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Once more, with feeling. Bryce Harper, in his first AB ...

of the 2016 season goes yard. GO NATS!

Chachi settles the climate change debate.

Who could possibly dispute anyone possessed of this level of scholarship and erudition?

"You may remember Scott Baio from sitcom Happy Days and its spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi, as well as the classic Charles in Charge. A few weeks ago, Baio endorsed Donald Trump to be America's next president because, as he told Fox News this weekend, Trump "is the only guy that has the will to attack and to fight." Also Baio thinks the US-Mexico border wall is a good idea.

On Saturday, Baio expressed his support for Trump in the form of a Starbucks coffee cup. On Sunday, he expressed it in the form of a tweet about climate change that is straight from the Trump playbook:

Scott Baio Verified account

Dear Global Warming, Funny, I spent 4 days in Palm Desert playing golf, getting a tan while looking at the snow on the mountains.

Dear Scott Baio: The continued existence of weather—yes, including snow!—does not disprove climate change."

People who yell "Baba Booey" at PGA events should ...

be neutered in order to ensure that they can not reproduce, therefore ensuring the eventual end of this silly shit.
Just one man's opinion.

The clowns who take "safe space" to ludicrous extremes need ...

a little Vonnegut refresher course. I recommend they begin with Harrison Bergeron.
Five minutes, max ... give it a quick read.

Moments ago ...Trump to Chris Matthews:

Women who undergo an abortion must receive some form of legal punishment.

Interesting. I can't wait to see if he stands by it, or claims to have either not said it, or was misquoted.

Holy CRAP! Middle Tennessee 83 Michigan State 78!

29.7 seconds to play. Brackets may be preparing to go tits-up all over America!

God to Trump:

Dial it down a notch, junior.

From the brilliant legislative wizards of West Virginia ...

we have a bit of a coincidence.

Self delete (Already posted in another forum.)

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