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Right V Left on the word FREE.

I started a thread about free college in Europe and I see a huge split on the word free.

I'm a guy on the right so let me ask.....

1. If children go to public school do the get a free education because "they" don't pay? If so I could say that every child in America get free health care, food and transportation because "they" don't pay for it?

2. If I come out of a fast food place and give a bag of food to a homeless guy did he just get free food? Or did someone just buy him lunch?

3. If I buy a piano for the music department of my local college did they just get free piano or did someone make a contribution?

To me it's not free is someone is paying for it. I see that as a gift or a contribution.

There is no free college in Europe!

If they have professors, computers, buildings, lights, books, tables and chairs then the college needs money to pay for it. The money comes from the student when they enter the school or the student pays for it in their taxes over the next 40 years of work. If we go to a "tuition free" college here what do we say to the tens of millions of old farts like me who line up to go to collage? I can run up a $50,000 tab and have you young people pay for my degree and your degree over the next 40 years. A sunrise is free. Rain is free. Moonlight is free. College is not free. Somebody will be paying for it.

Go and sin no more.

Again I see a Bible scholar using John 8 in a discussion about Christians and throwing stones at sinners. Jesus showed great compassion to sinners. He would sit and eat with tax collector, drunks, adulterers and sexual deviants. His goal was to get the sinners to STOP SINNING and for them to ask God for forgiveness. So please if your going to quote Jesus please remember. "Go and sin no more"
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