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Huge attack on Uncle Joe on DU.

Over the last week more and more attacks on Joe Biden.
"So Joe Biden and Republicans still support the Hyde Amendment. Luckily, we have alternatives"
Biden and the Hyde Amendment.
Joe Biden's Views on Abortion Are Unacceptable for a 2020 Democrats.
Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren and the 2005 Bankruptcy Bill

A few weeks ago it was Sen. Sanders in the hot seat. I love their circular firing squad.


The UN health agency said in a fresh report that every day globally there were more than one million new cases of treatable sexually transmitted diseases (STD) or infections (STI).

WHO found that there were more than 376 million new cases of chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis and syphilis registered around the world in 2016 -- the latest year for which data is available.

376 million people is 51 million more people in the population of the US and that's just the 2016 NEW cases.

The UN health agency meanwhile warned that, while all bacterial STIs have until now be easy to treat using antibiotics, drug shortages and growing antimicrobial resistance were threatening those treatments.

Shortages in the global supply of benzathine penicillin has recently made it more complicated to treat syphilis, while increasing resistance to the antibiotics used to treat gonorrhoea "may lead eventually to the disease being impossible to treat", WHO warned.

We are looking at the danger of infertility and with the already falling birth rate in the first world nations we are only two or three generations away from disaster.

WW3 movies.

A good one.

New green jobs take 3.

President Obama talked about green jobs. Hillary promised new high paying green jobs to people of Ohio, Penn, Tenn and WV. Now Warren is pushing the same thing in Detroit.

DETROIT — Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts on Tuesday proposed an economic program of “aggressive intervention on behalf of American workers,” suggesting that as president she would invest $2 trillion in climate-friendly industries over a decade, create a new cabinet-level Department of Economic Development and even manipulate the dollar to promote exports.

Unveiling a campaign theme of “economic patriotism,” Ms. Warren promised to announce further plans under that banner over the next several months, on issues like trade and Wall Street regulation.

By pledging to intervene in markets to support American manufacturing and promote job creation, Ms. Warren laid out a goal that President Trump has also pursued, albeit by different means, like imposing tariffs on imports from China and Mexico.

The new proposals were further evidence that Ms. Warren believes that her policy-first message is helping her stand out in the Democratic presidential primary. Her announcement was timed to coincide with a trip to Indiana and Michigan, where she will hold campaign events this week as she tries to extend her recent political momentum.

He Used To Be TransHeres What He Wants Everyone To Know.

This will be blocked on youtube soon.

California is Expanding Health Care Coverage for Illegal Immigrants.

Today, the Senate Health Committee is holding a hearing on SB 974 (Lara), which would allow all income-eligible California residents, regardless of immigration status, to enroll in comprehensive coverage through Medi-Cal (the state’s Medicaid program). California has already extended Medi-Cal coverage to undocumented children under 19, who have been eligible for comprehensive health benefits since May 2016. At the end of last year, nearly 220,000 undocumented children were enrolled in Medi-Cal, with costs estimated at $280 million in the recent fiscal year’s budget. No cost estimates are available yet for covering undocumented adults. But comprehensive coverage for the undocumented population must come from state funds, since federal Medi-Cal funding can only be used to support emergency services for undocumented immigrants.

In previous research, we estimated that about half of California’s undocumented population would likely qualify for Medi-Cal based on their income levels if restrictions on immigration status were removed. But this varied across regions. In Los Angeles County and parts of the Central Valley, more than half of undocumented immigrants had incomes below the Medi-Cal eligibility threshold of 138% of the federal poverty level, or FPL ($34,600 for a family of four). Bay Area counties had lower shares of income-eligible undocumented immigrants.

When people get payed in cash the government has no idea if they fall under the income-eligible leave. No taxes payed into the system and a lot going out.

More winning in France.

Le Pen wins big.

More winning in Great Britain.

We are living at the right time.

John Wayne's birthday is this Sunday, May 26th.

Whats you favorite Duke movie or clip?

Top British leader resigns from May's government.

Andrea Leadsom resigns.
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