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Is there anything

in the law, executive order or in the constitution that could keep a sitting president in office after the november election?

Question about fair election.
Large scale civil unrest.
Federal government strike.
Election results in court.

In my 40 years of voting I have never seen more anger and talk of retaliation if "my" candidate doesn't win.

The climate is changing. It always has and always will.

Trump coming to town!

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is bringing his campaign to California and has picked the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa for a kickoff rally Thursday night.

The 7 p.m. event comes as Trump gears up for California’s June 7 primary, which could determine whether he reaches the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination in advance of the Republican National Convention in July.

Both backers and foes of the polarizing billionaire are expected at the 8,200-seat Pacific Amphitheatre, where the rally will take place.=snip=

It's 8am here in the OC and I'm told people are already in line.

Why is the law Same Sex Marriage and not Gay Marriage?

Just asking.

Warner Brothers Adu Dhadi deal.

Initial work has begun on a Warner Bros theme park in Abu Dhabi, after construction contracts were awarded in recent months.

A site on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island is being prepared for construction and the theme park is expected to be completed by 2018, the Hollywood film producer told Arabian Business this week.

Aldar chairman Ahmad Ali Al Sayegh said at the time: “It’s a multi-billion dollar deal, it’s significant.”
He reportedly told Gulf News in 2007 that the money would be invested over the next five years. “Abu Dhabi companies have collaborated to close a very important deal for the UAE,” Al Sayegh was quoted as saying.

“Aldar and Abu Dhabi Media Company together will invest 50 percent, while the remaining 50 per cent would be invested by Warner Bros. We are going to build an integrated entertainment and media infrastructure that will be respectful to our culture and values. =snip=


I wonder how many gay men will be working at the park?

Women and children first?

(CNN)As many as 500 migrants may have died when a large ship sank in the Mediterranean last week between Libya and Italy, the United Nations refugee agency said Wednesday.

On Tuesday, a U.N. team interviewed survivors of what could be one of the worst tragedies involving refugees and migrants in the last 12 months.

The 41 survivors -- 37 men, 3 women and a 3-year-old child -- were rescued by a merchant ship Saturday and taken to Kalamata, Greece.=snip=

So 37 out of 41 survivors are men? So the boat was over 90% men or the woman and children were left to help them self.

Liberalism and Israel.

Last night my liberal college son went off on Hillary, the GOP and the right in this country. He talked about woman's rights, gay rights and the lack of opportunity for the poor. Then he started on Israel and how all that land should be returned to the Arab countries.

I asked him to tell me about any country in a 1000 miles that is better in civil rights than Israel?

Right for girls to go to school.
Right for woman to work.
Right for a woman to have a abortion.
Gay adoption.
Same sex marriage.
I told him that just being a homosexual is a death sentence in most of Israel's neighbors.

Israel is one of the most liberal countries in the world.

open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.
(of education) concerned mainly with broadening a person's general knowledge and experience, rather than with technical or professional training.
(especially of an interpretation of a law) broadly construed or understood; not strictly literal or exact.
given, used, or occurring in generous amounts.

Do they really want to replace Israel with Saudi Arabia or the Palestine Territories?

One year ago today. (4-19-15)

Freddie Gray died.

Boy did that thing fall apart.

It was called a total slam dunk on the Baltimore Police.

Grandma knew what to do.

The discovery of racist graffiti at Canyon Hills Community Park in Lake Elsinore on Thursday has left members of the community feeling frustrated and uneasy.
Lamont Crawley, 45, said he reported the vandalism to the Sheriff’s Department after his sister saw it Thursday morning. When his sister told him about it, he said, his first thought was of his children.

The graffiti, spray-painted on the concrete side of a drainage channel, encouraged violence against minorities and included a racial epithet, a swastika and other white supremacist symbols. The Press-Enterprise chose not to include specific language from the graffiti or publish photographs because of the graphic content.

By Thursday afternoon, the graffiti had been painted over. =snip=

Back in So. Cal 1975 all graffiti was street gangs marking their territory. My grandmother street was mostly white with a small mix of Latinos and Asian. Latino street gangs were growing out of the east LA area and one marked a wall on my grandmothers street. After a week and ten calls to the city a second gang tagged the same wall. And again the city did nothing.

My grandmother grab a can of red spray paint and walked down to the wall and painted a big swastika on it and called the local news paper and the city again. The wall was painted over that day and the city had cops all over that street for months.

Why does the battle for gay rights stop at the borders of Islam?

Of course not very far away there are people who take a quite different view of these matters. In the newspapers today we can see photos of events in the Syrian town of Raqqa. There Isis have just carried out another ‘execution’ of someone accused of being gay. The victim – this time a man in his 50s – was thrown off the top floor of a seven-storey building. He appears to have survived the fall and so was stoned to death by the crowd on the ground.

I think we can probably say with some confidence that if an evangelical Christian group threw gays off towers in the Deep South, media outlets would currently be lambasting the Christian churches for a history of homophobia which had led to this pass. There would be demands for every prominent and obscure Christian pastor to condemn this brutal act. And they would. If a group of deeply extrovert Jews did a similar thing we could, I think, expect a similarly stern response. But the most that can be done with Isis is simply to report the facts and let them sit there, as though they come from nowhere. As if the traditions of throwing gays off buildings or collapsing walls on them and so on are probably just accretions of colonial times with no connection to any religious tradition.

So where are all these people who profess to care about gay rights? Their absence suggests to me that agreement has broadly been reached that religious sensitivities trump human rights, as long as the sensitivities in question are Islamic.=snip=


Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, China, Palestinian territories and Egypt get hundreds of billions of US dollars every year in sales and/or aid. Huge American corporations like Chevron, Apple, HP, Disney and Boeing are doing business and paying off the same government leaders that are ordering gay men to jail.

I just wonder of you gave 1000 gay men the option to stay in Saudi Arabia or move to North Carolina how many would stay in the kingdom?
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