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Lets love that day!

He won,,,,,,,,,,,yes he won!!!

I can't stop looking.

Big fire in Maui Hawaii press conference. I don't need to tell what I'm talking about.

Mueller Time.

Mueller testimony is scheduled for next week. The DU'ers are stocking up on box wine and the suicide hotlines are bringing in more staff to help the liberals out.

Just took

some nice gold profits.

Anybody else taking profits?

Bigger earthquake in Ca.


Scholars say Philistine genes help solve biblical mystery.

The Philistines emerged as other societies around the eastern Mediterranean collapsed, possibly because of a cataclysmic intersection of climate change and man-made disasters. Philistine ceramics bear similarities to styles found in the Aegean, but concrete evidence of their geographic origins has remained elusive.

Again I read about climate change happening thousands of years ago. And what could be a man made disaster by people living in mud huts and tents?

Let's look at the democrats top 3 candidates.

1. Joe Biden. He's been in DC for 40+ years so why would someone who wants to drain the swamp vote for the swamp monster.

2. Elizabeth Warren. I give her a pass on the native American stuff. When I was a kid there was a rumor that we had native American blood in our history but no paper work to prove it. EW always looks confused to me and slow on her feet.

3. Bernie Sanders. The young leftist love him but his shooting star has burned out. He will push the dems too far to the left just like 2016.

Over 71,000 people standing in the rain.

Over 71,000 people standing in the rain outside arena in Orlando where our President is going to speak.


The Pulse Nightclub murders were 3 years ago today.

Last week someone posted on Facebook about the Matthew Shepard murder and pushed the narrative that Matthew Shepard was a homosexual kid who was murdered because he was a homosexual. The fact is Shepard was a drug dealer and was killed by two of his customers and one of the killers was a sex partner of Shepard. Now we have the Pulse nightclub shooting anniversary. The killer in the Pulse nightclub was a homosexual Muslim and that's something that will be left out of the rainbow flags tributes.

DU sooooooooooo desperate for good news

Star Member kpete (62,215 posts)

Kaepernick is officially back in the NFL


Collin Kaepernick has agreed to terms with the Seattle Seahawks. Sources have confirmed Kaepernick has signed a 1 year deal with the team. Working on getting the exact details of the contract, but Kaepernick is official back in the NFL

Ha ha. fake account and fake news. DU dopes fell for it.
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