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Baltimore ... Now we know the following:

Freddie Gray (the deceased) had a long rap sheet.
The deceased was an African-American.
He ran from the police.
He was not carrying a switchblade, it was a legal knife.
The police van made an extra stop which was not initially reported.
Gray was placed in the van head first, on the floor, with his hands cuffed behind him.
The city of Baltimore has settled several cases wherein police were alleged to have given prisoners "rough rides" resulting in paralysis and death.
Marilyn Mosby (the prosecutor who charged to Baltimore police officers) descends from five generations of LEOs.
Marilyn Mosby is an African-American.
Marilyn Mosby has ties to the Gray family lawyer.

All of the above has been reported by the Baltimore Sun and WBAL in Baltimore.

(Two physicians have also stated on TV (FoxNews and CNN) that it would have been highly unlikely that anyone could have caused injuries to their own person, consistent with those suffered by the deceased; but they were not offering sworn testimony, so their statements carry no legal weight.)

Does anybody now feel that they have enough information to make a definitive call?

Watching a live feed from Baltimore right now. This is why ...

I have a VA CCW permit. I have no doubt that the black community has legitimate grievances regarding selective enforcement, harassment, police brutality, and unfair sentencing. But over the last two days I have seen individuals attacked and brutalized for no other reason than that they were available.
I have a wife and two sons who need me, and I will be DAMNED if I will passively allow myself to wind up like Reginald Denny.
Sorry, not happening.

The Koch brothers primary.

Yeah, Hillary has her financial issues, but let's not pretend like it's one-sided.

I say fuck 'em all. It is absolutely time for a credible third party to step up. (And no, Rand, that doesn't mean you.)

Michigan businessman displaying nooses and Confederate flags "has black friends" ...

so clearly he can't possibly be a racist.

A Michigan man who displayed Confederate flags and two nooses outside of his business defended his actions this week, saying he is "not a racist."

Robert Tomanovich, 55, placed a noose and Confederate flags around two of his properties in Livonia, Michigan, including a tree cutting business he owns. Police said Tomanovich won't be facing hate crime charges, WXYZ first reported last week.

“I know black guys, I have black friends," Tomanovich told the New York Daily News on Monday. "We’re all laughing at this stupidity. Do you know how many white guys were hung back in the day? This isn’t racist. But all of a sudden it’s out of control.”

Well Hell, I'm convinced.

Happy "Traitors cry 'Uncle' Day".

On April 9, 1865, at approximately noon time, Robert E. Lee offered his sword to U.S. Grant; and the Lost Cause moved on to such pursuits as the Knights of the White Camelia, the White League, and the Ku Klux Klan.

(Bonus points will be awarded to the first poster who is able to chime in with the historical fact that the racists of 150 year ago were mostly Southern Democrats.)

Is Rand Paul stretching the truth regarding his medical certification?

Senator Paul claims to be a "board-certified" opthalmologist, and superficially that is correct. However, he is not certified by the century-old American Board of Opthalmology. Instead his certification was bestowed upon him by the relatively new National Board of Opthalmology. What's the difference? Well, for starters, The National Board is not recognized by the American Medical Association, the American Board of Medical Specialities, or the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure. Secondly, Paul founded the National Board. He is the President, his wife is the Vice-President, and his father-in-law is the secretary.
Can anyone imagine a scenario under which Rand Paul might have been denied credentials by his own board?
So I'll ask again, is Rand Paul dancing around the edges of the truth when he discusses his medical certification?

Can we get a forum dedicated to "Can this (insert group here) ...

be forced to (insert action here)? It would allow the cretins who find such repetitive and tedious posts amusing to go and play among themselves.
Otherwise, various buffoons with delusions of cleverness are going to continue to spam this board with "Giggle, look how witty I am" wastes of bandwidth.

Where are the DI members who claimed that CA was NOT ...

suffering through a drought? A couple of them stated that since they lived near a lake, and they couldn't see the lake bed, the whole "drought" thing was alarmist bullshit. (I could name the august individuals in question, but that would be a call-out).
So I ask them to sack up, and come on back to give us their educated opinions as to why the state of California, and the Central Valley in particular, are not in the midst of a catastrophic event which may well lead to higher food prices at best, and catastrophic shortages at worst.
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