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German man crashes car into crowd at Carnival parade.

This was 4 days ago and still no information on the driver or his friend who was filming the event. The Germans were quick to blame the shooting at the hookah bars on a far-rightwing nut job but nothing on this.

Vatican news?

Look for news from the Vatican. I think the Pope has the virus.

It's going to be Biblical.

Irans former ambassador to the Vatican has died of COVID-19.
The Pope missed mass today because of Illness.
Israel's biggest enemy Iran has a huge outbreak and their leadership are infected.
China with their attack on Christians have the largest outbreak of all.
Saudi Arabia halts travel to Mecca.
World Stock Markets crashing.

It's going to be Biblical.

What is the DNC bigger fear.

What is the DNC bigger fear?

How does government keep angry people off the streets.

Are we seeing a world wide test?

It's not about the coronavirus. It's about the vaccine.

We are getting close to a world wide panic about the coronavirus. Just think about how much money is going to be made by the pharmacal company that comes up with a vaccine.

1. Create a crisis.
2. Sell the crisis in the media.
3. Flame the fear of the crisis in Hollywood movies.
4. Scare the hell out of our children in school about the crisis.
5. Blame non-lefty for not caring about the crisis.
6. Need billions to fight the crisis.
7. Big Pharma and government insiders get rich.
8. Start new crisis.

Young Turks Iowa meltdown.

Panic, panic, panic on DU.

EveHammond13 (2,770 posts)
Down-ballot is at risk with Bernie. We will lose the House.

Poeraria (57 posts)
1. Bernie supporters don't care.

totodeinhere (10,276 posts)
3. It's not that we don't care. It's that we don't believe it

apcalc (3,251 posts)
31. I believe we will be dead in the water.

And much more panic. The DNC has started to take out Sen. Sanders again.

Who remembers Nevada 2016?

It was clear by NV that the DNC was cheating Sanders.

Winning. The Best is yet to come.

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