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One year ago today. (4-19-15)

Freddie Gray died.

Boy did that thing fall apart.

It was called a total slam dunk on the Baltimore Police.

Grandma knew what to do.

The discovery of racist graffiti at Canyon Hills Community Park in Lake Elsinore on Thursday has left members of the community feeling frustrated and uneasy.
Lamont Crawley, 45, said he reported the vandalism to the Sheriff’s Department after his sister saw it Thursday morning. When his sister told him about it, he said, his first thought was of his children.

The graffiti, spray-painted on the concrete side of a drainage channel, encouraged violence against minorities and included a racial epithet, a swastika and other white supremacist symbols. The Press-Enterprise chose not to include specific language from the graffiti or publish photographs because of the graphic content.

By Thursday afternoon, the graffiti had been painted over. =snip=

Back in So. Cal 1975 all graffiti was street gangs marking their territory. My grandmother street was mostly white with a small mix of Latinos and Asian. Latino street gangs were growing out of the east LA area and one marked a wall on my grandmothers street. After a week and ten calls to the city a second gang tagged the same wall. And again the city did nothing.

My grandmother grab a can of red spray paint and walked down to the wall and painted a big swastika on it and called the local news paper and the city again. The wall was painted over that day and the city had cops all over that street for months.

Why does the battle for gay rights stop at the borders of Islam?

Of course not very far away there are people who take a quite different view of these matters. In the newspapers today we can see photos of events in the Syrian town of Raqqa. There Isis have just carried out another ‘execution’ of someone accused of being gay. The victim – this time a man in his 50s – was thrown off the top floor of a seven-storey building. He appears to have survived the fall and so was stoned to death by the crowd on the ground.

I think we can probably say with some confidence that if an evangelical Christian group threw gays off towers in the Deep South, media outlets would currently be lambasting the Christian churches for a history of homophobia which had led to this pass. There would be demands for every prominent and obscure Christian pastor to condemn this brutal act. And they would. If a group of deeply extrovert Jews did a similar thing we could, I think, expect a similarly stern response. But the most that can be done with Isis is simply to report the facts and let them sit there, as though they come from nowhere. As if the traditions of throwing gays off buildings or collapsing walls on them and so on are probably just accretions of colonial times with no connection to any religious tradition.

So where are all these people who profess to care about gay rights? Their absence suggests to me that agreement has broadly been reached that religious sensitivities trump human rights, as long as the sensitivities in question are Islamic.=snip=


Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, China, Palestinian territories and Egypt get hundreds of billions of US dollars every year in sales and/or aid. Huge American corporations like Chevron, Apple, HP, Disney and Boeing are doing business and paying off the same government leaders that are ordering gay men to jail.

I just wonder of you gave 1000 gay men the option to stay in Saudi Arabia or move to North Carolina how many would stay in the kingdom?

"Affluenza" teen Ethan Couch get less than two years.

(CNN)"Affluenza" teen Ethan Couch could get a lot more jail time than his defense attorneys were hoping for.

A Texas judge on Wednesday tentatively ordered Couch to spend 720 days in jail -- nearly two years -- as a condition for his continued probation for a 2013 drunken-driving crash that killed four people and seriously injured two others.=snip=

What a joke.

Should they be fired?

First the Air France hostesses didn't want to wear veils when getting off the plane in Iran, now gay stewards don't want to go to a country where homosexuals could face the death penalty.

A steward from Air France has launched an online appeal against gay cabin members having to travel to Iran. It's titled: "Gay stewards from Air France don't want to fly to the death penalty in Iran".

"Sure, our sexuality isn't written on our passports and it doesn't change the way we work as a crew," wrote 'Laurent M' in an open letter to the French government and the CEO of Air France Frédéric Gagey.

"But it is inconceivable to force someone to go to a country where his kind are condemned for who they are."+snip+

Should they get sacked? Or should Air France make accommodations?

What will be the next fetish to be labeled as normal?

We already see some parts of San Francisco that have clothing optional areas in town.

BLM in the general election.

Is having a group of BLM leaders/members standing on stage with the presidential candidate................

Happy Sunday 4-10-16

And just that fast the Holy Spirit fills his heart with joy!


What's the right maximum wage?

One of my college student sons hit me with this topic from one of his professors. The highest paid people of a corporations should not make more than 25 times than his/her lowest paid worker.

So if the corporation has workers making $10 an hour and working a 40 hour week for 52 weeks a year that comes out to $20,800.00 a year. So the highest wage (including bonuses) that the corporation can pay anybody is $520,000.00 a year. If the top people want more income they also need to give the $10 an hour a raise.

Now I have no idea how this works when it comes to professional athletes who only have a short career or big movie stars who make millions for one movie.


Money in politics.

On NPR this morning a guest said that most of HRC financial donors have already donated the maximum to her campaign and can't give anymore. Was he talking about for the calendar year or just the primaries?

Also NPR is very pro Sanders.
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