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Totally not cult-like behavior

Seriously; who does this?
Posted by Steelydamned | Sat May 4, 2019, 11:18 AM (7 replies)

Earth Day Leader killed, composted girlfriend.

I would say he at least lived the courage of his convictions but, I've never heard of composting with styrofoam, air fresheners and newspaper. On the other hand, he did do his part to reduce her CO2 emissions considerably.

Pelosi is the only thing preventing Trump from being impeached tomorrow...


Are you going to just let Nancy deny you the TRUMP TREASON COLLUSION EMOLUMENTS TREASON justice you deserve?

I think ya'll should organize a protest at Nans palatial San Francisco home over the Easter weekend, express your displeasure.

Why did everyone freak out about Barr using the word "spying".... the hearing and yet, it's been perfectly fine to refer to the President as a "traitor" or a "A Russian Asset" and even a "Russian Sleeper Agent" for the last two years. Those terms have been used interchangeably, every day on TV as if there were no question whatsoever as to it's validity.

But "spying" is apparently beyond the pale.

Maxine Waters, Chair of the House Financial Services Committee...

...apparently had no idea that the Federal Government took over the Student Loan program a decade ago

This woman is as dumb as a bag of toenail clippings yet, chairs the committee that regulates banks.

For those of you caterwauling....

....for the report to be released: do you feel you are so much smarter than Robert Mueller that you will be able to uncover evidence of collusion where he could not? Do you feel any of these barely sentient elected morons in the house will somehow be able to decipher some hidden or, previously unconsidered, salient points of criminal wrongdoing that Mueller somehow overlooked?

Could any of you get away with what Biden does...... your place of work?

I know I couldn't. I'm friendly with all of my female coworkers but, I would never touch any of them much less hug, caress, provide a shoulder rub or smell their hair. The vast majority of the shit Biden is photographed doing would get the rest of us slapped with a sexual harassment suit that would dog your career for the rest of your life.

Just a thought.....

Man Who Got Mueller Tattooed on His Body Defiant in Wake of No Collusion Finding


Who does shit like this?

BWHAHAHAHA..Sen Mike Lee discusses The Green New Deal on the Floor

And it's EPIC.

Link to the speech:

Just one day after the Media was exposed.... liars who will put forth ANYTHING if it can possibly gig Trump, you get this nonsense from Raw Story:

Dude is the Captain of the Washington Capitals, celebrating their Stanley Cup win and yes, he's a - gasp - Russian!

OMG! An actual Russian!

Honestly, I just don't see how they actually typed that shit out with a straight face
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