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California doctors say they've seen more deaths from suicide than coronavirus since lockdowns

This was predicted. Forcing people into poverty and dire situations by government edict was never going to end well.

Doctors in Northern California say they have seen more deaths from suicide than they’ve seen from the coronavirus during the pandemic.

“The numbers are unprecedented,” Dr. Michael deBoisblanc of John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, California, told ABC 7 News about the increase of deaths by suicide, adding that he’s seen a “year’s worth of suicides” in the last four weeks alone.

DeBoisblanc said he believes it’s time for California officials to end the stay-at-home order and let people back out into their communities.

"Personally, I think it's time," he said. "I think, originally, this was put in place to flatten the curve and to make sure hospitals have the resources to take care of COVID patients. We have the current resources to do that, and our other community health is suffering."

Kacey Hansen, a trauma center nurse at John Muir Medical Center for more than 30 years, says she’s worried not only about the increased suicide attempts but also about the hospital’s ability to save as many patients as usual.

"What I have seen recently, I have never seen before," Hansen said. "I have never seen so much intentional injury."

Businesses across California have started defying stay-at-home orders imposed by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, and hundreds of protesters have hit the streets, making the argument that the orders were only meant to flatten the curve of the virus’s spread, which Newsom himself said was achieved in mid-April.


Read the rest:

And, this form Fauci:

The Next Critical COVID-19 Shortage: Test Subjects?

"Four months into the U.S. coronavirus outbreak, tests for the virus finally are becoming widely available, a crucial step toward lifting stay-at-home orders and safely returning to normal life. But while many states no longer report crippling supply shortages, a new problem has emerged: too few people lining up to get tested.

A Washington Post survey of governors’ offices and state health departments found at least a dozen states where testing capacity outstrips the supply of patients. Many have scrambled to make testing more convenient, especially for vulnerable communities, by setting up pop-up sites and developing apps that help assess symptoms, find free test sites and deliver quick results.

But the numbers, while rising, are well short of capacity — and far short of targets set by independent experts. Utah, for example, is conducting about 3,500 tests a day, a little more than a third of its 9,000-test maximum capacity, and health officials have erected highway billboards begging drivers to “GET TESTED FOR COVID-19.”

I said a while back this would happen. If people are feeling no ill effects, it's highly doubtful they're going to take the time to go get tested.

On Point: Communist China Continues to Target American Creativity

In mid-April, a senior FBI official warned that cyber spies were attacking U.S. and allied medical research institutions developing coronavirus vaccines. The U.S. Department of Justice later pegged China as the chief witch doctor of medical espionage and suggested a crash American COVID-19/Wuhan virus vaccine project nicknamed Operation Warp Speed is Beijing's major target.

During World War II, American leaders feared Nazi Germany sought a nuclear weapons program. So at warp speed, the Manhattan Project split atoms in an experimental reactor and then developed and deployed operational atomic bombs.

The "crash" Manhattan Project gave the U.S. and its allies a decisive strategic-warfare edge. A-bombs ended the conflict and saved lives by avoiding a bloody, Okinawa-type invasion of Japan.

My opinion: Nuclear proliferation remains the sane world's major security threat. However, the COVID-19/Wuhan virus' global proliferation (attention: it originated in Wuhan) has demonstrated (once again) that pandemics are an international security threat to human life. They also savage 21st-century economies.

That means the nation that develops and deploys the first safe and clinically effective vaccine will be able to do many things. Protecting your nation's population is more than a material medical advantage. A vaccinated population has an economic advantage over adversaries.

Developing an effective vaccine enhances diplomatic power. Obviously, the discoverer's allies are in line to benefit. But don't underestimate prestige power of an effective vaccine's quick discovery and rapid employment. Effectiveness is primary. However, speed demonstrates a society's ability to rapidly face new, threatening conditions and produce a response that benefits the world.

A Nobel Prize isn't the only measure of a nation's creative scientific vitality, but it is a measure even television gab shows understand. Hence this column's side bet: An effective COVID-19/Wuhan virus vaccine developed by fall 2020 will warrant a Nobel Prize in Medicine.

I repeat from last week's column, for the sake of Chinese communist propagandist idiots, that Wuhan is a place, just like the Rocky Mountains (Rocky Mountain spotted fever), Uganda's West Nile province (West Nile virus), Old Lyme, Connecticut (Lyme disease), and Congo's Ebola River (Ebola virus).

Why hammer that fact? Because attempting to disconnect the virus from its country of origin -- China -- is a Chinese Communist Party propaganda ploy to shield CCP leaders from taking responsibility for having spread the virus.

The agitprop campaign has failed. In fact, the pandemic has focused attention on communist China's global depredations and in particular its "unrestricted warfare" attack on the U.S.

"Unrestricted Warfare" (also known as "Warfare Without Limits") is the title of a book authored by two People's Liberation Army Air Force colonels. Published in 1999, the colonels propose weakening and then defeating an adversary using an array of operations -- for example, theft, bribery, economic gimmicks, disinformation, spying, co-optation of an adversary's media and educational institutions.

Read the whole thing:

The Chicoms unleash the virus on the world.....then work to steal the vaccine as well.

The economic devastation wrought by the pandemic could ultimately kill more people than the virus...


RIO DE JANEIRO — It seemed like Silvanah Lima was finally getting ahead.
Born and raised in Brazil’s drought-ridden northeast, she moved with her partner to Rio de Janeiro in 2018, in search of work. He was hired as a janitor; she began selling meals on the street, and soon they were bringing in $280 a month — enough to start saving to one day build a house back home.

The novel coronavirus pushed that dream out of reach. Lima, who has diabetes and heart problems, putting her at higher risk of dying if she contracts the virus, stopped working once the pandemic took hold in her sprawling slum, known as the City of God.

Now it seems that if the coronavirus doesn’t kill her, hunger may.

The economic devastation the pandemic wreaks on the ultra-poor could ultimately kill more people than the virus itself.

The United Nations predicts that a global recession will reverse a three-decade trend in rising living standards and plunge as many as 420 million people into extreme poverty, defined as earning less than $2 a day.

As for the 734 million people already there, the economic tsunami will make it harder for them to ever climb out.

“I feel like we’re watching a slow-motion train wreck as it moves through the world’s most fragile countries,” said Nancy Lindborg, president of the nonprofit U.S. Institute of Peace and former head of the Ebola task force at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Read the whole thing:

Gov. Cuomo FINALLY orders NYC to disinfect the subway cars every night

I saw video footage a month ago of trains being fogged with disinfectant. I assumed that was in NYC.

But it appears it was elsewhere....

We're 45 days into this and this has JUST NOW become a concern?

Here's how you get more Big Government, Good and Hard

When Crisis Planning Doesn’t Work
For decades, Washington has issued one preparedness strategy after another—without coordination, clarity, or accountability.

"As the 2020 coronavirus pandemic unfolds, many Americans have asked why the government didn’t seem to have a plan for this crisis—a crisis that was both predictable and predicted. Almost no one remembers that six months before the current outbreak, Congress passed the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act of 2019, which offered funds and planning authority for just such a crisis. It was the latest in a series of at least a half-dozen similar acts passed over the last two decades.

The problem isn’t that the U.S. government lacked a plan for an international pandemic. It’s that the government had dozens of such plans, totaling thousands of pages, issued by different agencies and different presidential administrations, with little thought to how they would be combined or who would implement them. To meet the next crisis more effectively, we need to get over our obsession with “planning.” Each crisis brings its own challenges, and we must meet those challenges accordingly.

After the 2005 avian influenza scare, for example, Congress did what it does best: demand that someone else come up with a plan. The White House soon issued a National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza, followed the next year by the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan. These proposals in turn birthed numerous individual department blueprints, such as the Department of Defense Implementation Plan for Pandemic Influenza. Congress also mandated that states create their own Pandemic Preparedness Plans.

One might think that all these initiatives would provide the basis for the American pandemic response. Yet they are swamped by countless others. After 9/11, the government also began writing National Response Frameworks on how to deal with any national emergency, including a biological crisis. These frameworks in turn led to Biological Incident Annexes. The most recent such version claims that it “serves as the Federal organizing framework for responding and recovering from a range of biological threats.” What function the other plans now serve is unclear.

To confuse things further, the Department of Health and Human Services, apparently on its own initiative, wrote a Pandemic Influenza Plan in 2005, and it issued new versions in 2009 and in 2017, with no discussion of how these related to the earlier documents mandated by Congress. HHS also created a separate National Health Security Strategy for the United States in 2009, with updates in 2015 and 2019, to supplement the White House’s National Security Strategies, which also deal with biological crises.

But make no mistake: these plans are separate from the United States Health Security National Action Plan, along with the North American Plan for Animal and Pandemic Influenza, which HHS issued in response to World Health Organization mandates. Why the earlier plans did not satisfy these mandates is unknown.

Also getting into the act, the National Security Council has issued plans on how to respond to outbreaks. And, in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2017, Congress, seemingly forgetting its earlier decrees, also mandated that the White House write a National Biodefense Strategy, which refers to none of the previous plans.

All these contradictory plans have consequences. When Politico noted that the Trump administration was not following the National Security Council’s Playbook for Early Response to High-Consequence Infectious Disease, which I haven’t even mentioned, the administration responded that they weren’t working with that plan anymore, but with a combination of the Biological Incident Annex to the National Response Framework, the Biodefense Strategy, and something called the Pandemic Crisis Action Plan (or PanCAP), the existence of which, outside of this discussion, I have not been able to confirm.

So many plans only ensure that there is no clear plan—and no accountability. What the federal government needs is nimbleness in responding to new scenarios and clear lines of authority in implementing actions. Thus, the one thing that Congress should not do in response to Covid-19 is to mandate yet more plans for future pandemics."

Protests show two Americas those who lost their jobs and those still getting paid

I've been thinking about this for a few days after watching Facebook posts from friends that devolve into partisan bickering/shitslinging over this very subject. Among my own friends, I see, for the most part, this very same divide: those still earning as they can work from home or, have a retirement or other sources of income berating or looking down on those or accusing them of being uncaring or selfish on those either can't work due to shutdowns, have lost their jobs completely due to shutdowns or, whose businesses are on the brink of collapsing due to the shutdowns and want to end all this so they can resume their lives and not have to rely on government for survival peanuts just to get by.

I am fortunate to be able to still work but, I understand and agree with those who can't. Our country is so vast that treating every state and county the same when considering when to end this is ridiculous and IMO, when we end up looking back on this through the prism of history, I'm willing to bet that we realize the path we chose was the wrong one.

Read the article here:

Majority Of Americans Would Rather Risk COVID Death Than Endure Any More Skype Lectures......

..From Celebrities.

U.S.—A recent survey revealed that a majority of Americans are ready to get back to work. Even when asked if they realize that getting everybody back to work right now could increase deaths from COVID-19, most responded that they were willing to die if that's what it took to end the nightly parade of self-important late show hosts scolding them all for needing money from the comfort of their fancy homes getting paid millions to shame-Skype America.

"It's like when you accidentally FaceTime someone you really did not want to talk to. That's what TV is like now," said one participant in the survey who then begged for the COVID-19 virus to release him from another webcam Trevor Noah monologue.

Late show hosts are pushing for a longer quarantine period citing their preference to talk down to America on a laptop camera while wearing pajamas, not having to be around all the gross people who show up in live audiences and receiving the same sweet paycheck every week.

Maybe I'm being a little selfish but......

.....I seriously need a haircut and I'm getting desperate:

DI Archives, February 25th, 2020

I chose this date as it's the day after my birthday and, it was also Mardi Gras Day or, Fat Tuesday. A month or so later, there were several threads about how stupid it was for New Orleans to hold Mardi Gras but, according to the threads that day, the Coronavirus wasn't that big a topic and certainly not a big enough threat that any posters were worried about people getting infected at Mardi Gras.

Archives: February 25, 2020
Under a Sanders administration, will my black neighbors be able to doordash fast food all week?

You're Likely to Get the Coronavirus

Bad News For Trump As Poll Shows Impeachment Helped House Democrats

Panic mode on: Dow plunges 1000+ points on mounting fears over coronavirus spreading

KY-Sen: Two Polls Confirm A Toss-Up Race Between Amy McGrath (D) & Moscow Mitch (R)

Harvey Scumbag fakes a heart attack

Syria Reopens Highway From Damascus to Aleppo After Eight Years

Bloomy chickens out on CNN town hall

Is DIVERSITY the strength in the NBA? If not, why not?

Mike Bloomberg prepares media onslaught against Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders

Belgian city of Aalst says anti-Semitic parade 'just fun'

Will Bloomy run as an (I) if Bernie is the DEM candidate??

Workers are treading water despite booming economy, analysts say

Trump faces black swan threat to the economy and reelection.And who would benefit the

White House unveils $2.5B emergency coronavirus request...

US and SKorea may cut back military moves due to coronavirus

Pioneering Black NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson Dies

FBI Official: Russia Wants to See U.S. 'Tear Ourselves Apart'

Buttigieg Gets Taunted at Union Event in South Carolina

Humiliating Biden rally in South Carolina

Another filthy rich asshole sent off to life in prison. Where are your escape plans, morons????

Final Nevada vote.

Ocasio Cortez Close To LOSING Her Seat In Congress

Judge Judy vows to fight Bernie Sanders and his supporters to the death

Chris Matthews has apologized to Bernie Sanders for using a Nazi analogy to describe his campaign

Video for both parties: Im a lesbian woman & Im leaving the INSANE progressive left

Susan Collins breaks with Trump over Grenell

I'll sit out this presidential election because of the yahoos running

The US is telling Americans with pre-existing conditions to avoid trips to Italy

Hundreds of Chinese Police Infected With Coronavirus as Regime Struggles to Contain Epidemic

Nevada Dem caucus turnout 10% less.

No evidence of Russian 'play' to help Trump, briefer may have 'overstated' intelligence, official sa

Trumps Worst Nightmare: Coronavirus Tanks Economy and Hands Race to Bernie Sanders

Have no doubt that most on the left have clearly stated they will take your guns.

Lefty is gonna take your gunz

Kuwait has 8 patients traveling from Iran. Bahrain has 6 from Iran

Trump Has Sabotaged Americas Coronavirus Response

Biden tells crowd hes running for Senate

RNC October surprise leaked

Midget with armed bodyguards exaggerates gun related deaths.

For Drumfs next trick, he will make democrats defend communist China!

Democratic Socialist Scandanavia leader T-shirts

Late night liberal comedians now going after Joe

Will Weinstein get Epsteined?

Audio: Bloomberg slammed Warren as 'scary' and demeaned his endorsement of Obama

Biden tells crowd he negotiated with dead people.

a message from team bloomberg

Pelosi on socialism

SCOTUS tells Mexico to go eat a dick.

Elizabeth Warren: Its cruel to tell boys they cant compete in girls sports

What The Sanders Ascent Says About the DNC

Malaise waxes poetic about communism in Cuba

Iranian deputy health minister has coronavirus.

Rush Limbaugh says Corona Virus being weaponized to bring down Trump.

Facebook flagging real quotes as fake news.

Point blank. Perp grabs his chest around lung, heart, diaphragm

Just Imagine

Sanders supporters kind of remind me of Grandpa Joe....

Remembering the days of vinyl records...

People are collapsing in Tehran...looks like Wuhan pics

Historic Presidency: Trump's China Tariffs Protected the US from Major Coronavirus Impact on US Econ

Democratic elected officials are starting to flee the Party to join Republicans.

Just the mood Im in I guess

Watching Lefty dip their toe in love for Castro, then seeing them do a cannonball into it

Russia Isnt Dividing Us — Our Leaders Are

The Russiagate Racket targets the Bernie Sanders surge

WaPo trying to cancel the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team.

CNN: Biden might be going down hard in South Carolina

DUs NNadir and DIs def_con

Now i'm getting concerned

Retards Pelosi and Schumer choose to play politics instead of help save American lives.

How insecure is a poster who

Why The Establishment Cant Bank On Moderate Voters Consolidating Against Sanders

Ian Brownlee, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in Japan overrode POTUS orders

Support for Congressional Incumbents Is Highest Since 2012

Who doesn't love watching a good meltdown.

DOW 27081

More DU talk of killing the president and his supporters

Dow's 2-day Losses on Coronavirus Fears Total More than 1,800 Points

Got me again Chuckie

House Candidate in Arizona Suspends Campaign After Drug Overdose

Consumer Confidence Rises Less than Expected in February

Judge Berman Jackson is something of an unhinged asshole

Here's how you battle the Coronavirus: Krewe Da Flu roaming the French Quarter.....

If you haven't stocked up on a month's worth of food and water

Medicare vs Private Insurance... The Status Quo Does Not Measure Up to Medicare 4 ALL!

Who can explain "superdelegates" in simple to understand terms?

Odd Coincidence - Rogue CDC Official Pushing Coronavirus Panic Button is Rod Rosensteins Sister

Several D candidates are preparing for the debate by 'pantomimeing' picking up the soap

Keep in mind all this panic about the virus one simple thing.
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