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The M word on abortion.

Is it Moral?

Happy Sunday and for the next three Sundays.

I leave for Europe tonight.

This guy has the house rocking. Every Praise.

Annual interest rate of 312%.

In a bizarre display of bipartisan cooperation, a handful of Democratic lawmakers have joined Republicans in trying to cripple the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The question is: Why?

Most notably, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who also serves as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, is co-sponsoring the deceptively titled Consumer Protection and Choice Act, which would undermine the watchdog agency's pending efforts to rein in predatory lending.

The bill would delay federal regulations for payday lenders by two years. It also would allow states to adopt more lenient rules for the industry.

Wasserman Schultz is joined by eight other Democrats in co-sponsoring the legislation alongside twice as many Republicans.

Florida's representatives, from both parties, have been the primary backers of the Consumer Protection and Choice Act since its introduction last November, and most of them are up to their necks in donations from the payday-loan industry.

The bill was introduced by Florida Rep. Dennis A. Ross, a Republican. He's received $25,850 from payday lenders over the years, according to a database of campaign contributions compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

The same day Ross submitted the bill, five other Florida lawmakers — each one a recipient of payday-loan cash — piled on as co-sponsors. They included Rep. Alcee Hastings, a Democrat, who has received $107,500 in donations from payday lenders, and Rep. Patrick Murphy, also a Democrat, who has received $46,000.

Wasserman Schultz climbed aboard in December. She's pocketed $63,000 in contributions from payday lenders, according to the database.+snip+

Florida was ground zero for the last credit mess. Why is this happening again?

It can be done.

I live in Orange County California. We have a large Vietnamese and Chinese community here and in just one generation after coming to America they are living in nice homes and their children are going to the best colleges in the nation. Why?

They have intact families and they value work and education. They can see an opportunity and work their butts off.

If tens of thousands of non-english speaking people can do it why not other minority groups do it?

Hillary, her faith and Fox News.

Keying off her recent hiring of evangelical outreach expert Burns Strider, Hotline has an interesting mini-analysis of Hillary Clinton’s faith, calling it “the only part of her life that hasn’t undergone rigorous scrutiny.”

“Though Strider, as a onetime staff member for Nancy Pelosi, is squarely in the liberal camp, Clinton is part of not one, but two, prayers groups with distinctly conservative bents: an exclusive Senate prayer group that meets on Wednesday mornings, and a women’s prayer group that she’s been a part of since her early White House days. The women’s group is run by Holly Leachman, a layperson at the McLean Bible Church in Virginia, itself magnet for prominent conservatives, including former independent counsel Kenneth Starr, Republican senators John Thune and James Inhofe, as well as several Bush staffers and their families.

Leachman's prayer group includes many prominent Republican wives, among them Susan Baker, wife of Iraq Study Group co-chairman James Baker, who along with Leachman ministered to Hillary Clinton in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. (Leachman, mentioned briefly in Clinton’s memoir, Living History, is the wife of Washington Redskins chaplain Jerry Leachman).”=snip=

I know Jerry Leachman and he said that Hillary was very active in the Bible study. Many times her small group included Kim Hume and Barbara Barnes who's husbands work for Fox News. If it comes down to Trump and Hillary in the general look for Hillary to pull out the Bible and hit the Evangelical mega churches like she did with Rick Warrens Saddleback Church down the road from me.

Let's see where Hillary is on Easter Sunday.

From the crown of her head. Happy Sunday.

Just pray........................

Who is Lena Dunham?

For the second time in a week I see a link on Drudge Report on this woman. I read she's part of some TV show call Girls Why is this big news?

Better home.

In the sky Lord.................... In the sky.

Doctor Doom said to buy????

Mark Faber "Doctor Doom" has been bashing the stock market for over 10 years. He has been saying the end of the world crash is near for years is now bullish on stocks.

How can someone be wrong almost all of the time still be seen as credible? Maybe he's also a climate scientist.
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