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Happy Sunday 6-26-16

And they choose to save the criminal Barabbas over Jesus.

I read that Brexit is a non binding resolution.

So the market and pound crash could be no more that a tantrum from the rich to frighten the people into telling parliament to ignore the vote and stay in the EU.

I smell a buying opportunity.

Very disappointed in the libertarian candidates.

I was hoping. No. praying that I was going to find my presidential candidate in last nights town hall on CNN. I'm sorry to say I was not impressed at all. I hope they can take part in the presidential debates so they have air time.

I have never believed in the one world order.

I have never believed in this one world order stuff. I looked at it as far right / left wing paranoia. The idea of having the world in such total chaos that people ask the federal government to take total control. I just don't see how something that big could be carried out by a handful of people and the more people involved in it the less control they have to keep it a secret.

We have the democrat candidate friends with the Bush family and Henry Kissinger and a megalomaniac is the GOP pick. Fox news is talking about taking guns away and riots in the streets are as common as the daily mail. Our money is only a mouse click away from disappearing and some guy in Russia can kill the power to millions from his living room. This place is ready to blow up.

I think I'll buy more gold this weekend.

Was the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen gay?

First the LA Times said it and now the Palm Beach Post.

If it's Hill............. I'm voting for Jill.

NPR is having a big push to get Sander voters to take a good look at the Green Party and Dr. Jill Stein. Dr. Stein calls the Democrat party the anti revolutionary party and a vote for Hillary is a vote for the right. She pushed the idea that the Democrat party screwed Sanders from the start.

It's going to be fun.
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