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Riots on election day?

This election is in free fall. Delay, delay and go to court to delay more. The ruling class will not, can not lose this election.

Love this day!

Love your neighbor as yourself.
Pray for your enemies.

Defense stocks happy.

Looks like defense stocks are happy looking at Clinton moving up in the polls.

Lockheed Martin up 8% today.

Now we will see her middle east friends get their new toys. $$$$$$$$$$

Happy Sunday to y'all

He will light your way.

Monkeys create stone tools forcing scientists to rethink human evolution.

The path of human evolution may need to be rewritten after archaeologists discovered that monkeys also produce ‘tool-like flakes’ that were thought to be uniquely man-made.

In a discovery that calls into question decades of research, a band of wild bearded capuchin monkeys in Brazil were seen hammering rocks to extract minerals, causing large flakes to fly off.

Previously archaeologists believed the flakes were only made by humans through a process called ‘stone-knapping’ where a larger rock is hammered with another stone to produce sharp blade-like slivers which can be used for arrows, spears or knives.

This is one of the many problems I have with evolution. With the millions of living things on this planet why did only one species of animal evolve to our level? Why are apes living the same way they did 6000 years ago and soon we will be sending people to Mars?

The day is coming!

And take me to your Glory!!

Suspected terrorist commits suicide in jail.

Relief about the capture of a young Syrian suspected of preparing a bomb attack in Germany this week gave way to frustration after he strangled himself in his jail cell, dashing authorities' hopes of gaining intelligence about the man's alleged links to the Islamic State group.

Jaber Albakr's apparently self-inflicted death late Wednesday has likely deprived authorities of a key source of information about what extremist groups might be planning in Germany, which has so far been spared the kind of mass-casualty attacks seen in neighboring France.

How in the world could they let that happen.

For you who are not voting for Trump or Clinton.

I'm not voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. I have said I'm going to write in the name of my son's cat Leeroy Jenkins but I think a Bernie Sanders vote make more of a statement.

Anybody else in the same boat?

My favorite movie.

I love this movie and the books.

Show us yours...........

The evolution of His Church.

We are of His kingdom.
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