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Go and sin no more.

Again I see a Bible scholar using John 8 in a discussion about Christians and throwing stones at sinners. Jesus showed great compassion to sinners. He would sit and eat with tax collector, drunks, adulterers and sexual deviants. His goal was to get the sinners to STOP SINNING and for them to ask God for forgiveness. So please if your going to quote Jesus please remember. "Go and sin no more"

Anymore debris found from MH 370?

After part of wing confirmed to be from MH370 was found over a month ago has anymore come ashore? I was fascinated by this story and I still can't see how it fly off course for hours and nobody noticed.

Black Lives Matter to block runner at marathon.

Marathon Organizers Respond To Black Lives Matter Plans.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With six days left until one of the most popular marathons in the Midwest, organizers are responding to Black Lives Matter, whose members say they intend to disrupt the event.

The Twin Cities Marathon starts at 8 a.m. Sunday near U.S. Bank Stadium, the new home of the Minnesota Vikings. The finish line is near the Minnesota State Capitol. It’s been labeled “The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America,” but one group has plans to change all that.

The St. Paul chapter of the group Black Lives Matter is planning a protest on Sunday, and leaders say they plan to block the finish line to prevent runners from completing their 26.2 miles. Organizer Rashad Turner says protesters will “become the finish line” blocking the path of runners just about one mile from the actual end of the race.=snip=

This will bring our the nut jobs on both sides. I hope all go's okay.

Movie props or costumes

If you could have three movie props or costumes what would you want to have?


1. The ruby red slippers from the wizard of Oz.

2. Russell Crowe's gladiator helmet from the movie gladiator.

3. Batmobile from the TV series.

"Forgiveness is more powerful than any weapon of war,",0,6759278.story

Woman in famed Vietnam photo moves beyond pain to embrace forgiveness.

For decades, Kim Phuc has been haunted by a photograph.

The black and white image taken in 1972 by Associated Press photographer Nick Ut shows Phuc, then 9 years old, burned by napalm and running naked through the streets moments after her village in South Vietnam was bombed.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning picture often has been credited with helping to end the Vietnam War.

Her body healed, but the photograph's impact was far from over. Phuc was accepted to medical school in Saigon, but the communist government cut her studies short so it could turn her into a propaganda symbol, she said.

"I became a victim all over again," Phuc said. "My life was like a bird in a cage, and I became so bitter and angry."

The government let her continue her studies in Cuba, another communist country where it was "easier to control" her, she said. She later sought asylum in Canada, where she lives today with her husband and two children.

"I had a lot of anger, but I knew I could not live like that," she said. "I had to change my heart or die from hatred."

So Phuc undertook what she called the "hardest work of my life" — forgiveness.

"My life in a new country was a challenge," she said, "but by far my biggest challenge was learning to forgive those who had caused me so much suffering."

Phuc frequently cited her Christian faith — which she embraced at 19 — as the reason she was able to move beyond her pain. And once she did, "I was free," she said, "and that was heaven on Earth."=snip=

The Pope is coming!

The Pope is coming to the United States! But why?

As I walked into the Crowne Plaza hotel outside of Houston, Texas in April, it was hard not to confuse my surroundings for a typical evangelical Christian convention. Once I made it past countless booths peddling Bible software and anti-abortion pamphlets, I slipped into a darkly-lit banquet hall, where the guitarist of a lively rock band was just hitting the first power chords of rousing spiritual anthem. As the singer, illuminated by glaring spotlights, stepped up to the microphone, thousands of hands were suddenly lifted into the air, rocking in time with the music. Beside me, a man swayed back and forth in the classic fashion of American evangelicals: eyes closed, hands clasped together, head tilted back in rapturous prayer. As I watched, he spread his arms wide, smiled, and began to sing.
But while the tune — “Trading My Sorrows” — would be familiar in many American megachurches, the words, projected on two screens flanking the performers, sounded distinctly different: “Aunque triste en al noche yo este / El gozo viene en la mañana / Sí Señor, sí, sí Señor!” he sang, repeating the last line over and over again before shouting “Amen!” =snip=

I live in a county with some very large Evangelical Churches. All seat over 2000 people and have 3-5 services on Sunday. All have 1 service in Spanish and are building satellite campuses in largely Spanish speaking neighborhoods. The Evangelical movement in Central and South American is huge. The Evangelical missionaries are running schools, bringing in supplies of clothes and medicines to the poor.

Sorry Pope Francis. It's about salvation not plastic bags.

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