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Lefty lies

people die.
sheshe2 (63,638 posts)
Trump has blood on his hands.
The GOP that aided and abetted him have blood on their hands.

May they all rot in hell.
DU is a cancer.

Looking glass.

We have no time.

We go in 19 mins....

Where's the Pope?

The greatest world crisis in the last 70 years and the Pope is home with a cold? Why is our President calling for a national day of prayer and not the Pope.

Do you remember the shutdown of the New Mexico observatory?

September 2018 two or more military helicopters landing on the grounds of the observatory and locked it down for 11 days. Even the local Sheriff and Mayor were turned away by the FBI. The final report said the janitor was using the wireless internet to download child porn. Weeks later a PHD at JPL in Pasadena Ca. joked and called it operation Ezekiel’s Wheel.

A few months before this event President Trump directed the Pentagon to begin Space Force the 6th military service. Not NASA but the military.

Just a few weeks ago deep space satellite Stereo HI-2 saw something huge in space and NASA cut the feed to the public.

The small black/white circle is earth.

Credit Cards.

How long will CC companies allow people to spend the banks money knowing people could be out of work for years?

The Pope.

By Vatican News

The Holy See Press Office issued a statement on Saturday afternoon, announcing that “With regard to the events of the coming days, the prayer of the Angelus of the Holy Father on Sunday 8 March will take place from the Library of the Apostolic Palace and not in the Square, from the window. The prayer will be streamed live by Vatican News and on screens in St. Peter's Square, and distributed by Vatican Media to the media who request it, so as to allow the participation of the faithful. The General Audience on Wednesday, March 11 will be held in the same manner”.

The Pope is to sick to stand at the window for 15 mins.

Who remembers

the great DU hack on election night 2016?

Looks like a Netanyahu victory again.

Exit Polls Show Netanyahu Victory

March 2, 2020 at 3:03 pm EST.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc beat Benny Gantz’s Blue and White Party-led Center-Left bloc in Israel’s third election on Monday winning 59 seats needed for a majority in the Knesset, according to exit polls on the major television networks,” the Jerusalem Post reports.

“While Netanyahu fell short of the 61 majority needed to form a ruling coalition, he is expected to begin immediately trying to recruit two defectors from the Center-Left camp who he would need to form a government.”

Axios: “The exit polls are not official results, but they project a strong performance from Netanyahu in Israel’s third elections in 10 months despite a looming corruption trial.”

What do you do?

Pull your curtain!

The test is coming.

If the worst case scenario happens and the coronavirus goes wild in the western world we will see first hand what works better.
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