should just take this opportunity to realize that it should never happen again.

It'll piss Pres. Obama off, but I hope that Netanyahu comes here and sets the US straight

about how Israel runs perfectly well with a National health system, gays in the military, women in combat, strict gun regulation (, separation of church and state, and a healthy and growing immigrant population (including Muslims), . Maybe if the right wingers here it from someone else, it'll sink in.
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