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Young Turks Iowa meltdown.

Panic, panic, panic on DU.

EveHammond13 (2,770 posts)
Down-ballot is at risk with Bernie. We will lose the House.

Poeraria (57 posts)
1. Bernie supporters don't care.

totodeinhere (10,276 posts)
3. It's not that we don't care. It's that we don't believe it

apcalc (3,251 posts)
31. I believe we will be dead in the water.

And much more panic. The DNC has started to take out Sen. Sanders again.

Who remembers Nevada 2016?

It was clear by NV that the DNC was cheating Sanders.

Winning. The Best is yet to come.

Drunk politician.

State Rep. Rebekah Warren.

President Trump. Pray for my haters?

The gloves or off.

Az Senator Kyrsten Sinema last night.

Snubbed by the other democrat woman for not being in mental hospital uniform was told to sit in the back. Then Kyrsten in her hot blue dress showed up at GOP party and had a very good time.

Please don't forget.

The riots after the election.
Fake news.
The fake Steele dossier.
The fake Russia interference.
Porn Star lie.
Fake news.
Children in cages.
The SCJ Neil Gorsuch hearings.
The SCJ Brett Kavanaugh hearings.
The Mueller report.
Fake news.
The fake Ukraine quid pro quo phone call.
Fake Impeachment charge.
The Senate trial.

This will continue for the next 5 years. It's time for the President to go on the attack.

Let the games begin.

Hillary,CNN and the DNC cheats Sanders in 2016.
Hilary blames her 2016 lost on Sanders and his voters.
Hillary tells the world that nobody in DC likes Sanders.
The squad boos Hillary on stage.
Michael Moore just went off on Hillary on MSNBC.
DU are fighting over this.
MAGA is loving it.

Brexit Party.

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