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Good to see the new Congress has its first NONWORKING day

Those DC swampers are completely out of touch - ya everyone bring your kids to work day - you'll get a LOT done.

I mean theres NOTHING important going on in the country - 100K+ workers locked out due to the shutdown etc.

Unrest in France, Brussels, Amsterdam caused by ... you guessed it ...




Apparently DU and Dems cant get their heads around the fact that when you tax people to DEATH - someday they are going to wise up.

Taxing Farmers for fuel to excess will cause them to go out of business - AKA NO FOOD PRODUCTION - then we starve. Some Dems think living in a city will somehow insulate them from the LOSS of FOOD LOL

So they dont want us reproducing anymore .... brilliant plan

DU and the EU think having kids is evil.

Correct Quote: "Foe on Trade"

Lets get the quote right unlike the media or that "other" web site.

He said: "Foe on Trade"

looks like the Nice attacker mental health theory is crumbling

Nice Attacker Spent Years in Therapy, Was No Islamist...uninterested in religion.

He obviously had accomplices and was connected to a terror group:
7 Arrests total so far:

Some people refuse to see facts.

I cant believe this is even up for debate of discussed - The use of the robot in Dallas
"This is an example of the police making war using weapons of war against an American citizen. And what is sad, but not surprising, is that judging by many of the responses, far too many responders are far too willing to abandon all of their rights. To those who defend this action, what rights are you wiling to give up? Remember what Benjamin Franklin said about giving up essential liberties for security.

Further edited to add:

Sad the number of responders at a Democratic site who are so evidently willing to freely trade essential liberties for the illusion of security. Can anyone doubt that armed drones will be the next tactic/weapon of choice in the war between the 1% and the other 99% of US citizens? "

Where do these people even come from? I havent heard anyone express this opinion before ... although "law professors" were quoted in the article.

Brexit should be a wakeup call to Libs - but most will likely ignore it

This election will be about national security, terrorism, Islam and immigration

ALL issues that Hillary will do POORLY on thanks to Obama

So how long will it take them to whip up the excuses ...

1 - Its all Trumps fault
2 - It doesnt matter what his religious ties were
3 - It was a hate crime
4 - It wasnt Islamic Terrorism
5 - He was an American citizen it HAS TO BE DOMESTIC Christian terrorism

etc etc etc

? Difference between domestic and islamic terrorism and how the FBI is now too PC

Omar Mateen ? Domestic terrorism? Born to Afgan parents

Id bet that he was recruited by ISIS which would make this Islamic Terrorism

A NO NO Phrase for the FBI to use.
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